Favorite content mills or clients?

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by Daydreamradio, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Daydreamradio

    Daydreamradio New Member

    I've been content writing for a while for a site that I love, but the work can get kind of repetitive at times. Does anyome know sites that have a decent acceptance and pay rate? It's a plus if they focus on psychology, animals, nature, or travel. Thank you!
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  2. Owatta

    Owatta New Member

    Try text broker.com, the site have many categories of writing to choose from. This company is also
    good about paying your via pay pal or check. I'm sure you will like them.
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  3. Obanro

    Obanro New Member

    Getting into TextBroker is kinda strict most especially if you are not from USA, UK or any other top European country. I would suggest you start with either Fiverr or iWriter; approval into these sites is free and almost immediately only for iWriter where you need to take a test and this would be simple for you if your writing skills is superb.
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  4. jhas1

    jhas1 New Member

    I've been trying to get some content sold on Fiverr, but it's kinda tough. I think the website is saturated with writers enough that it's a little difficult to compete with the ones who are already getting gigs. You could try a Listicle site like Listverse is you're ever in the mood, they pay around a hundred bucks per 1,500 word list? There are others that pay higher, but I can't quite remember them off of the top of my head.
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  5. aegialia

    aegialia New Member

    I've found that the best way to get consistent work is through blogging for other people. I know that ProBlogger runs a job board, and I've gotten several gigs that way. I've found that these pay better than a lot of the content mills, and they can lead to long-term relationships with site managers and other writers, which often pay off in more work down the road.

    The downside to these is that you usually have to submit a cover letter and some sort of writing sample that fits the topics you want to write about. Applying takes more time and you're never even guaranteed a response. Honestly, though, that time has paid off for me.
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  6. Kate McBride

    Kate McBride New Member

    HireWriters is my favorite site for writing. The pay is better than at similar sites and there is a great variety of work. It is also quite easy to get from Beginner through four stages to Expert there. For a variety of work, regular clients, and a good support desk, HireWriters is well worth trying. I haven't been on much recently but it is far better than iWriter in my opinion. I got three articles rejected on iWriter :eek: before I gave up on them while maintaining a consistent five-star rating on nearly 100 projects on HireWriters at the same time. The instructions for the jobs are clear and they pay well and regularly through Paypal every Friday. I also earn passive income through revenue sharing (Adsense)on Hubpages but it is very slow- about $50 every five years:) compared to $20 a week on HireWriters. However, Hubpages is a very creative way of developing and showcasing your writing skills by publishing online. Happy Writing!:)
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  7. Honey171984

    Honey171984 New Member

    If you're a newbie in the writing game, content mills can be a good way to start. When I started out as a writer, content mills like Zemandi.com and iwriter.com gave me the needed foundation to build my confidence and understand what clients want.
    Then I moved on to Fiverr.com and created my gig. Though there are lots of writers on the site, you can make a living there if you specialize in a niche. Do you want to be an academic writer or a copywriter? Presenting yourself as a professional in a particular type of writing can set you apart from the crowd.
    However, my fulfillment as a writer began when I started getting clients in my country. I now offer my services directly to local websites that need content. The advantage of having your published work instead of ghostwriting for others is that you get to showcase your skills to prospective clients.
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  8. Daffodilia

    Daffodilia New Member

    This is a great thread - I'm so happy I found it. I've just applied to Constant Content and am in the process of applying to Textbroker too. So many online writing blogs warn against content mills, but I think they are a good way to get practice and, like Honey171984 said, hopefully build my confidence. Looking forward to generating samples - scary but exciting!
  9. Klsbrd

    Klsbrd New Member

    I just wrote my first sample for Textbroker, and am excited to see what quality ranking they give me! Overall, Textbroker looks like a promising option to me. I like to see sites that utilize a quality ranking when it comes to compensation.
  10. dannypost

    dannypost New Member

    Yes, text broker is good only for USA, Canada, and England. I read a good write up about text broker, well from an American. That's natural. But here I found one and made mention of Hire Writer, I don"t know how good it is? I will try and hopefully its worthied.
  11. whifflet

    whifflet New Member

    TextBroker is not really worth it, especially at the lower pay rates. They are notorious for their poor treatment of writers. They do pay weekly and on time, but that's about the best I can say.
  12. Em Jay

    Em Jay Member

    Thanks so much for sharing that, Kate. I've researched writing sites on and off over the last year, and never came across HireWriter. Yesterday, I finally took action and signed up to iWriter plus a couple of others. After reading your post now, I visited HireWriters and they look great -- it's everything you said, with other work, like research, also available. An excellent find. Thanks again for sharing and not keeping this to yourself ;)
  13. soozee

    soozee New Member

    After much reading and research I have found that there are many sites that would be beneficial to those interested in writing. Even for the novice it seems that there is guidance and feedback for those willing to put in the work. Good luck to all.

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