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Discussion in 'Website Management & Blogging' started by zZJoennZz, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. zZJoennZz

    zZJoennZz New Member

    Hello there, what is your favorite forum software? I just want to know.

    For me,
    Free ones is MyBB because it's open source and easy to use for beginners.

    Paid ones is IPB because it runs smoothly and have a great features.
  2. timestandstill

    timestandstill New Member

    IPB. I'm especially looking forward to 3.2 after reading their blog entry.
  3. zZJoennZz

    zZJoennZz New Member

    Yeah! IPB is the good paid forum software.
  4. NaXuh

    NaXuh New Member

    MyBB is definitely my favorite Free Forum Software. It beats vB for me anytime. I just love how MyBB works, how easy it is to use, and much more.

    XenForo would be my favorite paid forum software. It is very fast and just looks nice.
  5. zZJoennZz

    zZJoennZz New Member

    XenForo is good too than vB :)
  6. FlipnFeedMe

    FlipnFeedMe New Member

    I love Vbulletin! I would choose PhpBB3 for free.
    Vbulletin has got lots of plugins! So, I choose Vbulletin.
  7. zZJoennZz

    zZJoennZz New Member

    vBulletin has many plugins but I don't like it! XD
  8. Gallitin

    Gallitin Forum & Blog Owners

    IPB for sure. I have used vBulletin 4.x and SMF 2.x.
  9. zZJoennZz

    zZJoennZz New Member

    vBulletin 4 is not good, I mean the structure, it's just my opinion
  10. Gherogehr

    Gherogehr New Member

    free one is the best :))
  11. Yoshi

    Yoshi New Member

    vBulletin 3.x.

    I'm used to it so know how to use it easily and do things, I like the general interface of it and how to use it etc. Compared to other software, I just find it so much better to use.

    Then there's the amount of modifications, themes etc that there are for it. I pretty much just really like it in general.
  12. el canadiano

    el canadiano Forum & Blog Owners

    Give IPB some time (I have very high expectations for 3.2), but until then, XenForo has really shown what it can really do.
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  13. PhPBB3 is good but it has ads all over. You need to purchase to get rid of the ads.

    Does anyone know any free forum software without ads?
  14. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    phpBB3 is software that you have full control to do whatever you want to do with. It does not have ads, but you are probably referring to a free phpBB host...most free hosts do have ads....they have to in order to provide a free service.

    Question: when you use a free host with no ads, what are you giving them in return for the free resources they give you? ;)
  15. Yea probably nothing. ;p .

    Question: What about phpBB3 is it free or paid?
  16. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    Again, phpBB3 is software, not hosting. The software itself is free - without ads.
  17. Gallitin

    Gallitin Forum & Blog Owners

    I used SMF when I started mine, but recently moved to IPB. I wouldn't start on a free version if you eventually plan on moving to a paid one. No matter what there will be something that will not convert at all or completely.
  18. SuperMom

    SuperMom New Member

    I'm a hard core IPB user. I've tried all the other software except for vBulletin and I just keep coming right back to IPB. I think there are a lot of good features that come with MyBB and Xenforo. But they're just not for me.
  19. TheVisitors

    TheVisitors New Member

    I have used a wide variety of different forum (Community) software. Some of them I have had the privileged of not only using, but also in helping the development and testing.

    For free options, I would have to recommend phpBB. As for paid options, that's a little more difficult. Currently while I own vBulletin, I do not use it for many of the reason given. I want to like IPB, but they system uses more resources & their community comes off as a little more censored then I like or would care for.

    For now, I have settled on XenForo. XenForo uses less resources then vBulletin did (200+ XenForo members online = what 30 members did on vBulletin). But it still has to further develop before I could recommend it completely.
  20. SuperMom

    SuperMom New Member

    You know, I thought about it.. and what bugs me the most about IPB is you pay $9.99 a month for what? 25 users online at a time or something like that? Doesn't seem right to me. Had I not put so much time and money into the forum I have now I might would consider changing to xenforo... I don't know. How hard would it be to convert everything? I might just test it out to see if I like it more. I don't think I really gave Xenforo much of a chance. I just felt like I needed to go with IPB because I knew more about dealing with the admin aspects of it.
  21. TheVisitors

    TheVisitors New Member

    You're doing it the more costly and less community friendly way (ie. you're doing it wrong).

    I would recommend that you buy IPB and pick a hosting provider. This would save you both in cost and allow you to have unlimited users. If Invision host it... You're getting ripped off.
  22. SuperMom

    SuperMom New Member

    Well I already have Xenforo... how hard would it be to convert from IPB to Xenforo? Or is it even posssible?
  23. TheVisitors

    TheVisitors New Member

    It is indeed possible to convert from IPB to XenForo. However, you will need to export your database and pick a new host, since it will not be possible to use IPB Hosting to use XenForo. It's fairly easy to do, as I have done it for a few others.
  24. SuperMom

    SuperMom New Member

    I already have a host. Don't ask me why I don't buy IPB and put it on there, lol. I guess I'll look into it then. Do you happen to have links on how to do this?
  25. TheVisitors

    TheVisitors New Member


    All the information you will need can be found there; if you are indeed a valid customer.
  26. SuperMom

    SuperMom New Member

    LoL, why wouldn't I be?
  27. Jeddi

    Jeddi New Member

    i love mybb.. because its free and simple...
    besides, paid one is vb... because every bit of it is professionally tested and is bug free...
  28. TheVisitors

    TheVisitors New Member

    This has to be an attempt of sarcasm. vBulletin has over 2,000+ known bugs for the last 2 years.
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  29. PvH

    PvH New Member

    I totally agree with you. Vbulletin is very easy to use and has some good looking theme's :)
  30. Brandon-Merged

    Brandon-Merged New Member

    I have used a lot of Forum Software. I started out using phpbb ages ago then went with IPB until it was no longer free. But for the longest I ran SMF forums until I upgraded them to vBulletin forum systems. But I am aback to using phpBB on one of my new forums that I recently launched.

    Out of what I have used I would have to say I liked IPB the most, at-least how it was back when I ran them on my forums. I just got use to using vBulletin but then they changed them with new ownership.

    I kind of like the setup here with the XenForo system. I do not know the interworkings but it looks good from the outside.

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