Favorite Skincare Products?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Erica Tanner, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Kristina Abrahamova

    Kristina Abrahamova New Member

    Coconut oil is not for every skin type since it clogges your pores. If it makes your acne even worse, I don't recommend using it. My tip is - try black soap. It has helped me a lot. Also, don't forget to exfoliate 2 times a day, use a good moisturizer with SPF and face serum. My favourite skincare brand is Mario Badescu. The prices can get high but it's totally worth it.
  2. Mary626

    Mary626 New Member

    When choosing skin care products it's very important that we pay close attention to our skin type. I produce a lot of oil on my face so my go to cleanser is Cetaphil Cleanser. I also use Aloe Vera plant and extract the gel and use that to set my face prior to washing with Cetaphil. Drinking adequate amount of water is also a part of my daily skin care regime.
  3. Racqualc

    Racqualc New Member

    I have very sensitive skin that requires me to only use natural skincare products. I use organix skin care line. The Dr. Weil skin brighter is the best and really works. It only takes a little daily. I use a pore opener spray or just a hot towel to open my pores, witch hazel to cleanse and apply the Dr Weil. I also wash my face with at night with tea tree oil and a face brush is very handy with that process. I weekly exfoliate with sugar, lemon juice, olive oil, and tea tree oil. This routine really works for me and hope it works for you.
  4. hemanthrmj

    hemanthrmj New Member

    I have acne since long and still fighting with it. Out of my experience, I suggest you going for natural products to take care of your skin. Few of them include turmeric, honey, aloe vera, lemon. All these products have the ability to fight acne over a considerable amount of time. You should also use olive oil in a while to restore the skin elasticity and apply tomato juice daily before going to bed which reduces acne scars.
  5. rogel

    rogel New Member

    My favorite skin care product is moisturizing cream as it helps to revitalize and rejuvenates your skin to look younger and away from having dry skin. I'm not specific with the brand as long it is not ordinary brand.Your skin also need vitamins and coupled with proper care to maintain a healthy and younger skin. Id rather buy moisturizing cream which is hypo allergenic because I have sensitive skin to avoid allergic reactions when I expose my self under the heat of the sun.
  6. Anne Yarih

    Anne Yarih New Member

    Try to observe what causes your pimple breakouts. If you think your skincare does not do good to your skin, maybe because you have unhealthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep and eating greasy foods can cause pimples. I also use cetaphil cleanser when washing my face. My tip for you is after applying your skincare products on your face, apply a heavy moisturizer like nivea or cetaphil moisturizer to lock all the products in your face so your skin can absorb them. Me, I only use Vaseline after toning my face and it is very effective.
  7. beautifulmarisa

    beautifulmarisa New Member

    My favorite skin care product is the cetaphil. Since it is hypoallergenic and it improved my skin complexion.
  8. suissa

    suissa New Member

    I believe that almost all skin care products are good you know, It just depends for which skin type is targeted. One of my friends is currently studying cosmetology so Im constantly bugging her and asking her about skin issues. As a result, I know a thing or two. For instance, not all products are made for the same skin type and well I have made the mistake of buying products that don't suit my skin type. While such products might not be good for me, It might for someone with a different skin type. I also believe that skipping ones skin care routine should be avoided at all cost, your skin needs cleansing after a long, tiring and suffocating day. Do any of you guys agree? Do any of you have a special skin care routine? Let me know what you think... I love discussing skin issues and products.
  9. jasmine-m

    jasmine-m New Member

    My all time favourite skin care products are from the brand 'Kama Ayurveda'. It is an Indian product which is completly based on Ayurveda. I really love all their products especially their rose water. Their 'kumkumadi oil' also works wonders on my skin.
  10. farmfresh513

    farmfresh513 New Member

    Sunscreen. It's absolutely vital to my (or anyone's) routine to protect my skin from damage and aging. There's no point slathering on a slew of beauty product and forget sunscreen at the end. I'm currently using a combination of Australian Gold - Botanic sunscreen (physical sunscreen) and the Biore Watery Essence (mainly chemical sunscreen) for my daily needs.
  11. itscamzmarie

    itscamzmarie New Member

    Have you tried Korean skin care products? They are experts when it comes to skin care! I recently tried using Tony Moly I'm Real Mask Sheets and got sort of addicted to it. Take note that they're only It actually became my night routine to use them. I usually watch beauty vloggers and this is a very popular brand for them. If you want to try out some nose blackhead removers, you can try the Pilaten pore strips. They're so satisfying to do! Take note that these products that I have mentioned are just very cheap but has very good quality! PS. This is not a sponsored comment. :p
  12. Jien0302

