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What is your favorite tv show or series

  1. riverdale

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  2. glee

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  1. Marcel Danielle

    Marcel Danielle New Member

    i have a lot of favorite tv series like
    teen wolf
    faking it
  2. chiel2330

    chiel2330 New Member

    for my free time ethier watch videos like this.

    upload_2019-1-8_21-10-10.jpeg upload_2019-1-8_21-10-42.jpeg upload_2019-1-8_21-11-53.jpeg

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  3. dlhathaway94

    dlhathaway94 New Member

    I enjoy a good deal of television shows. My all time favorite show is American Horror Story. I also enjoy Dear White People, 9-1-1, Star, Misfits, Rick and Morty, and Parks and Recreation. I don't typically actually watch television any more. More often than not, I catch my shows after the fact - on Netflix or Hulu. American Horror Story is one that I do try to keep up with, thanks to the DVR, when I can.
  4. ha188

    ha188 New Member

    For my opinion i think no TV series can beat Friends it's the best commedy serie ever on the other hand for some series like drama or thriller there are some great series like Breaking Bad , Narcos, Black list ..... Still my favorite is Friendsi'm watching it right now
  5. rhem091

    rhem091 New Member

    try frontier its underrated
  6. imjlord

    imjlord New Member

    Forever will be a glee fan here!

    Since I was in High School days glee is really my favorite.
    Because I'm a musically inclined person but that is not just the reason,
    it is also because it's a great drama for me, and I support LGBT.
  7. Victorolamide

    Victorolamide New Member

    my favorite TV series is arrow ,it really really good and awesome
  8. Sneska

    Sneska New Member

    My favorite TV series is "Grey's anatomy". I love Ellen Pompeo and over the years the characters from the show started to feel like family. There is a lot of drama, but there is also a lot of love, friendship, understanding. There are moral lessons which can be derived from every episode and it teaches you to have compassion and never to lose hope. Not many shows (if any) lasted for fifteen seasons as Grey's currently does.
  9. zenithboi

    zenithboi New Member

    I love 24 anyday. I could watch it over and over again and it will still look fresh to me.
  10. amaeganda

    amaeganda New Member

    My favorite TV Series is Game Of Thrones. The editing is awesome, the scenery and the killings looks real. The story is unpredictable. The actors are great and good looking.
    Last episode of the first season made me cry and I felt like, I don't want to watch it anymore.
    Because I thought Ned Stark was the main character. But they kill him!!!
    But I wanna know how the Stark's will get their revenge. So I continued watching and I loved it.
    Always gives me goosebumps. The best TV Series ever!!!
  11. Gelajoy

    Gelajoy New Member

    I have different series in my mind that I watch depending on my mood. If I want some wordy dialogues and mystery, I go for Sherlock. I watch GoT whenever I just want to binge myself out on our sofa. When I'm feeling cheerful, I opt for Glee. I would also watch Friends for a little light comedy. My favorite so far this time, out of all of my favorite, would be The Good Place. The writing is brilliant and the plot is well thought of. Moral philosophies and ethics is naturally incorporated in each every episode. The comedy is genius. Laying out references from past classic TV shows or movies were definitely a plus. It really is a fun show to watch. I hope it will renew for more seasons to come.
  12. airanelle

    airanelle New Member

    For me, Glee is really a legend, like it's everyone's favorite. But I started to love Riverdale like every guy is so cute and they really are attractive and I really love Jughead's smile. But I also love How To Get Away With Murder, the TV series really showed a good one, the actors are really good specially Annalise, she really is a smart amazing woman, although it was so sad that they removed Wes out of the scene. But mostly, my heart belongs to the Vampire Diaries like Damon took my heart with him and I started to like The Originals because of this show. :)

