Facebook vs Instagram vs Twitter, which one would prefer?

Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by Abesh, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Abesh

    Abesh New Member

    I go for facebook because its easy to use and you can easily find friends post. And the most appealing thing about facebook is that if you get tagged in any thing by the second friend then the 3rd friend could see in their newsfeed. But in Instagram the 3rd friend is not able to see the tagged by 2nd friend. Instagram is also the good social networking site. The most good thing about Instagram than Facebook is that you can explore new things in explore tab. Explore tab is the best way to pass your time when you are bored and know about trending things.
  2. I will choose facebook, because i can do a lot of things like posting pictures. I can share every memories ive made in my life. I can also see what's happening to others. I can connect with my family anytime i want. I can also search about my favorite artist and even restaurants if I want to eat somewhere. I can also find there many places I would love to go. Thats why facebook is very useful for me.
  3. Istine Ango

    Istine Ango New Member

    I am basically a visual type of person. I love to see photos, It basically tells much of the story. Instagram is of my preference since it displays a lot of photos which are stories of different people at different places and time.
  4. Leiru

    Leiru New Member

    I think facebook is both more acessible and has a wider reach, since everybody and their grandma has facebook, not all grandmas have intagram.

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