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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Heidy, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. Heidy

    Heidy New Member

    I'm without a doubt a night owl and could go on for hours without sleep but surprisingly, my favorite time of the day is at dawn, just when the sun is about to break. The calm and stillness at that particular moment in time is purely magical and invigorating. It makes you think you can conquer the world.

    Dusk comes in second place. The colors of the sky at dusk is hands down breathtaking; shades of purple, orange, yellow, red and probably a hundred more hues all in majestic display. When I look at the sky, it takes me on a journey of self-reflection. A poignant reminder of where my life is at and where it would take me.
  2. divinegores

    divinegores New Member

    My favorite time of the day is at the morning when I wake up. Another blessing from above. Another chance to see His creations, to feel His love and to thank Him for another day living with Him. Life brings lot of challenges, but also everyday is a new beginning, new hope, new adventure and let God be your tour guide.
  3. Marchvran

    Marchvran New Member

    Definitely when having tea. Everyday, after waking up, I look forward to that exact time when I sit down with some tea and biscuits, and relax. A serene moment in time. It lasts for only a little while but while it is there I enjoy it.
  4. houd

    houd New Member

    My favorite time of the day is definitely the evening…at that time i'm free and i've finished all my day's tasks so i can just sit and enjoy watching a good movie or documentary , reading a good book , or having a nice meal while listning to music and relax ; it's also a perfect time for a spa routine or skin care or practicing a hobby ; evenings as well are a very good time to exercise , prepare for a new day,or cook a nice dinner meal or snacks to enjoy later.
  5. anita2727

    anita2727 New Member

    My favorite tine of the day spending time with my loveones, it makes me happy and they are the reason why i work hard. Im in the point that i want to quit, but when i look back the reason why, i realize that i just need to rest but not quit. Spending time with my love onces make me happy and alive out
  6. cheng227

    cheng227 New Member

    Evening is my favorite time of the day because at night I can do more things without thinking that there’s someone will bothers me. It’s also the time I can relax and do what I really want to do, like watching movies, reading books, do some exercise and meditating. It really feels good when you did something for yourself, it boost your energy and feel ready for the next day.
  7. Tunaturkeydog

    Tunaturkeydog Member

    Hard to say. I wake up at 4am and get really productive. Less noise less distractions. Though I also like dusk. It's the time when you feel accomplished getting through the day.
  8. briannaorr123456

    briannaorr123456 New Member

    My favourite part of the day is definitely at night time around 8 pm ish. I am a night owl. I am not a fan of mornings. I really like night time because I love to run when it is dark. It helps me to take my mind off of things. Also, night time is usually when people relax and prepare for the next day. mornings are usually stressful for people, therefore, I like nighttime the best.
  9. golfjunkie123

    golfjunkie123 New Member

    My favorite time of the day is about 6 AM. I love waking up early and being very productive. It feels really good when you start off the day right. At six in the morning I get my cup of coffee and go on the back porch. I enjoy all of the nature, with the birds and squirrels running in the yard. While I am doing this I am also make a plan for my day. I make sure that I will get all the work that I need for the day in.
  10. prexv

    prexv Member

    My favorite time of the day would be nighttime. I consider myself nocturnal in a way where my brain functions better and I feel more active. I also appreciate the cold temperature at night especially I live in a tropical country because the chilly natural wind during nighttime feels nice and makes me feel relaxed. I like staying up late at night or even all night and so, if I need to finish important work at home I really don't need caffeine or anything that should help me wake up.
  11. Pen29

    Pen29 Member

    The time in the evening where each of the family members is present. All of the members are tired from work and will talk about the day about work about bosses, about work issues, about friends and together we'll eat. After that, all of us ready to watch movies and ready to go to sleep together. Simple and contented happiness.
  12. iansilvino18

    iansilvino18 Member

    Early mornings and late nights.
    I choose both because they're both quiet times and the world isn't as active or awake in most cases. And I enjoy the solitude, quietness and peaceful atmosphere of it all.
  13. My favorite time of the day would always be whenever the sun sets. I just love the different colors in the sky and how serene everything looks. Always reminds me of how great our Creator is and how blessed we are to have this life in our world. It also makes me realize that endings could be beautiful, too.
  14. chillea

    chillea New Member

    Mid evening is my favorite time of the day because I find myself to be more productive during these times. I can accomplish many tasks than working at daytime hours. I don't know why, but many brilliant ideas just pop in my head that make my tasks easier and enjoyable.
  15. pceug17

    pceug17 Member

    Late nights 9pm to 11pm. I'm not a night person but being able to stay that late makes me more productive. My mind works 100% during these time.
  16. Gaiza

    Gaiza New Member

    Favorite time of the day for me has absolutely got to be late at night after 9pm. I don't know why but I there's something mystical about the buzz of the day going away and quietly working away on a project while listening to some music and sipping some tea. I guess I just got use to staying up late at some point in my life because I never need more than 5 hours of sleep.
  17. bnnyjhnn

    bnnyjhnn Member

    Afternoon. I can get to have my siests especially when it's weekends and if my body needs the perfect relaxation it deserves.
  18. alleycm80

    alleycm80 New Member

    My favorite time of the day has always been at night! I can't seem to go about my day properly without staying up all night. I do my best work in the middle of the night or after dark.
  19. Bella25

    Bella25 New Member

    My favourite time of day is definitely in the morning. I love watching the sunrise with a hot cup of tea. I plan out my day and enjoy the quiet time. I also love to hear the birds chirping in the morning, I find it to be relaxing.

    I love the sunsets too. Its a great time to reflect on your day. If it is the summer time than I really enjoy the beautiful sky in the evening with all the different colours. I like to take my favourite book and snuggle with my cat and enjoy the quiet time in the evening.
  20. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    I am a morning person so I can say that I love morning time. I usually wake up at 5 am and do some stretching. The silence of my surroundings makes me feel so calm and bring peace to me. Morning is also the best for me to reflect and plan my day, and life, in general.
  21. jologz

    jologz New Member

    My favorite time of the day is when it is about to end because I can welcome the new one coming.
  22. Danielz99

    Danielz99 New Member

    I'm a night type of dude it's just so much more peaceful and relaxing than the usually chaotic day time. At night all your responsibilities temporarily go aways and you have some downtime to do whatever you want.
  23. akiramenaidecj

    akiramenaidecj New Member

    Waking up is always my favourite time of the day. Aside from being blessed for another day to live, it's the time where I can have my coffee. Our time in this world is limited, don't let it go to waste.
  24. jamesrea

    jamesrea New Member

    Night time is the best time of the day. I am a night person. Late night thoughts are the best featuring rainy weather. I am relax when it's night, where everybody is silent and all you hear is your own thoughts.
  25. assisidiane

    assisidiane New Member

    Before the sun rises and at night, those are my favorite. I just love the calmness, the colors of the sky, although at night you only get to see stars and the moon, but I really love it. The breeze, the feeling. I just love having that own moment of mine and I get to have it at those times.
  26. agne

    agne New Member

    My favorite time is early morning.When you have that nice time for yourself, nice cup of coffee.When you reflect of yesterday and make plans for the coming day.I love sitting in the balcony and enjoin nice morning breeze.

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