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  1. Roslyn

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    This may be a controversial topic for some, but, let me clarify a point. Family planning is planning not just the number of children we'll have, but also planning to give our children the best opportunities in life. This includes giving them a good education and providing for their health, nutrition, protection, safety and well-being.
    To be able to do this successfully, parents need to be responsibly intentional in planning the size of their family.
    Now question, on your own opinion, is abortion part of a family planning?
  2. Matena

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    Abortion is not part of family planning and it will never be part of it at all. Family planning is controlling the number of children one has and the intervals between their births, particularly by means of contraception or voluntary sterilization. If you did not use contraceptives in the first place or you did not voluntarily sterilize, then you were ready to get a child. And planning should have proper spacing.
  3. gabridosilang

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    We need to have family planning because we have to make sure for the future of our children will be okay. We need to plan to provide a good education so that they would have a brighter future.
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    I'm moslem and family planning is allowed by our religion. We use it to manage age gaps between two or more children. We even use family planning hormones to stop menstruation so we can do full month ritual like haj pilgrim. In our religion, women during her period have to stay away from holly sites, and not allowed to do prayers. The controversy came over topics of family planning method, like how doctors implant IUD. But in general, hormonal family planning is allowed. In my experience you have to be very careful to choose whether you will use progesterone or estrogen hormone, it will change your mood a lot. So if you fell like becoming "other person", you can blame your family planning hormones.

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