extinction of book?

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  1. Now a days book is being stock in the library because people never look for a book if they want a answer they will just use internet to get the answer they want its sad that our generation now is like this.
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    21st century is characterized by modern technologies which is useful to everyone and makes life easier. Cellphones, computers and internet continues to boom which provides us information in just one click. Wherever you are you can have access to new information by using these different tools. With the advantages that it brought to us, it also leads to the extinction of the traditional way of learning such as books and libraries. It is commonly said that a library is a hospital for a mind. It is where we can read books peacefully and discover different things and worlds in just one sitting. However, because of the advancement of new technologies, it seems that libraries and books are given less importance especially by the new generations. Digital and electronic books are famous nowadays which can be accessed through your smartphones which makes it easier for everyone to use it that the usual books. This is a sad thing that the advancement of technologies has brought to us. Therefore everyone should put an awareness and action to restore the use of books and libraries because it is part of our culture.

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