Favorite Skincare Products?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Erica Tanner, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Ruth B

    Ruth B New Member

    Among all the products present in the market my favorite is Nlighten skin care. This is manufactured in Korea.These amazing natural skin care products have been so loud not only to Korea but among neighboring Asian countries like Singapore and Philippines. What I love about Nlighten is that they have a wide range of products to choose from. Among these,the product that I purchase regularly is the Nlighten Premium soap and O2 Bubble cleanser this is because it rejuvenates and cleanses my skin that makes it naturally glowing. I think my skin was totally renewed and I am very thankful that I had finally found a product that is worth the peny.
    In addition I also love to apply face mask to my face.I choose masks that have collagen content because it makes my skin look moisturized and healthy.
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  2. rosebud1

    rosebud1 New Member

    A good C vitamin serum and sunscreen ALWAYS, at least 30 spf
  3. Hyde05

    Hyde05 New Member

    For me Skin Inc. skin care products! It has been on popular beauty magazines, and the effects are remarkable and life changing! :) They have several serum that you can use on you face which are customizable. All of their signature serums boast their patented encapsulation technology from Japan. Definitely a thumbs up beauty regimen. :)
  4. cabreraallynmae

    cabreraallynmae New Member

    iWhite products are my favorite skin care products. Why? It is lot more affordable than the others but it really worked in whitening and hydrating my face. I always having pimples every day buti after i ised iWhite it stopped maybe once at a time but very seldom and i am very happy about it. It helped me to sabe lots of money because after i used it i dont need to do facials anymore. Thank you iWhite for making my face clearer and whiter.
  5. budeman

    budeman New Member

    For me is kojic it's so effective just use it daily to see the result. Kojic will never fail you it is proven and tested kojic is made in japan so It's legit to use as you can see the skin tone of japanese it is so flourish and white and i love it.
  6. akoshilee

    akoshilee New Member

    I believe that the best skin care product is the one that i have been selling for years. I'm not being biased and i'm not advertising, but it actually works. It's like an answer to every women's even men's dream. It is a food supplement which helps the body to produce its natural glutathione. It gives pinkish white effect to the skin. All of my customers were satisfied and i've earned a lot from selling this. I'm satisfied with its effectiveness and the success it brings to my life.
  7. Cessnavie

    Cessnavie Member

    I apply only two (2) skincare products on my face. I use Nivea moisturizer to keep my skin fresh, oil and pimple free. Mark Kay is my make-up product. I love Mark Kay liquid foundation, which my skin keeps glowing.
  8. nano4mom

    nano4mom New Member

    My favorite products are baby skincare products. I have very sensitive skin so I use mild cleansers and lotions. But using skincare that is formulated for sensitive skin can be a little expensive compared to the regular one. So my best alternatives are baby skincare products. I go with brands like Johnson & Johnson, Nivea Baby and Human Nature. Try it to save on a little cash!
  9. marykjo

    marykjo New Member

    Cetaphil's pH is much too harsh for a lot of people, and coconut oil can cause or exacerbate acne despite many claims that it's non-comedogenic. Look for a cleanser with a lower pH (5.5 is ideal; I use the Cosrx Low pH Cleanser). Always use a moisturizer with sunscreen during the day (I like Neutrogena's for acne-prone skin), and try an oil-free moisturizer at night (my go-to is also by Neutrogena).

    You also might want to add a chemical exfoliant once or twice a week. Avoid anything with scrubbing beads like the plague! They're either made of "micro-beads" that pollute the oceans or crushed walnut shells or apricot seeds that can leave micro-tears in the skin. Pixi's Glow Tonic is amazing for this. Another thing you should look at is your water intake. Drinking more water cleared my skin when nothing else would.
  10. Aiken1626

    Aiken1626 New Member

    Oh i have this local rejuvenating product for acne. I could say its very effective. I had lot of pimples before but when i used it, its all gone. And it didn't only stop my pimple break it also made me look like I always blush, so no need to use blusher now?
  11. mitchie23abc

    mitchie23abc New Member

    My favorite skincare product is Cetaphil facial and body cleanser because its good for sensitive skin. It lessen my breakouts due to pregnancy and its also recommended by doctors if you are pregnant. Im also using the Cetaphil moisturizing cream before I go to sleep. Its really effective and it will not harm your skin.
  12. phiaangelica

    phiaangelica New Member

    My all time favorite skincare product for cleansing is the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Care Cleanser because it is suitable for all skin type. It is ideal for both face and body. It works without causing skin irritation and can be used with or without water. I always have this product in my bag so that whenever and wherever I go, if I feel like my face is kinda oily or dusty already, I put this cleanser right away and it really feels refreshing.
  13. Lemelaa

