Facebook or Twitter?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Danielle R. Gonçalves, Jan 22, 2018.


Facebook or Twitter?

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  1. Hello,
    I see many people saying that Twitter is becoming more popular than facebook in relation to the news in general and mainly in relation to entertainment (movies, series.etc). I particularly use Facebook because I like many pages of subjects of my interest and with that I always receive the news. I have Twitter but still have trouble keeping up. What is your opinion on the subject? Which one do you use and like best?
  2. Brave Sigrid

    Brave Sigrid New Member

    I'm in the same shoes as the topic creator. I made a Twitter account long time ago, but I'm quite lost there and I lose my motivation to browse further very easily. And I have really tried, but still ended up spending way more hours in facebook. I think I can have everything from Facebook: Communication, entertainment, news about anything I'm interested in and more things. About Twitter I can say, that it has less emotional attachments than facebook. In Facebook you can find many emotional posts, that may lead to big dramas. In Twitter again, it doesn't seem to be a case.
  3. othercakes

    othercakes New Member

    In a general context I prefer twitter, but it is more because of personal taste, than anything else. I believe that both sites have a lot to offer, and the big question would be just knowing how to filter what pleases you in each of them.
  4. laizamae05

    laizamae05 Member

    I do use facebook because I already have an account unlike twitter I dont have any account.
  5. JimG.

    JimG. New Member

    I use Twitter more for up to date news and weather forecasts.
  6. patti76

    patti76 New Member

    I like Facebook more for keeping up with friends and family. I seem to log on to Facebook first thing every morning and go back and forth to it all day. I love to go thru photos of friends or family when I have nothing else to do. I guess it is a way to snoop and find out things about people, as well.
  7. Dev Singh

    Dev Singh New Member

    I like Facebook more than twitter and i always used to stick with for few hours daily since few years back !!.
    According to traffic , Alexa rank ,public reviews and me - facebook is more popular than Twitter or Instagram .
    I use to stick with Facebook more than twitter because it helps me to keep joined and update with my good friends and family .
    Facebook is my first choise because it also helps me to earn with this socia media although twitter is not very easy to handle .
    My aim is to get popular on both media and i hope to get 100k follower on Twitter very soon and in facebook i am waiting to get lots of likes daily in my posts or in fb pages created by me !!.
    Facebook helps us to stay connected with my online friends and its make an integral part of success in my Online journey.

    Thankyou !!.
  8. SurreTina

    SurreTina Member

    Facebook. I don't really like to use Twitter because it just doesn't seem like the platform that gives me the most. Facebook is also not super good, but still better.
  9. Marian Constantin

    Marian Constantin New Member

    I use Facebook, personally I have no Twitter account and I'm not going to do it! Currently I do not see why to do, anyway all social networks "eat" time, and I try to manage my time as useful! Facebook is useful, helps me communicate with people and friends, share and learn new information!
  10. jhenrayblogger

    jhenrayblogger New Member

    In my own perspective, Facebook is more on interpersonal relation, creating close association or strong connection that allows individuals to connect with each other . This is why many of your Fb friends are possibly your actual friends. Facebook basically allows individual or organizations to connect on a more personal and direct basis. While Twitter is more on connecting with celebrities and businesses and news, or literally putting the "media" in "social media." This makes it much more suitable for news and trending hashtags and connecting with people you'll never meet in real life.
  11. Stacy Stephens

    Stacy Stephens New Member

    I don't really care for facebook. I hardly ever look at it anymore. Just sometimes when I'm bored. To me, it's just something to be noise about other people. Most people seem to put on a fake show for it. I can't stand fake people.I also wish there was a dislike button.
  12. username52

    username52 New Member

    Facebook just feels too noisy to me these days. It's inundated with ads and auto-plays videos I really don't care about. Every time I log into Facebook it's the same repetitive noise. I hope they clean it up.
  13. Schnoz

    Schnoz New Member

    I personally prefer Facebook.It is a lot easier for me and I really like the interface of it, it is very hostile.

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