    Jien0302 New Member

    I dont have a lot of problem on my skin. But I use nivea body lotion cocoa butter most often at winter season. And for my face I use olay day and night cream. I love to eat fruits and vegetable also and it helps my skin not getting dry. And also by drinking plenty of water.
  13. joyang24

    joyang24 New Member

    Thanks for opening this up so I can share mine. I really love Korean Skincare products. They are like my babies that helps my skin looks natural and soft. I have been using Cucumber Soothing Gel and I can say that my skin becomes softer. I used RK Black Cream to lighten my acne and underarm, it really worked for me. I really recommend this to others, but just like what others said, "If it worked for me, it doesn't mean that it will have the same effect".
  14. Carmilina

    Carmilina Member

    Nice a products are so good. But I like using Jergens lotion as well.
  15. joyang24

    joyang24 New Member

    Hi, I'm using K-beauty products and I really love them. I tried Pilaten pore strips but it don't worked on my skin so I tried different black heads remover like holika holika pig pore strips.
  16. emma.regalado1

    emma.regalado1 New Member

    My favorite skin care product is a moisturizer. I can never leave home without it on my face and body. My favorite moisturizer is olay total effects. I apply this moisturizer under my foundation it does not affect the finish of my make up and it makes my skin glow and hydrated
  17. MHL

    MHL New Member

    Korean products are in trend right now when it comes to skin care and some of my favorite were from Tonymoly, Skinfood and Etude. If you have light skin then Etudes cosmetics product will definitely suit you. One of their popular products is the "Precious Mineral Any Cushion" which gives you that Korean flawless skin you saw on TV. Though I don't used this cushion(color doesn't match my skintone) a lot of Japanese teens lined up for it here in Osaka. However, If you want to have whiter complexion or you just want to take extra care of your skin, well then I recommend Skinfood. I think body scrub were their best seller but I'm currently using the "Premium Tomato Whitening" and I loved it.
    I also have toners from Tonymoly. I used their "Goat milk Moisture Toner at night and their "Intense Care Gold 24k Snail" toner after I took a bath.

    I personally recommend Korean skin care products because it's not harsh on the skin and very effective. But the thing is, it is quite expensive so you better have a stable income to able to afford these products.
  18. corrien.entrep19

    corrien.entrep19 New Member

    My Favorite skin care products are Nivea products pertaining to their Nivea Creme moisturizer although it's a heavy cream and it gives you an oily effect if you apply it into your face but what I like about this product is like it really moisturizes my face and neck. And based on what I research before I bought this product Nivea Creme has a lots of benefits, it can also use for lips to soften it .It helps me to reduce the redness of my acne ,and fading the dark spots too .
    Aloe vera gel was one of my favorite skin care product too, whenever I applied it on my face it the product easily absorbs my skin.
    No sticky feeling ,its just a clear gel it has a good smell and you can also use this product in your body specially it is best for sunburns. It's a great moisturizer too, you can also use it to your hair if you are suffering from dandruff and if you want to have a healthy shiny hair aloe vera is the best for you ! A must try product which I highly recommend .
  19. shaoshao1083

    shaoshao1083 New Member

    My favorite skin care products are my aloe vera gel, toner, and lotion. I recently discovered aloe vera gel. I was browsing through Lazada for moisturizer and I stumbled on Nature's Republic Aloe Vera Gel. I researched on it and so far it has a lot of good reviews. I have an oily skin so it's good for our weather here in the Philippines. It is not sticky and it is so refreshing especially if you put in the refrigerator overnight. I don't oil up that much when I use it. It also helps with my acne and small bumps. For toner, I use the regular toner in the morning and apple cider vinegar toner that I made at night. I discovered ACV through research on other options for acne. I saw a lot of testimonies that it dries up pimples and lots of healthy benefits. I tried it and so far it helps with my acne. Lotion is a must have for me. I have to put lotion every time after showering. I can't go on with my day with out it. It's like I miss something. I don't like having dry skin. I work in an air conditioned room so it is important to moisturize.
  20. sweetfab04

    sweetfab04 New Member

    Using and picking a good Skin care for us is not easy, because you need to familiar to your skin type. Having a good skin care is equal to a good looking skin, so that we should consider to choose a good product to use everyday. there are lots of product on markets but we need to look for the best one who will not destroy our skin. For me, i choose an organic product that has a good benefit for my skin. Using a basic skin care is also a good benefit for us. like choosing a good facial foam, a non-Alcohol toners and a face cream with a sunscreen. today, we woman need to take care of oursleves for us to good beautiful, not just only inside but outside.
  21. wakemaeup

    wakemaeup New Member

    My ultimate skin care favorite would be the Apricot Blemish Control Scrub from St. Ives. I've been repurchasing this product as it is really effective in clearing out my blemishes and exfoliating dead skin cells. This scrub has a very fragrant scent that will leave you fresh and rejuvenated. I use this every single day and it never fails to keep my face supple and hydrated. Have a try for yourself and you will know how good this skincare product really is!
  22. lucysays