    Lemelaa New Member

    I am a skincare fanatic and still trying for new products that will help my skin to maintain flawless. My favorite skincare products are made from the Philippines because that is where I belong to but I'm trying some Korean Products too. I notice that my skin loves products from my country and while I'm using a Korean product some are not working for me, some did but only nourish my skin not clearing up my skin. I suggest to know first your skin type if you're oily, dry or combination because not all products are gonna work on your skin.
  14. KC5117

    KC5117 New Member

    My favorite skin products that i use for my skin specially for my face since i have an oily type of skin, these are:
    iWhite Korea products:
    iWhite facial wash; iWhite Aqua Moisturizer - It balance your face ph level; iWhite Recovery Sleeping Gel Mask, and iWhite Korea 2 Minute Changing Miracle - i only use it three times a week. to exfoliate my skin; and iWhite pore purifying balm and iWhite original nose pack - i use this combo to remove my whitehead and blackheads.​
    Cetaphil Products:
    Cetaphil Oily skin clenser and Cetaphil Daylong Light gel - SPF 50 PA++++
    Olay Product such as:
    Olay oil Minimizing Toner
    Maybelline product:
    Maybelline Micellar Water - remove my make up and at the same time cleanse my face. ​
    Nature republic products:
    Aloe Vera 92% soothing gel; Aloe Vera 92% soothing gel mist
    And the products that i use for my body are:
    Abonne product:
    Abonne milk salt - i use it three times a week​
    Vaseline product:
    Vaseline spf 24 lotion - i use it in the morning;​
    Diamond Orange peel & L glutathione:
    Diamond Orange peel & L glutathione soap; and Diamond advance whitening lotion with spf 15

    Aside from these products i also use supplements and these are:
    Puritan's Pride Vitamin C - 1000 mg
    DHC Collagen Supplements
    These products are very affordable and it helps me a lot for my skin to look healthy and glowing.
  15. Jingoliva5

    Jingoliva5 New Member

    I've heard the quote "The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today". If you starting taking care of your skin at a young age then your giving the best gift for your skin. I had a wrong mindset that make-up will be the best tool to make you feel and look beautiful but everything has change when I had my worst and major break-out on my face, name it cystic acne, white head, black heads, et cera. It couldn't covered by any make up at all. So that's when I searched and googled everything for the cure. That's where all started, my 10- steps korean routine but on lazy days, it will be trimmed down to 5 steps.
    My top favorite skincare products which help improve my skin are the following: 1. Aloe vera soothing gel, it helps my pimples dry up fast and minimize the redness on my face. 2. Natural Pacific Herb toner- kinda sting a bit but it helps my dark spots and scars to slowly fade away. 3. Aloe vera moisturizing essence (Miniso)- which keeps my skin hydrated and plump 4. Lily's touch snail which also lightens my dark spots and reduces visible lines. Right now, my skin is way better than ever and sometimes I can go out without make up and just let my face breathe. Lastly, drink lots of water.
  16. jockey

    jockey New Member

    For moisturizing my skin, I’ve found that oils work the best. I have acne-prone combination skin, so I’ve found that these oils don’t break me out, but they moisturize and soothe my skin really well. I use coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba, and shea butter. These oils suit every skin type, but of course you have to try to be sure. They’re moisturizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. Argan oil is great for scarring. I highly suggest that you chose what's best for your skin type because different skin reacts for different products, it doesn't mean that if it worked for me then it will also work for you. Be wise in choosing skin care products. I highly recommend choosing natural products because it has less alcohol percentage.
  17. Twinklingchimes

    Twinklingchimes New Member

    I have been a fan of Korean skin care for a while. They always seem to be ahead on what is the next big thing skincarewise. One of the brand's that I really like is innisfree. It's supposed to be a more health conscious brand.
  18. My favorite skincare product is Celeteque Acne Solution Cleansing Gel because celeteque remove acne and pit scar fast as 123.I see the result in just 5 days
  19. mimacheeks

    mimacheeks New Member

    My skincare routine consists of 4 things: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, oil. I know in the morning we all need a sunscreen but it's just really hard to find a good sunscreen that won't make me look greasy. I keep it pretty simple because that's what's working for my skin right now. My favorite cleanser and moisturizer are from Korean skincare brands. Koreans have really mastered the art of skincare and it is evident by their flawless skin. My favorite toner is just a witch hazel toner from a Western brand. The most special thing in my skincare game is rosehip seed oil. I have oily skin but this stuff is amazing. It seeps into the skin without making an oily person like me more oily. My skin is brighter and healthier because of this.
  20. MiaManimbo

    MiaManimbo New Member

    As a normal-dry skin, I personally love moisturizers! Any brand will do as long as it doesn't irritate my skin and works well. Moisturizing my skin is my daily routine. After taking a bath or before putting on make-up and also before going to bed. And as of the moment, I'm so in love with water-based moisturizers. I'm using one with vitamin E and SPF on it so it's a 3-in-1 product already. I love it so much because it sinks in my skin fast, makes my skin look glowy and healthy, and of course, it gives my skin enough hydration.

