Extra Judicial Killings, A Bane To Phillipine Society?

Discussion in 'Nonfiction Writing' started by brixxanne, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. brixxanne

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    "Thou shall not kill," God has said however, this saga does not focus on how God has forbid men to kill each other. This is about how men act like gods forced to walk among poor mortals. Whenever they think that men had done evil and deem those acts as heinous they deliver their heavy arms of justice anytime they wanted, without judicial process. Some see guns as tools to carry out punishment.While others preferred sharpened knives. All sorts of tools they use but they always arrive at the same result --- death. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth if you took a life then with life you must pay it. This is the ideology that erected the pillars of extra judicial killings. Thousands of lives are severed, lifeless bodies lay bloodstained on the streets. Their families were diminished to nothing but wailing sirens all crying out for the same time thing --- justice. This injustice phenomenon continues to thrive under Duterte's rule. His war on drugs paved the way for authorities and vigilantes alike to unjustly kill. Whatever their reasons are they do not matter for all has been said and done and things in the past can never be undone those lives that were taken can never be revived. They will not live to tell the story of how they died. But one thing is certain we are not gods who own life to take it whenever we wanted men should be given a chance to change or at least undergo judicial process before receiving their respective punishments.
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    For me Extra Judicial Killings can be a tool to give justice to most victims of drug trafficking, drug addiction and crimes made by drug users or drug addict. Most of the people who committed a crime is drug addict. If you are a victim like those homeless child, widow and many more victims of drug addiction Extra Judicial Killings is the way to give you justice especially for the poor who cant afford to find justice in an unfair society. Current government showing no mercy to most of them who don't want to surrender because that's what they are doing to their victims. Did they show mercy on rape victims? Did they show mercy on people they just killed? Did they show mercy when abusing someone or taking the future of most children? What they think is the benefit of their own to earn money illegally. Which is more important the life of those who kill innocent people or the life of innocent people? If the Government won't make any actions about this problem and allowing them to live freely many innocent life will be in danger. But in a different view about this issue there are rumors about police brutality but the government is also making a research or investigation if having any complain about the attitude or work of their arm forces or policeman. As what i have seen they are making almost everything to become fair when it comes to justice.
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    "Though shall not kill" god said this but how about those victims killed by those criminals, Criminals who just not killed one victim maybe a two three or more and mostly innocent, How about those students who have been killed by those drugs addict? So you think those criminals still have a second chance to live? Then they should think first before they take away the lives of those innocent people they are too deserve to have a life, a chance to live to finish their ambition to create an own family but what did those criminals do they didn't gave them a chance. Okay lets say the government will give there another chance so how many chances should government give to them once, twice, thrice then kill again and again and again so that is what you want??? Or you want them to stay in the jail for what for additional expenses of the government for their food accommodation and many more then if many prisoners are in jail so the government will addition budget on it so where does the government take this funds from the taxes we pay?! So instead funding those feeding program, hospitals, centers many to mention it would be lessen because it had been transferred for the food of the prisoners! Think a lot not just comment and comment without thinking! If you were in the position what would you do lets see if you can handle this.
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    Killing in its very nature is not humane. Who has the right to end a person's life? No one. The creation of Law itself has its flaws and i think it is not a complete justification to rectify whatever is wrong with our society without due process. Yes, drugs should be accounted for most of crime related killings, rape, robbery etc but we should at least find some ethical ways to resolve this plague. I understand that the current government wanted a clear view of what might happen in the future, but they should have also foreseen the repercussions of this unending killings. I am not against their anti-drug campaign, but all i wanted to see is a change of methods and implementation.

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