Fate of Free Will?

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  1. shhrys

    shhrys New Member

    Do you believe in Destiny? Looking for opinions.
  2. SpaceReal

    SpaceReal New Member

    I do not, but I also don't think that we're total masters of our own lives.

    There are many things beyond our control, things that affect the way things will turn out for us, but, in the end, everything happens because something or someone caused it. I suppose our "fate" is a mixture of everyone else's "fate" and choices.
  3. iblissian

    iblissian New Member

    I would say that I do, in my own interpretation of destiny. I think we chose our own paths, but only within a certain sense. I imagine destiny as a wide road - where exactly on that road you end up, that is your choice, but you are still within the bounds and confines of something - you have freedom, to an extent, and within some bounds.
  4. andras.nagy

    andras.nagy New Member

    No. I understand that in the end no one can know what's going on, but I rather believe that we have free will purely because not having free will would make this whole thing of being alive pointless and I do not believe that our existence and everything around us is pointless. There must be a reason that might be arbitrary. Fate is also very often used as a scapegoat by individuals who are in a bad place in their life or religious people.
  5. HORR

    HORR New Member

    No. The essential certainty of life is uncertainty. We have free will to make selections and judgments, and can form a sort of fate in the sense that selections and judgments, along with personal determination, can sway what the future might convey. The unavoidably of uncertainty is not always observed, but it is the influential stimulus of everything from the world to our own actuality.

    Those persons who are too concentrated on creed, sanctity or superstition are crafting a wrong sense of reality that subsists inside, not external. This is how boundlessly circular point of view about free will and fate are driven. It does not change anything. A comparison is disagreeing truth as if it is thus changed. Truth remains intact and purposeful regardless of how much one prefers a different perception of it. From religious doctrine to political creed, they are human paradigms that exist separate from reality.
  6. jzrgrl

    jzrgrl New Member

    We are organized by God will not our ownThere is no other way to determine the difference between the will of God and the crafts of satan... Jesus is the way, the truth and the life... The Holy Spirit of God is the Comforter...
  7. chrisjjf24

    chrisjjf24 New Member

    You should have more fate than free will.
  8. booger

    booger New Member

    In my humble opinion I do not believe in "fate", fate is what you make it. Free will however is a pretty broad term and I think I have a pretty good idea about it. I have a background in biology so I kind of want to stick with the science of it, I am also subscribed to Sam Harris' idea about free will. I do not think it exists, and here's why. One of Sam Harris' experiment on it is about making decisions on simple questions/activity. The premise is that your brain unconsciously makes decision 2 to 12 seconds in advance before your consciousness sound it out loud. Your brain unconsciously responds to stimuli (questions/activities) before you even "know" it and sound it out.

    The experiment actually found out that you think you made a decision but your brain already made it unconsciously.
  9. BudDudeman

    BudDudeman New Member

    Everything that will happen was always going to happen, and will continue to be an inevitability, so yes, there is fate. That's not the same as predestination, though. Every choice you make you were always going to make, it never would have turned out differently, but it's still a choice that you made. In other words, the future is set, but nobody knows how, so it doesn't really matter that that's the case. Just live in the best way you can figure out how to.
  10. Deelyn

    Deelyn New Member

    Fate and Free will are both an actual occurrence and events in our lives. However, fate is given and free will is chosen. There are circumstances that we don’t want to experience yet it came to us. We cannot choose who are parents will be, it is predestined to us. But if we believe that everything is predestined we will become futile and imbecile. Yes, it is true that we don’t choose our beginning but we are accountable for our ending.
  11. CasualMiser

    CasualMiser New Member

    This is an eternity-spanning question which has been pondered since antiquity; of course I have an answer! I’m happy to say we have free will, however we are subject to a context in which to apply it. Every choice you make moves you into a new context, and not necessarily the one you want. Example: I could choose to get dressed and go for a walk. To do so would be a freely made choice, but I’m bound by past decisions and circumstances. It is cold here, so my freely made choice of clothing would be influenced by the context of weather. I still have the option to wear shorts and a tank if I feel like it, but that would come with the consequence of being very cold. The free choice not to be cold informs the wardrobe. Even taking the walk is the product of being born in a place with gravity and no wings. I had no control over either choice, but I can make any choice within my context. Context and influence are integral to living as the social animals we are, and removing those from a conversation of free will would be remiss.
  12. marcmisula

    marcmisula New Member

    Yes, I do believe in destiny, everything happens for a reason. Some people may think that their life is miserable just because of simple problems on their everyday lives but God gave us these challenges because he knows that we can overcome it. Others may think that they already left out by their colleagues but everyone of us has a different story.

    So it think it's a yes!
  13. sungoddess88

    sungoddess88 New Member

    real answer. I think everything comes hand in hand. We are all just using the terms, "destiny", "fate" to amuse ourselves when watching romantic comedies but actually it is just all free will. Free will is God's gift to man, but to actually believe that we have predestined lives or paths may sound a bit vague and disappointing. Not knowing whats gonna happen tomorrow is the exciting thing about life. Yes we all die in different time perhaps, but how we live ourselves will be up to ourselves, we are all just viewing it differently. If we keep on being ignorant, our life will just go downward. But if we live the best of our lives no matter how difficult it is or crazy, it defies all fate and destiny principles.

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