Experiencing Forever

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    We grew up in a generation that keeps on repeating that forevers do not exist, that happy endings only happen on movies, and that our idea of love is being continually reinforced by those formula romantic movies. Love has become so trivial and cynical. We all fear. We all have doubts. We all have had our douse of mistakes and taste of happiness.
    But dear, let me tell you this: forever does exist. It is not counted by years or numbers, or by phases of after dying or carrying into another life. Remember, that forever is a feeling. It is that feeling of happiness on a mundane day. The feeling of hope. Those times you realize your value again. Those times when something good starts to melt of the shadows of your wounds and woes.
    Remember dear, what we have now, is the feeling that we call as forever. And about happy endings? Who said we want an ending from our happiness?
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    Forever comes, but are we still there when forever comes?
    Human will not stay forever on earth.
    Our present joys and happiness are not forever.
    Success is not forever; not even failure.
    Good health is not forever. How I wish it would be!
    Life here on earth is a constant change.
    So how to experience forever?
    There is forever with God. We may leave our mortal bodies on the ground but our soul is forever.
    When we have relationship with God... we shall experience forever ... a perfect life.

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