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Discussion in 'Movies' started by newnotions31, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. newnotions31

    newnotions31 New Member

    What are some of your favorite family friendly movies?
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  2. luklinder31

    luklinder31 New Member

    My favorite movie by far is Interstellar. I am really into Sci-fi movies. This movie is pretty close to being reality, if we could get space travel down. It just makes wonder about going beyond our planet to other solar systems.
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  3. Fernanllaban

    Fernanllaban New Member

    My favorite is the SEVEN SAMURAI i only seen it once but it was one of the most incredible films I’ve ever seen. Even at 3+ hours in length, it was engaging, exciting, funny, thrilling, heart-breaking, and masterfully crafted all the way through. There’s not a single boring moment in all 207 minutes.
  4. michaelaingles

    michaelaingles New Member

    My favorite movie is, Inside Out. I have seen this for like thousand times, I always cry at the part where Bingbong helped happiness- that he even sacrificed himself though he wanted to see Riley. It is family friendly for me- it shows that there's no perfect family. Some might have problems and it's okay to talk about it. It is very important that every family is vocal to each other that HAPPINESS is not always the center of every family and that's okay.
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  5. jmzipagan

    jmzipagan New Member

    May favorite is "The Pursuit of Happiness" it was a story of Father pursuing his goal in life... His wife left him and his son stay with him. You know what? no matter how hard it is, he did not give up.
    and in the end he became a Stock broker.
  6. amaeganda

    amaeganda New Member

    My favorite movie is "Hachiko". I really like this movie because it's based on true story and the dog in this movie(Hachiko) is really loyal to his owner. Every day he's waiting for his owner at the Train Station and they will go home together. They look so happy and cute. I'm loving the story.. Then one day, his owner died..
    He is dead but Hachiko still waits for him everyday at the Train Station even though he's not coming. Hachiko waited everyday until he died. What a loving dog..I cried so much. Dog is really a man's bestfriend..
  7. Impalals01

    Impalals01 New Member

    My all time favorite movie is "The Internship". The movie is a comedy, but there are so many aspects of the movie that really make you think. I feel as if the movies teaches lessons in friendship, never giving up, and pursuing what you believe in most no matter who you are.
  8. jetc56311

    jetc56311 New Member

    Sherlock Holmes.
  9. Alfred28

    Alfred28 New Member

    My favorite movies is harry potter, because it was one of the most incredible movies ever seen...and i feel as if the movies teach lesson in friendship...
  10. CenterlessG

    CenterlessG New Member

    "My favorite movie is 'My Chauffeur.' It brings fond family memories every time I watch it. My favorite line in the movie is 'I just hate it when it's sticky ... don't you?" (Scene ... actress/actor walking through desert in heat of day.) My sister and I will say that line when it's really, really hot in the summer."
  11. Llahmah

    Llahmah New Member

    Family friendly? Definitely a Ghibli for a family. Assuming Princess Mononoke is too gory for a family I would say Kiki's Delivery Service or Ponyo for a family. Both are rather harmless but still have some emotional punches in store, even for an adult. In both films the characters have to overcome very large hurdles in their own development, be it believing in themselves or finding comfort in independence they must navigate these problems while also being confronted with worldly problems, more so of the latter in Ponyo.

    Assuming you aren't willing to watch anime though I would say my most recent favorite was Inside Out, I'm not sure it did too well in reviews but it really captured a feeling of childhood that left me in a good mood for quite a while after watching it.
  12. Derrickwafula

    Derrickwafula New Member

    My favorite family movie would deffinately be Night School by Kevin Hart , he rely brought out the best in his role in the movie.
  13. Gelajoy

    Gelajoy New Member

    I love the second movie of Back to the Future. Part two was amazing. It is my favorite among the trilogy because the plot was well thought of. The characters went to the future, then to the past. It was even more genius that they went back to things that happened at part one. It truly introduced the world to the magic of time traveling. The DeLorean will forever be iconic.
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  14. Pedong

    Pedong New Member

    My favorite movie is action,drama,adventure because sometime you will learned from them and you can adopt their words that are so important to your life and some respect. I'll prefer the movie The End Of December.
  15. wwaynecox

    wwaynecox New Member

  16. Powitsebony

    Powitsebony New Member

    I love Home Alone! It may be old now but it's such an cute, classic, family movie. Personally, Christmas isnt Christmas if my family hasn't been able to get together to watch Home Alone together. I also love the old musicals like Mary Poppins and Oliver Twist, they're so fun to watch with little kids in your family.
  17. yojojo

    yojojo New Member

    My favorite movie is Avengers: infinity war. The movie got everything i wanted to see, like superpowers, gods, a cool villain, army battles and battles. The movie also got good cgi and actors that have been doing a good job doing their role in the movie. There was also things we couldn't except since we didn't see it in the trailers. Like hulk not being in the fight, but the trailer showed he was there.
  18. OxyChan

