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    Nice to meet everyone! I just signed up for Postloop, so I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. My name's Lorna; I'm a writer and English tutor living in the southwest United States. It's gorgeous out here with all the mountains and high desert wilderness (although, it can feel like I'm living out in the middle of nowhere sometimes). Most weekends, I'm out hiking or camping with my family, and during the week I work online while toiling away at my next "masterpiece" (heh). My interests include science fiction, coffee, and collecting vintage manual typewriters. That's about it!

    Anyway, Postloop looks like a great place, so I'm excited to see what this site is all about.
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    Hi My name is Alex and I am neat, I love pretty girls and i love to eat, i made this rap through my mind and i am very kind. I like to drive fast and fancy cars and girls stick me like chocolate bars, say I'm bad but i am good so shut up now and eat some food.
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