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  1. cabanatanjr_d

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    Expressing through writing is a good way to be happy. I used to write poems, essays, etc. When I was young, I'm very shy of my writings. I don't have good penmanship and it's terrible. Most people are afraid to express themselves because of criticism. Why not?. We live in this world not to please other people. Our talents can be a butter for bread. The meaning is to earn money by creating essays and express your feelings. If you feel sad or happy, you can express it through writings. Life is full of choices. It's a matter of choice whether you choose to be happy or not.
  2. msjillian

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    As a freelancer, you truly are in control of what work you do. You have complete control over the type of projects you go after and have complete control over the clients you serve. It might not seem like it as you’ve been accepting every potential project that comes across your desk but that’s not the best approach. You need to be willing to say no.
  3. skye22

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    I started expressing my thought through my journal. How amazing it is nowadays that you are able to share thoughts about something online. When you are so eager to express yourself to share something and you don't seem to care what other people might think. I call it FREEDOM. For me having a good thought and a good intention that's how it works. I have this in me the desire to improve myself so I collect knowledge, the purpose is to help myself to share it with someone who needs it. For some, they are blessed with material things that's why they have the chance to share it with others. As for me, I can only give what I got. The intention is to help and to improve others.
  4. Graceeiam

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    Yeah. I actually do write to express everything that is going on my mind. Like anything. It's my way to speak actually. I'm not mute either but I prefer writing than speaking. It's just a way of expressing what my mouth cannot say. It also feels good to have your feelings out through writing. It just feels so good and relaxing afterwards and I find my comfort in it.
  5. naha01

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    for me I love expressing my emotions in writing, everytime I'm expressing my emotions via writing it is one of the things that can actually make me calm and can cry to let the pain out and gone cause as they have said "dont stop your emotions, just cry and cry until you're ok" based on my experience I cant cry even if it's too much painful but when Im writing things related to the reasons why I cant move on my tears do starts rolling down and thats the best things, remember how painful the things is then decide to stop and that is what we called step by step moving because you cant just fly to achieve your goals because you're not an angel, you're human and to move step by step is your only option.
  6. prettybutterfly

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    I think freelance writing is the best job as well. However, since I am still unable to shine only the future will tell what's best for me. Right now I am trying my luck as a copywriter. I want someone to give me something to write. I need a subject, then I want to research on that subject. After that, I want to write about it. Somehow I have grown addicted to this process. Right now I can't relax if I haven't gone through this process. It's like I am hungry for writing.
  7. Wilvelo88

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    We can express ourselves through writing. Writing is an outlet for our emotions and thoughts. I write essays a lot and I find it myself as my hobby. I like reading and sharing my views on a certain topic. Expressing ourselves is our freedom and lets use it for better and inspired people.
  8. jackiesunga

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    You can express yourself in different manners. It could be into writing, singing, drawing, painting etc. You just have to know your passion in order to express yourself well

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