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Discussion in 'Computers' started by workhard0205, May 17, 2019.

  1. workhard0205

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    The fast Growing Technology that affects mankind and living. Remember the old age that do not have this kind of evolution they live with bare hands, no machines and no gadgets. Unlike the present Life we have almost all with the use of high and fast growing technology, But because of this evolution we are losing the natural matter and change our lifestyle. Every inventions has a consequences positive or negative.
  2. Warren1967

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    Technology is evolving so fast that gadgets go obsolete in a short period of time.
  3. fransterl

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    Technology is certainly a double edged sword, on one hand we have unimaginable advancement while on the other we are making such huge cultural and societal changes that we may not be ready to adapt to as a whole. Part of me believes that it's a net negative, our society will not be able to change in time. How will the global economy react to mass unemployment? AI, automation, greater productivity?

    Not only will it have economic effects but possibly societal ones as well. Humans are meant to work, to develop, to grow themselves. What happens when everything is already provided? What happens in a world with no purpose, no advancement, no work? A utopia may in fact be hell in disguise. Of course I think it will be a while before technology gets to such a point... hopefully.
  4. emax2000

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    Fast growing technology has become a necessity to human kinds development.
  5. Jeloop23

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    Technology is becoming very essential in our lives because it satisfies the requirement of usability and safety. It is being used to simplify various aspects of our lives.Fast growing technology seems like things are changing better than ever these days due to competitiveness industry that from time to time there is a new information of technology. This fast growing of technology has a great impact in some people's lives because responsibilities are minimized, jobs are easier, productivity is improving with lesser time and fast and freely communication.Every aspect in our lives needs better technology for improvement especially for education,business, communication, transportation, agriculture and entertainment. For education, schools have been using technology to improve the way the students learn and to make teachers' job easier. Students and teachers use technology for research, communication, easy access to computer tools for school projects, watch tutorials and some informative videos on internet. For business, people use improved machinery for good productivity with lesser time and some use different social media platforms for business advertisement and learning. For communication, technology has lessened physical barriers and allow us to interact freely all over the world. For transportation, it has become faster so each of us can move rapidly from one place then on the next. For entertainment, we use different devices for fun like television, computer, cellphone, laptop and ipad wherein can also can access to different sites with entertainment. Technology has been very beneficial in our lives but we have to be very careful when using it because it may have great bad effect if is abused.

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