Facts and Effects of Television on Society

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    The question whether or not television has had a decisive influence on
    everyday life and has helped change society, has been questioned by
    sociologists and psychologists for many years now.

    “T.V. determines what people think and what they do and thus controls
    them psychologically and socially. It can make people think things
    they would not otherwise think, and do things they would not otherwise

    The Effects Of Television On Society There is probably no greater influence on society than the television. It has become arguably the greatest invention of the past century. With it, we have witnessed countless historical events: Inaugurations of presidents; man’s first steps on the moon; the assignation of John F. Kennedy; even disasters as they happen. Americans watch TV in the morning to receive the daily news. They eat watching it, They watch it before they go to bed,
    make dinner, and sit down and watch some television. For kids it would be to come home from school, and watch television. Television has become a major power in our culture. It is our way to watch the news, hear the weather forecast, and to sit down and relax watching our favorite show or movie. But is the television really that good for our society?
    What can you add and say something about it?
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    The Royal Television Society, or RTS, is a British-based educational charity for the discussion, and analysis of television in all its forms, past, present and future. It is the oldest television society in the world. It currently has thirteen regional and national centres in the UK, as well as a branch in the Republic of Ireland.

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