    I don't really use moisturizer before, but since I discovered it and start using one in my daily regimen made my skin feel so healthy and plump!
  21. Therese16

    Therese16 New Member

    My favorite skincare product at the moment is lotion. I have very dry and flaky skin so my sister recommended me the lotion with mineral oil and petroleum jelly and I have been using it for almost a month now. I can say that I’m impressed by how well it worked with my skin type. It’s not sticky but it’s very hydrating and moisturizing. I am not really a user of lotion before since the lotions that I have used are very sticky on the skin and I don’t like the feel of it. But a month ago I noticed that my skin looks super dry so I tried the lotion that my sister recommended and I loved it. I also noticed that drinking more than 3 liters of water helped my skin look smooth and supple. So, overall my favorite skin care right now is the lotion with mineral oil and petroleum jelly together with drinking lots of water which kept my skin looking healthy.
  22. Jhiiwin22

    Jhiiwin22 New Member

    Benzoyl Peroxide -Yeah it's good. I use the 10% version and it's doing the trick. Keep at it and make sure you wash your face before you apply it. It could make your skin dry but if it does just put moisturiser on it and it will clear up.
  23. nadiacabrera

    nadiacabrera New Member

    I once had an acne breakouts, by then I never bother to think of curing it since I am occupied of more important things than how I look. But one day I came to realize how ugly I am looking at the mirror seeing those big reddish spots on my face. That was the time that I started scouting for a product and the do’s and donts to avoid having an acne breakouts. Good thing there’s a friend of mine introduce me to a Mary Kay Product. Oh!! well, the Timewise Miracle set, set me free from breakouts, and even get rid of fine wrinkles under my eye area. Now I can say, I am having a healthy skin because I consistently doing my skin care routine with Timewise Miracle Set of Mary Kay product.
  24. athenareign

    athenareign New Member

    Olay cream is my favorite skin care, I already used it for almost 10 years and it's really satisfied me. I'ts a day cream which protect my skin from harmful UV rays. Olay cream makes my skin so fair, smooth, and free from dark spot. I highly recommend it for all the girls out there who wish to have a fair skin.
  25. Whahey!

    Whahey! New Member

    I love dermalogica products, I think they have a fantastic range for every skin type, I know their products can be quite expensive but you pay for the quality and I think they are absolutely fabulous! I personally use a moisturiser with an spf for my skin as I'm very conscious of the sun and its harmful rays. Also the pre cleanse by dermalogica is so fantastic at taking off makeup the stuff is like magic and smells devine!
  26. ssslllbbb

    ssslllbbb New Member

    My favorite skincare products are: Roc exfoliating discs. They not only clean your face, but they also treat fine lines and wrinkles. I also love a good Vitamin C serum. I use it every night and then microneedle my face for a few minutes afterwards. I will admit that I do get the occasional botox injections in my forehead because I've always been so self conscious of it, but the other products I use really help me go a long time between injections. I do love my botox though!
  27. Tina85

    Tina85 Guest

    Bentonite Clay, if acne scars and dark spots are a problem I find this really helps to reduce the dark areas faster. Drinking lots of water (great for skin but in general great for you overall) as well as jojoba oil on your face a night them steam face with a wash rag for a couple minutes. :)
  28. babyheart

    babyheart New Member

    Working as a skin therapist, I have learned that the ultimate secret for a young and beautiful skin is protection and hydration. I can skip all the make up (uhm, except for my eyebrows of course, haha) but never ever sunblock before stepping out of the house even if it's raining, and moisturizer at night to keep my skin hydrated. I remember my clients thanking me because it really works!
  29. jocelyn_v

    jocelyn_v New Member

    My favorite skincare product is the ones that does not have oil. Since my skin type is oily my skin produces more oil than usual so i don't have to add more oil. The skincare that will work the best on you depends on your skin type. Not all skins are the same so different people need different care. Before i used an oily moisturizer and it made me breakout a lot like it didn't stop until i tried to stop using that product and eventually the breakout stopped. But i was left with some hyperpigmentation and even some deep scars. I got rid of some of the hyperpigmentation but the scars is still here. I'm considering on trying laser treatment to get rid of these and hopefully i could get rid these scars. The skincare that works with my skin is the Belo Acnepro line it works so good thought you have to put different moisturizer because its a bit drying but it works so good.
  30. ynaaast

    ynaaast New Member

    For me, the less products, the better. My main products are Pond's Cold Cream to remove my make up, COSRX Salicylic Cleanser, and the Dickinson's Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner (the best!). For hyper pigmentations, I just apply the Palmer's skin therapy oil twice a day. For pimples, the Mario Badescu Drying lotion works best. I skip moisturizer as I find that it only breaks me out rather than save my skin.

    From time to time, I like using DIY face masks. For hyper pigmentation, I like mixing papaya and honey and leaving it on my face for around 20 mins. Banana, oatmeal and honey is also good for a good glow!

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