    PS I loooooove The Big Bang Theory <3
  13. Lana89

    Lana89 New Member

    My favorite TV series is " The Big Bang Theory ". It is a unique, captivation sitcom. I have enjoyed watching every season. Sheldon Cooper plays his character perfectly and I loved that he finally proposed to Amy Fowler. They both play a nerd character trying to figure out life dramas and intimacy. Also, I have been watching the Spanish TV series " La Casa de Papel" that is also known as the name "Money heist ". I give this series a 10/10 rate, it`s so amazing and in every episode, they leave you on a cliffhanger and all you could think about is " How did they come up with this whole series idea", it`s really a masterpiece. I can`t wait for the next season that they are now filming it.
  14. Momamba

    Momamba New Member

    My favorite series is grey's anatomy because you just learn a new lesson every episode which helps us deal with day to day situation in real life.
  15. Herbz

    Herbz Member

    My favorite is The Walking Dead series. Its so exciting and thrilling to watch. And i like zombie movies so thats why i like the walking dead series..
  16. jmonares

    jmonares New Member

    My favorite TV series is Game of Thrones. I never expect too much from this series but as I watched the first 4 series, I must say that it really caught my attention. I even came to a point that I was awake for 24 hours just to finish 1 series. This TV series is different from the other shows that I have watched. I will definitely not recommend this for kids since this show contains scenes that really need parental guidance, but for those viewers who enjoy watching mind blown series, this is a must. I am agitated and sad to see the last season. Agitated because it's the final series, it will answer all of the questions I had from the last episode. Sad because it's the final series, it will be the end. I wish there could be more series but I guess everything has to end.
  17. cam3150

    cam3150 New Member

    My favorite TV series of all time is Gilmore Girls. It is the only series that I own in full on DVD and I have watched it all the way through at least 6-7 times. I absolutely never get tired of it! I have gotten several of my friends hooked as well. It's just so good - the writing, the characters, the wacky townspeople, the pop culture references! The series airs now each afternoon on the UP channel. Most evenings I come home and turn that on just for background noise while I'm doing chores or cooking dinner. I still find myself getting caught up in episodes I have seen countless times. I don't care for the last season quite as much. I really hate what they did to Luke and Lorelai during that last season and a half. But, that doesn't dampen my overall love for the show. I did like the Netflix revival for the most part but I have not ever re-watched it and I think it aired for the first time 2 years ago.
  18. Sydfishes

    Sydfishes New Member

    There was a show on TBS called People of Earth. It was a comedy about aliens and a support group of abductees. I actually attended a group like that once and found the whole show was both funny and had a good storyline. They were two seasons strong but it got canceled on a cliff hanger. Now I'll never know what happened! My second favorite is Steven Universe, another show about aliens on cartoon network.
  19. jownerd

    jownerd New Member

    I love a good dose of comedy! I love Friends, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Brooklyn Ninety-Nine, and Modern Family. I admire the writers behind theses shows. The creativity and the humor they bring to the characters are outstanding. Plus, the great acting of the casts are exceptional. I always admire comedy sitcoms more than drama series. I used to download all these shows’ episodes on torrent! Well now, thanks to Netflix, everything is just accessible on my mobile phone. Hooray for technology!
  20. mcor1330

    mcor1330 New Member

    My favourite TV series is Game of Thrones. For sure a lot of people can say this because the series is really good. The series is not like other TV series or movies because it a lot of the main characters are killed by other characters and this makes the series unpredictable and in a way more enjoying to watch. This one of the long list of reasons why Game of Thrones is my favourite TV series.
  21. vanja987

    vanja987 New Member

    For me, the best TV series is Everybody Loves Raymond. You can just lose yourself watching his life. His mother that lives across the street was one of the top characters. She was the mix of my mother and my mother in law. Even after watching it several times, I am still laughing at the same scenes.
  22. gailceleryo

    gailceleryo New Member

    My favorite series of all time is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It tells you to value your friendship and family. That in any circumstance, as long as you are with your friends and family, everything would be a lot easier. I also learned that sometimes friendship is worth the risk when it comes to love. It takes courage to risk everything you have but most of the time, things are worth the risk. FRIENDS also taught me to never give up on your dream and no dream is too high for someone who strives hard.
  23. kers

    kers New Member

    I am a fan of series. My most favorite series of all time is Harry Potter! Who doesn't love Harry Potter anyway? I love everything from the book and the movies.

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