Facebook or Twitter?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Jam, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Jam

    Jam New Member

    Which grounds you give out the most?
  2. bailey1981

    bailey1981 New Member

    Honestly, they equally exhaust me; with Facebook it's more about the sadness and unhappiness that comes with seeing all the posts- how does one sanely deal with seeing so much nonsense and arguing and trivial unimportant ridiculousness that Facebook has become. Twitter, on the other hand, just never appealed to me as much since it feels like you're screaming into the void. Yes it's a wonderful way to keep up to date on the news and costantly be aware of the state of the world but people were not meant to know that much information all at once, it definitely has an effective on attention spans and people's ability to emphasize with others since they're constantly learning about all the tragedies occuring around the world.
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  3. gconcha

    gconcha New Member

    I love twitter more. I can express my thoughts freely through that platform since only a few people know me there. There are also really informative accounts there that I follow in twitter. Funny things that I don't usually see in Facebook. I think the people on twitter posts their real feelings, and most of the accounts that I follow, I can relate.

    Facebook usually puts me into a depressive state after browsing for a few minutes because whether I like it or not, at the back of my mind I tend to compare myself to the things that my friends are experiencing, which I know is not a good thing. To be honest I have unfollowed a couple of people on my Facebook friend list because I really do not want to see or know what they are doing at the moment haha.
    There are certain Facebook page that I like and follow though. Those ones that posts poetry and cute kitten videos, as well as inspiring stuff.
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  4. Jersy

    Jersy New Member

    Both Facebook and twitter is helpful and what I like because Facebook, can communicate to others and have friends, you can chat you can play, and you can call your love one's, you can post it a picture like youre memories. I like twitter also, you can tweet what you are doing or you can tweet whats your thought and no one judge you on twitter even you tweet what you want to tweet.
  5. Goodluck418

    Goodluck418 New Member

    There is really no comparison between Facebook and twitter because as much as they look alike they both have their differences which makes them unique, and i believe uniqueness is what kills competition.

    Personally i like Twitter more than Facebook because i consider twitter a more mature site where intelligent mind can interact on a higher plane of knowledge, but Facebook on the other hand is filled with children who comes to discuss about things that add no value to my life or the world at large.

    But Facebook has its our advantage, for those that do online business, Facebook has a larger crowd and a wider reach than Twitter. i believe everything in life has its function both Facebook and Twitter.
  6. MrsPerk

    MrsPerk New Member

    Facebook. I have a Twitter but haven't used it in years
    It probably helps that most of my friends and family also are primarily on Facebook.
  7. tetsuya

    tetsuya New Member

    facebook because i dont know how to use twitter
  8. Nexy92

    Nexy92 New Member

    I'd say Facebook since its much more comfortable and easier to use at least for me since i tried Twitter ,but did not really understood how it works and for me was pretty complicated.
  9. MrLister

    MrLister New Member

    I prefer twitter because it's faster and give you better visibility when trying to find some posts. I have both Facebook and twitter but I use much more twitter. When I use Facebook it's usually for some group messages which are important to my studying. Both have good stuff and bad stuff but in my opinion, less bad stuff comes from twitter and more celebrities use it which means you can easier get in touch with them.
  10. maryloida

    maryloida New Member

    I love Facebook because of the memes that your friend's shares or the funny pages posting some cool stuff and a lot more cute dogs and cat videos roaming around facebook than twitter

    But I also love twitter because you can share anything that you we're thinking and it less toxic compare to facebook
  11. princesstffny

    princesstffny New Member

    Choosing between Facebook and Twitter, I would love to choose Twitter over Facebook because it is less in toxicity. Twitter could give you the freedom to speak out of yourself and nobody will judge you. People who you may know in Twitter wouldn't give a care to your posts. However, if you are posting stuffs in Facebook one at a time, people will judge you and they might say a lot of petty little things about you and it will use it against you.
  12. cindyjoymaniago

    cindyjoymaniago New Member

    I prefer twitter more since there is less toxicity in there. However, the downside of it is that there is a limit on the words you should put into.
  13. genejie

    genejie New Member

    A global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: What are you doing? Answer on your phone, IM, or right here on the web.

    Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.

