Expectations for Marvel phase 4 movies/universe?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by SkylexGG, May 5, 2019.

  1. SkylexGG

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    Marvel has gained massive popularity in the recent years for the fiction super hero movies which you just cannot miss, but Avengers: Endgame has brought the end to Phase 3 movies and marvel future is uncertain and it's kinda exciting to see new heroes and how things go with them. Some of the rumored movies are
    • Black Widow
      We kinda know what to expect there but still it will be fun to finally look at the past of Natasha Romanoff.
    • The Eternals
      This is the new set of the movies in which we don't know much about what is happening. Angelina Jolie is in the movie so it is really exciting.
    • Doctor Strange 2, Black Panther 2 and Guardians of the galaxy vol.3
      It will be interesting to see what will be in the sequels of this movies.
    • Shang-Chi
      Shang-Chi is completely new hero in the Marvel cinematic universe and i'm very interested to see how will that go.
    What do you expect from phase 4, discuss.
  2. guitarbro88

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    I've watched all of Marvel's 20 or so films leading to Avenger's Endgame, the only ones I really like are Captain America: First Avenger, Antman (1&2), Doctor Strange 1 and Infinity War. Honestly, I'm only looking forward to seeing Doctor Strange 2 (if ever it will push through). I'm unsatisfied and unimpressed of Black Panther and Guardians. I would rather see another film of Antman, or perhaps how Captain America return those stones in the ending of Endgame.
  3. BhingAngeles

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    I have to be honest and admit that am not exactly a Marvel fanatic. Don't get me wrong though, I have seen some and I liked them all. Now one can only surmise what is there after the "Endgame".

    I honestly want to see more of Dr.Strange. Explore the possibility of him bringing back " The Iron Man?". Wishful thinking huh, but nothing ventured.

    I won't mind seeing some X-Men on screen with a good plot twist.

    There's more to these superheroes than meets the eye. It would be exciting to see Thor back in form.

    Nope, I should positively say that the "Endgame" is nowhere near for these Marvel Heroes.

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