    OxyChan New Member

    Now you see me,i was so amazed by it the first time i saw it :)
  19. Shiela16

    Shiela16 New Member

    My favorite movie is Tangled by Disney. I just love the songs they used there and also this movie gives a new characteristics of Rapunzel. Not the usual feminine type of princess but rather a strong woman , funny in way.
  20. jmonares

    jmonares New Member

    I love watching sci-fi movies. One of my favorites is Interstellar. It is visually and conceptually adventurous. A mind-blown movie that will transport you into a different dimension. This made me think of a wormhole travel possibilities. I am impressed on how it was done. It was brilliant and exciting at the same. This movie definitely exceeds my expectation. I must say Christopher Nolan did an amazing job on this movie.
  21. SurferJo

    SurferJo New Member

    With movies, my favorites would fall under the "based on true stories/events" category. I think I just love the thought that when watching it- I'm thinking- "Cool. This actually happened in the past." Few days ago, I re-watched Coach Carter, a story about a basketball coach who cares for not just winning but for the players as well. It's an amazing story.
  22. 118

    118 New Member

    I have a lot of movies in mind but I cannot recall their right little. I like horror, fantasy, comedy and action movies. I remember the movie "The Ring" it gave me months of sleepless nights, I can't even look at the television. I also like the movie "Taken", it was fantastic love of a man to his family. The movies of Tom Hunks "Cast Away and The Terminal". These movies makes me feel so sad being alone but on the other hand, "theirs still hope", "a way for something to look forward" those are some of the movies that I liked.
  23. xRagnar

    xRagnar New Member

    My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction even though there's a lot of movies out there it's really difficult to choose only one
  24. robertpeeeee

    robertpeeeee New Member

    Cinema as literature are means of transport to other worlds, to have a single favorite is until limited.
    I will summarize my tastes in three stages, beautiful movies and every time I see them fill me with nostalgia, part of the magic of these.

    As a child, and now also, Disney Castle filled me with excitement, two in particular:

    Hercules (1997)
    Fantasia 2000
    As a teenager I discovered a passion for antieroes and black humour, which are reflected in these two films:

    The Godfather (I, II, III)


    And already a little more adult, I continue to pursue the same evils, but with a new tone, appreciating even more the beauty of the scenes.

    Eyes Wide Shut
  25. Angieya

    Angieya New Member

    I would love to share with you guys the movie “What happened to Monday” . In a world where families are allowed only one child due to overpopulation, resourceful identical septuplets must avoid governmental execution and dangerous infighting while investigating the disappearance of one of their own. What a thrill :)
  26. azufugue

    azufugue New Member

    My favourite movie is the Shawshank Redemption.
    Which I know is kinda funny because it's the number 1 rated movie on IMBD's 'best 250 best movies of all time' list.
    But it earns that spot without a doubt! Morgan Freeman's acting as Red is phenomenal. And even the no-name actors make the characters feel so real. I never read the Stephen King book it was based off of, but I wonder if it's just as good. I think it accurately depicts the issues with long term criminal confinement and when Andy finally escapes from prison at the end there is this odd sense of accomplishment, like you escaped with him. I've never felt like that watching any movie before, it gives me chills just thinking about it.
  27. mimi19didi

    mimi19didi New Member

    so far my favorite movie The BirdBox movie might even be better than the book bc the movie presents the backstory - actually I look forward to additional movies about the other "senses" bc they're all so different hope there is squel
  28. Stitch

    Stitch New Member

    My favorite movie is the "What happened to monday". This movie is makes me more adventurous. I really live this movie. The plot and the characters of this movie was so amazing. Every scenariois full of actions. I love it.
  29. cDada

    cDada New Member

    My favorite movie is Batman ''The Dark Knight'' A movie that achieves perfection in some way. The Script is top notch, it is full of action, and the acting is superb all around. Heath ledger gives the second greatest performance ever, and really makes you fear the Joker. The special effect are brilliant, and the story is thrilling and sends a power message

    And Saving Private Ryan this is the greatest war movie ever made. Spielberg transports you to the battlefields of World War II unlike any movie has ever done before. Tom hanks gives his best performance ever, which is saying a lot, and the ending is so emotional. It is a movie that is touching, thrilling, but most of all it is a harsh reminder of how horrible war really is. This movie is one of my favorite besides Batman. I will always be reminded of what those men did in World War II, because of how graphic and moving this movie is.
  30. upvcbrand

    upvcbrand New Member

    Most people will say the best movie that they've ever watched is without a doubt Batman: The Dark Knight. I've seen other mindblowing great movies, sure, but if ever wanted to put out a list and choose my number one the Batman movie would be it. We ordinary people actually have a better sense of rating than critics I believe. And also in that case, I would choose the Batman Dark Knight as the world's best movie.

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