    Facebook is much more interesting.
  14. Michael1996

    Michael1996 New Member

    In my opinion, Twitter is better. I’ve never really liked Facebook, but have used it. I was a fan of MySpace before it was sold, and neither really replaced it with regard to the level of creativity MySpace offered, but together, they sort of filled the void.Too many people I never really associated with have found me on Facebook, because we went to school together at some point. While some of these people are awesome, I don’t really even know how or why they remember me. In addition to that perplexing phenomenon, people I never ever wanted to interact with again have sent me messages in the hopes that I might want to reconnect because I look so gorgeous now or some such shit. It’s just weird. It’s also weird to have real life conversations with Facebook friends, because Facebook is, like, a part of everything they say in some cases.
  15. benhiggins

    benhiggins New Member

    I, for one, find screaming into the void to be pretty therapeutic hahaha. In all seriousness though, if you follow the right people on Twitter, it can be so much more enjoyable than Facebook. Additionally, none of my relatives ever want to follow me on Twitter, so this is also a plus.
  16. xcloudz

    xcloudz Member

    Twitter won't exist if the Facebook was not created. You can label the Facebook as the Father of Social Media because its the biggest social media site to influence many people to use and many people try to create their own sites.
  17. AdrianMD

    AdrianMD Member

    I love Facebook , is very simple to use
  18. nickfroehlich

    nickfroehlich New Member

    I like twitter a little more because content can get spread so quickly that it really feels more like a massive online conversation. The discourse tends to follow trends, and the trends are often set by news broken by reporters on twitter in the first place. I'm far more likely to see something creative, interesting, or at least new on twitter while facebook is reserved for keeping up with long-distance family members mostly.
  19. jmnmty

    jmnmty New Member

    Twitter and Facebook for me are both important in different ways so I think I would just explain why.

    Twitter is useful to me in a way that I am comfortable in expressing myself there using words, I can tweet as much as I want expressing my feelings. I don't know if I am only the one feeling this but I feel like it becomes a second diary of mine. I'm not talking about me tweeting the things that are supposed to be just kept by me, but with just saying "I'm disappointed because...", for examples makes it personal and also a thing that could be shared to others. Maybe they also feel the same way about it, or maybe they may have a recommendation as to what you can do. Another advantage is I am always updated to the things that happens up to the recent hour, minute or even a second!

    Facebook is a different thing when talking about matters of importance to me. In one word it would be, communication.Because it has been and I know even in the future will always be helping me communicate with the people around me. You can create a groupchat where everyone can talk about a specific topic, chat someone personally, talk to them everyday in an endless conversation! Another things I would like to note is the surprises Facebook could give me because of the possiblity that I might meet again the people in my childhood life, school life, work life and even crushes online!
  20. ceendhy

    ceendhy New Member

    Facebook is more convenient to use in our country. Even 5 years old child can use a facebook. Facebook has more features rather than twitter. And using Facebook is much cheaper. Facebook has a messenger, a page, a group chat, and marketplace, etcc.... You can explore anything on facebook. Facebook is also the number one social media platforms.

    I have a twitter account also but I only used it only when I want to check something. Unlike facebook, it is in my daily life routine.
  21. noellemartin999

    noellemartin999 New Member

    Both annoying and time-wasting, but I use Facebook way more than Twitter because the content on FB actually interests me. Twitter bores me instantly. I haven't posted on my account in almost 3 years, and rarely go through my feed. I don't post much on Facebook either, but I spend a lot of time scrolling through my feed and commenting occasionally.
  22. chrisjjf24

    chrisjjf24 New Member

    It’s hard to say generally. Both are great but each of them have its’ own specifics, benefits etc. So actually it depends what you need and look for in social media platform. If you have asked this question as you want to decide which of those networks can be better, more relevant for you and your business, then I encourage you to think where is your audience, which one better suits your brand mission, vision, your strategy and which will allow you to gain your target.
  23. MrY

    MrY New Member

    If u use it RIGHT way both are usefull. For personal use i prefer facebook because of chat msger and friends, for business i prefer twitter bc anounsements and its less complicated than FB.
  24. ahmeddeeq

    ahmeddeeq New Member

    For me, Facebook is a winner all the way, it is more appealing to my friends and family, where we can share and see each other pictures and videos and make comments.
  25. tetsuya

    tetsuya New Member

    Facebook for me cause the twitter i cant understand
  26. Meann

    Meann New Member

    Facebook is an online portal in which we can share our lives to others.
    While Twitter is more on news, artist and people who want to gain fame.

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