Favorite DOTA 2 Hero and WHY?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by patjeromedulce, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. patjeromedulce

    patjeromedulce New Member

    Recently, I have returned to the realm of gaming and that game would be DOTA 2. I haven't got an idea on what changes they have made like new heroes, skill sets, items, talents, etc. I do enjoy the idea of change and all and it takes a lot of getting used to. But overall it is a really nice experience to have and I do love the fact that it is free. It just gets me feeling at awe that this game came a long way since its inception. I do believe that it has made a huge impact in gaming and it really does have a really special place in my heart. *sob

    I love playing it with my friends and I think that we could play for it for hours on end. I love playing tanky heroes like Tidehunter, Centaur Warchief and Abaddon. I love playing support as well, especially now not all players would like to play the one who would only plant wards all game. How about you?
  2. Geraldtech

    Geraldtech New Member

    Earth spirit. Even though hero received alot nerf update. He's still a great position in terms of ganking, setting up team fight. But learning the hero is a bit hard just like invoker even there's is no other unit micro like meepo, chen, vissage,enchantress, etc . Learning mechanically is the hardest part abd positioning.
  3. patjeromedulce

    patjeromedulce New Member

    I do agree, I think Earth Spirit is really tough to learn especially when it is about positioning. It is on a whole new level which requires a lot of experience in the battle field. I do think that Earth Spirit could be troublesome in the hands of a pro player which could turn the tide of battle.
  4. jimly

    jimly New Member

    INVOKER!!! makes dota 2 more challenging it has so many combo . invoker can be carry . support offlane . mid . anything you want
  5. domsanjuan

    domsanjuan New Member

    Tusk. With 3 battle furies, a blink dagger, boots of travel and a choice of an item that provides strength (I prefer armlet or echo saber or black king bar) you can pretty much 1 hit KO anyone that is less than 3000 health. Provided that Tusk also has really good talent tree choices, he's the best hero in the game for me. There's just nothing funnier than killing enemies by using your ultimate on creeps and letting the battle fury cleave do the work for you. Hahahahhahahahhaa and also don't forget to type "Shoryuken!" everytime you 1 hit KO someone XD!
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  6. daryl2114

    daryl2114 New Member

    My favorite Dota 2 hero is Rylai (Crystal Maiden). She specializes in using ice-based crowd control abilities to disable and slow her opponents. I can consider Rylai as the best support hero when I'm using her. I can even support my teammates even when they are far through my third skill which is Arcane Aura that gives mana regeneration to all friendly units on the map.. She's the best!!!
  7. slerpderg

    slerpderg New Member

    Depends on my mood to an extent. If I'm playing competitive and/or taking the match as serious as I can I'll flex into what is needed most, otherwise the heroes I prefer to play as often as I can are Ursa, Techies, Earthshaker, Earth Spirit, Storm Spirit, Ember Spirit, Bristleback, and occasionally Pudge.
  8. John Carlo Laroya

    John Carlo Laroya New Member

    the top hero that I love to play is Juggernaut, even on DOTA the best hero that I play is Juggernaut or also called Yurnero. because blade of fury like BKB it have magic repel when you use it and the regenerating ward that even your team mate can be healed fast like the shrine and the passive have very high critical chance and the Special Skill if the best when you use it with the AGS, battle fury, and mjolnir. some time the best hero for me as a support is shadow shaman he have the best skill for a support hero, like shackle could last long time, hex, and SS snake wards that could push and destroy tower \s.
  9. ardiesanjuan

    ardiesanjuan New Member

    Yeah XD. Tusk is really a pain in the ass to play against. It's easy to counter though. Blade mail is a good item to counter that build.
  10. jan1303

    jan1303 New Member

    For me my favorite hero in dota 2 is dazzle. Because am good at support type hero am not good in being a carry type. I really love to wait and jump in clash battle for helping my teammates; skill 2 shallow graves and skill 3 shadow wave are the most helpful skills in dazzle it can change the game play. Or it can change the almost game like dota 2 player love to say “Come Back Is Real “.
  11. jrenzromero

    jrenzromero New Member

    I love playing computer games and my favorite is dota2,For me my favorite hero in dota 2 is Undying, the Almighty Dirge, i enjoying playing dota 2 when my hero is Undying because his name is undying but he is not undying because he is dying,but when undying is almost killed he can revive him self.
  12. aj parker

    aj parker New Member

    I play the hero with the highest killing potential early mid and late game and I find clinkz to be the perfect hero for that. First of all, when you use clinkz, although he has crap attack animation, it helps a LOT. Why do you ask? It's because of the crap animation that makes clinkz hit longer than his range even when his enemies are in fog. Second of which, his searing arrows are damn op. Remember when you right click the hero and enemy creeps attack you? Well guess what: searing arrows is a spell and it doesn't trigger creep aggro therefore you can harass the crap out of enemy heroes in lane and now, it's only 10 mana cost now. Now lastly, when enemy clinkz has orchid, he can basically kill any hero provided he has good positioning and hits all the searing arrows on the duration of his strafe. Much better if you buy medallion for ez kills :D
  13. Schroedinger

    Schroedinger New Member

    Dazzle and IO, in combination with Meepo are my favorite heroes. Kunkka sometimes, when the situation is fitting, too.

    Both Dazzle and IO have so much potential to rescue people out of dire situations with shallow grave or tether. Dazzle's ultimate especially is great when preparing for a teamfight.

    That is a pretty wrong concept of support. Sure, supports place wards (cores have to do this too by the way) but overall support is needed usually to be way more aggressive. Control the map, control the enemies, control the teamfight and much more. Support can win you the game or lose you the game. The same goes for cores to both are important.

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