Favorite topic/genre in Freelance writing jobs

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Challenges' started by arnaic_orna, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. arnaic_orna

    arnaic_orna New Member

    Are there any specific type of topic or genre you are interested in your freelance jobs?
  2. English wordschmidt

    English wordschmidt New Member

    Didactic is the first word that comes to mind. I like to write to make people think. Sure, I do write some spiritual pieces that address life questions but there are so many other questions. I like playing the devil's advocate or, most especially, pointing out when people are being hypocritical or self-righteous. The local newspaper, for example, posted a complaint from a citizen about there now being a gun shop and a weed shop within walking distance of the town elementary school. I wrote in that there are also places to eat within the school where very overweight people still go but no complaints have been made about what we are teaching the children about gluttony and healthy eating.
  3. Stacey Wing

    Stacey Wing New Member

    Personally, I have a few favorite topics that I enjoy writing about. These include include healthy living, spiritual, and psychic topics, and chronic illness and genetic diseases. I find these topics of interest because I live them on a dialy basis.

    I also like to write about politics. Usually it will be about an article that I may have read online or heard in the news. I lived overseas for many years and I have watched our country go to crap. Nobody believes in morals, values, or respect of ones elders like I was brought up. This is a very big pet peeve of mine and I enjoy giving my point of view on this as well as the above topics.
  4. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    I would like to write about politics, martial arts and maybe some politics. I have been following these topics for sometime.
  5. opossumway

    opossumway New Member

    i always wanted to write about roleplay games like DnD.
  6. sznyd118

    sznyd118 New Member

    I would love to write more about beauty and fashion. I have composed a few fashion lifestyle editorials in the past, but would love to accept more assignments like that. I'm also a huge horror movie and literary buff and enjoy research-based academic writing assignments. Freelance writing becomes a hobby in addition to a job if you're writing in your preferred niche. :)

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