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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Annie Rose, May 6, 2017.

  1. Annie Rose

    Annie Rose New Member

    I have been on a quest for a few years now to eat more healthy food than I had been eating. One of the things I'm doing for myself is eating a *lot* more fresh produce than I ever did before. I have found that the more I eat it, the more I enjoy it.

    My favorite place to get fresh fruits and vegetables is the farmer's markets in the area. We are fortunate enough to have a number of very good ones and I visit them as often as possible. Anyone else love shopping the markets and roadside stands?
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  2. prasanna kumar

    prasanna kumar New Member

    There nothing more healthy than farm fresh vegetables and fruits but the only problem is only a few people have access to fresh fruits and vegetables that directly come from the farm. In most case the fruits and vegetable that we purchase from the supermarkets undergo many post harvest processes which includes artificial ripening of fruits by applying artificial ripeners, waxing and many other process in the way that deprives the fruit or vegetable from its natural character making it less healthy for consumption. So its really a good idea that you purchase your veggies and from farmers market directly, no doubt you are enjoying you food, i wish all people had access to farmers market just like you do. But one more healthy way of getting food is by growing your own food but we know the fact, not every one can grow.
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  3. Pete

    Pete New Member

    I sure enjoy visiting the farmer's markets and highly recommend to anyone that is fortunate to have access to them, to stop by and see what you're missing! I've lived in areas where they weren't available and I didn't truly recognize what I was missing until now. Albeit we may only have them open on certain days, I just have to plan ahead. And they're better than any grocery store not for the just the freshness alone, but it should sit better in your mind knowing that you're getting fresher quality for a lower price by cutting out the middle-man, with all their tricks of artificially ripening, etc! What can be better?
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  4. Gwendolyn Gail

    Gwendolyn Gail New Member

    We have only one farmer's market here, open from April to October. I don't get there as much as I'd like but when I do, I could spend hours. I love fresh garden picked vegetables. Living in eastern Canada, there isn't much in the way of local fruit here. This is one of a many reasons that I'd like to move to warmer climes. I enjoy talking to the farmers and hearing all about their produce and what they recommend. Sometimes, I can't afford it because they are quite a bit more expensive than the grocery stores but the flavor and freshness is so much better. There is also the fact that I'm giving back by buying locally which is always a good thing. When I am able to go, it's a treat for me and a nice way to spend a morning.
  5. Panther G

    Panther G New Member

    I absolutely love farmer's markets. The ability to get fresh fruits and vegetables; as well as homemade goods makes for a wonderful day out. We have a lot of different markets where I live; and they are so different. You get to meet different local growers and businesses; as well as helping out your community. Another upside about the markets where I live is that there are live bands and shows. Again, it's a wonderful day out.
  6. honestymatters

    honestymatters New Member

    I too love the farmer's market. The vendors, variety, and low prices are great. Not to mention the health benefits of eating real food with no additives or preservatives. It is also a wonderful place to meet people and build new relationships. It just brings people together.
  7. dann0dann

    dann0dann New Member

    Farmer's Markets are fantastic! Having all the fresh food on show, with minimal packaging always makes me appreciate how natural and organic our foods can be. It also makes me feel like i will be healthier if i eat it! Obviously, supporting the local farmers is always a pleasure as well.
  8. premiumholmes

    premiumholmes New Member

    I agree with what previous posters are saying about reasonable prices, buying locally, and buying sustainably. One really nice thing that happens at my local farmers' market is an incentive for families receiving food benefits from the government to purchase from local vendors. Families can trade $10 of their "food stamp" money for $20 worth of produce from vendors at the farmers' market. In addition, families receiving WIC benefits are able to receive farmers market checks in order to encourage purchasing locally sourced, healthful, and fresh produce.
  9. Chelzcoop

    Chelzcoop New Member

    Farmers markets are usually large and filled with dozens and dozens of local vendors who are selling almost any and everything you could possibly imagine. All types of flowers, and plants, fruits and vegetables, candy, ice cream, wine, salsa, lotions and perfumes. Pretty much anything you can find at a local health foods store. Almost everything is either fresh, local or organic and also much cheaper than your local grocery stores. I always say you get what you pay for and shopping at the farmers market I always get what I pay for wether I spend a lot or a little my money is always well spent and I'm never disappointed.
  10. megaanmaarie

    megaanmaarie New Member

    My city has two farmer markets. The one on Tuesday is the one I've been to the most, and I love the vibes I get when I go! It's so awesome being around people who are happy to just be, and they sell the fruits and veggies for better prices that the supermarkets. Plus, the produce is definitely fresh which makes it even better. I found some great organic dog treats one time, and my dog loved them. Going to the farmer's market is a chance to explore some new things, and I enjoy getting to meet other people.
  11. KerryLew

    KerryLew New Member

    I too enjoy getting my produce from a local farmer's market. I like that my food has spent more time maturing/ripening naturally rather than on a truck en route to the supermarket. I also think its important to support the local farmers directly whenever possible. The prices are usually really good for the quality of produce. I have also purchased from produce stands and trucks when I'm in the city. I would like to see more people take advantage of the variety and freshness that most farmer's markets have to offer.
  12. Sofiakotu

    Sofiakotu New Member

    I agree. Vegetables, fruits, dairy products are much more delicious from farmers than in supermarkets. I also love buy a health products from our local ecoshop - bread, cookies and cosmetics.
  13. Annozou

    Annozou New Member

    I am always willing to support my local farmers and homemakers. Where I live, we have a rather large farmers market selling anything from fruits and vegetables, to natural beauty products and crafts.

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