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    You could smoke for years and nothing will ever happen to you why you all think smoking kills. Let me tell you something do you know that the amount of people dying from diabetes is three times as many as people dying from smoking? Yet if I pulled a snicker bar nobody will say anything. Do you know that leading course of Lung Cancer is not actually cigarette, it’s your DNA? Trust me I use this argument, even though I made them up with a group of my friends as the result five of them believed what I said three of them started smoking. Words when said and articulated in the right way can change someone’s mind. You have the power to bring someone from slumps of life and make successful persons out of them or destroy someone’s happiness using only your words. does that seem a bit too good to be true? . A simple choice of words can make a bit difference between accepting or denying your message. Have you ever wondered why global warming have not taken seriously it could wipe the enter face of the earth , those scientist that present it are not role models, if you are the person that is being admired anything you say will be believed. Anything you utter could be taken as truth, a friend of mine when we are in school back then, loved his father, idealized his father but his father was the kind of person who is not easily impress. Years after years he tried all he could do but his father is like YEH first year in school he got straight As he taught to himself this is IT. This is what will finally make my father happy he pulled up his Phone called his Dad I got straight As! Are you proud? Please tell me you are proud Dad yea listen Son i will call you back I’m busy just a single sentence that broke the camels’ back, and he started drinking, doing drugs hanging out with the wrong crowd Friend why? if the one person in my whole world that I care about the most doesn’t care then why should I. One evening I got a phone call He was in the emergency room drug overdose doctors tried all their possible best to bring him back to life it’s too late somebody that a single word could have save his Life. We once believe during our school years that “NO BE WHO READ PASS” only the word make my neighbor to stop reading till he pass out. Words have power, Words could be your power, Words can change your life inspire a nation makes this world a better place your mouth can spit venom or can mend a broken soul
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    Yes i think so that's why we should think first before we speak because the damage that we inflicted to someone because of the words we use cannot be undone.
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    A person's disposition about his life shows in his way of interacting with other people. We speak what we feel and we are responsible for every words and action that we make. Capable of doing great things while on the other hand can be devastating to other people's feelings. That is why we always need to be considerate whenever we are giving our opinions and suggestions to people. Because sometimes we fail to recognize that we are already giving or sending hurtful words to people.
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    Yes,cause once it said you can't undone it back.Just like when you say words that can make someone's feelings hurt.Saying sorry will not be enough cause the damage has been done and you already hurt that person.I am that kind of person that when I get mad I say words that I didn't think if that words will hurt to someone.But I already learn from my mistake.I tried to control my emotions .That way I will think first what to say.
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    Sting's character in the movie Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrel sums it up best: I choose my words carefully.
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    Yes, you should be carefull to every words you utter. be sure it won't hurt anybody.
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    A hurtful words are much sharper than a stab of a knife, it will be a scar in your heart that will always remain and remember. When you argue and in the midst of your anger be careful of every words that will come out in your mouth because you cannot return what you have said already, every words matter!
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    It only matters as far as who the speaker is concerned, I believe. If the one speaking is the king then it would matter a lot to his subjects. If he were just a squire then it won't matter at all.

    It is true "to be careful what you speak" as the words blurted out without a second-thought is ALWAYS a dead giveaway of the speaker's real self. Not in as much as to protect the listener, but more of to protect oneself.

    Unless you have a healthy amount of self-esteem and don't really care much what other people would say or think of you, then SPEAK ON. If it's WORTH SAYING at all, of course.
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    Psychologically speaking, words can really kill a human being by creating a distort in one's mind. Someone may intentionally or insensitively do so. We can’t ignore the fact that we are nothing without words itself. We, people, evolve by the ever progressing of our own communication. It is not the voice that commands the story; it is the ear (Italo Calvino). The more one use words instinctively the more dangerous it can get. The more half-hearted you speak the more killer intent you put in your weapons. Think before you click doesn’t just apply to the social media but is also the best precaution to our one-on-one communication process. Make your choice and be the best man you could be by being smart with your words and not just by your mouth. Think of the consequence, the people that may be affected, the lives that can be ruined, and the love that will be turned into hatred after all those words that goes out of your mouth.
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    "Death and life are in the power of the tongue..." so goes the statement of the eighth verse in the Book of James, Chapter 3. Indeed, the tongue is powerful. It can discourage a person to the extent that it could bring about ill feelings that could lead to death. It can also encourage a person, who in his deathbed, can be restored to life with his hopes and faith revived by the kind and positivity-breathing words.
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    Yes especially to a toddler. You might think what you are saying is not being absorbed by their young minds but the fact is at their stage they can absorb what you say or do to them even if they can't answer back. Toddlers have this special way of communicating to their parents even they can't speak well yet. That's my observation with my two year old boy. That's why I chose what to say and my actions as well. Parents has to be the role model in the family.
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    Very true. They are like small sponges. Always absorbing everything even the smallest details that grown-ups take for granted or miss. It's really important to be VERY CAREFUL with these little ones.

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