    lucysays New Member

    I recommend using honey once or twice a week for exfoliation and it will really lessen your pimples. Also, always clean your face when you get home. My routine is, after waking up in the morning, I would wet my face with warm water so it would open up my pores, and then clean it with ponds cleansing gel or any clensers you have, after that I would rinse it with cold water so that it will close my pores, after that I would massage ice cubes on my face to make it firm and I tell you, the pores will really close. You wouldn't like dirt going into your pores
  23. rowena

    rowena New Member

    My favorite skin product is from Korea, with a brand name innisfree. I love their super volcanic pore clay mask which is a 6 in 1 mask, it deep cleansed my face and lessens my pores, and this mask is really good to those who have a trouble skin an acne prone skin type. Though I don’t have an acne prone skin and huge open pores I will definitely use it more, also the orchid enriched cream I used it as a face moisturizer which is good as anti-aging, definitely reduced wrinkles and brighten my skin. Highly recommend it to those who have a combi skin. Then for my body, I used cetaphil soap and moisturizing cream, absolutely hydrated my very dry skin although it’s a bit sticky but still love it.
  24. gelo0018

    gelo0018 New Member

    I been blessed with a good skin I only got two or three pimples every time my period is coming but despite of that I still taking care of my skin. I use Nivea foaming cream to wash my face and do the double cleansing to make sure my face is very clean. Then I use Olay toner and put little aloe very by nature republic then next is Olay facial cream. I don't do much to my face just enough to be clean and moisturized. Once a month I do home facial treatment to get rid the old skin on that you can save money. Everyone can do that it's just that you just have to find the best product for your skin.
  25. Patrej18

    Patrej18 New Member

    Well for me the best skin care products is the ones whose organic or I must say natural. Like using cucumber for eyes and many more. But I do prefer products from MaryKay. I used all the process and steps for facial, and I think it's effective cause now my face is not prone to pimples. And I like how soft my face nowand very moisturized. I use also their hand spa products and it smells nice. Try it girls its good for the skin.
  26. Octavia

    Octavia New Member

    My favorite skincare product is Shea butter. I use Shea butter for everything. I have eczema so I feel like this is the only skin care that would calm my body. It does not have the best aroma but it gets the job done. I do not ever have to go a day with inching in public or trying to change lotions for dry skin. Another skin product that I use is call Dudu Osum. It is a black soap that cleanse my body head from toe. It is so amazing. I never had acne before but some of my friends had acne and they always use to ask me what I used. I told them and they were so thankful for my advice.
  27. dkdylandustin

    dkdylandustin New Member

    There is this brand of skin care products that I am getting inlove and crazy with now.This is the "IWhite"brand,I really love the moisturizer and the facial wash.I can see the noticeable changes in my face and skin since I used these products.My skin became vibrant, bright, glowing and healthy.I promise myself not to use any other brands aside from IWhite.
  28. kin aranda

    kin aranda New Member

    Lily's touch Miracle cream and soap are the products that i currently use, ive been using it for months now and i use it everynight because my skin is sensitive during daytime. I used to have so many acne on my face and neck to the point where I just want to hide inside my room, skip classes, and just lay down and sleep.

    i tried covering it with make up but to my dismay it only got worse, so i stopped. I stopped using products and just washed my face with water everytime i got a chance and my skin got better, but i feel anxious because my face is pale all the time.
    I found out about this product from a youtube channel. there are so many people reviewing this so i decided to give this a shot, it was so worth it. Now im confident with my own skin because of the result i got using these.
  29. beatrixb

    beatrixb New Member

    My dermatologist once explained that if I use too many anti-acne products that are drying, that my skin might work hard to moisturize itself and over-compensate and then make it too oily (causing breakouts). I've found a decent balance between using Stridex for treating my acne and pores, and then Triple Performing moisturizer from Benefit to help make sure I don't dry out my face too much.

    That being said, Stridex doesn't work well from my younger brother, so he uses the oil-free face wash from Neutrogena and also uses the Benefit moisturizer with it.

    Also, my acne is always worst when I get dehydrated, so I now have a little phone app reminder to drink a full glass of water every few hours.
  30. eunicecabaccan07

    eunicecabaccan07 New Member

    In the Philippines the best skincare products are kojiesan soap, myra-e lotion, ponds cream and also myra-e capsules. I usually don't have pimple but since i'm taking contraceptive pills to treat my PMS, pimples are popping out but not too much 1-3 pimples. I know i'm lucky to have just 1-3 pimple, but i usually don't have pimple even if my period is coming that's why it bothered me so much. My pills was change into an anti-acne. I not contented that's why i also bought myra-e which is an antioxidant. The results are great, It whitens my skin and have a glowing look but still 1 pimple pops out.
    For kojiesan soap. When i was in high school my skin color is brown but when i started using kojiesan, it lightens my skin. Therefore kojiesan is a must have!

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