Favorite zombie movie?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by katemacam23, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. katemacam23

    katemacam23 Member

    Zombie land, walking dead, rampant, rampant
  2. livingboy

    livingboy Member

    The best zombie ive watched was Apocalypse!
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  3. inankidd

    inankidd New Member

    28 days later. Also, although not a movie, The Kingdom on Netflix is pretty good.
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  4. ChiiChobitx

    ChiiChobitx New Member

    My favorite zombie movie was Train to Busan. Great plot although the ending was very tragic.
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  5. tumerkan

    tumerkan New Member

    Good question. Despite the oversaturation of zombie media today, there are so many good ones to choose from, old and new. Mostly old. How can I be expected to choose from comedy classics such as Shaun of the Dead, Dead-Alive, the first Re-Animator, Return of the Living Dead, or Night of the Creeps? Or the straight-up classic films, like Romero’s original Night of the Living Dead or Dawn of the Dead (the remake actually isn’t bad either) films, Fulci’s The Beyond or his Zombi 2, or 28 Days Later? And there are many more I have yet to see before I become one of them!

    Alas… there can only be one. I can easily narrow down the list to Dawn, Shaun, and Re-Animator. Despite the original Dawn being the obvious choice, I can’t help help but go with Shaun on this one. I have a more personal connection with it than Dawn despite Dawn being the better film.

    Shaun of the Dead for me. It’s got everything I could want out of a zombie film, and Shaun’s oblivious one-take cornetto errand to the market during the first morning of the actual apocalypse never fails to make my day.
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  6. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Shaun Of The Dead. For once, a zombie movie with a happy ending.,
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  7. yungjanmark

    yungjanmark New Member

    There's Warm Bodies and Zombieland. Both are feel-good movies unlike the regular horror ones, I enjoyed this.

    PRO-TIP : stay away from the Resident Evil movies.
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  8. Olmaki

    Olmaki Member

    My favorite zombie movie has to be World War Z. Tom Cruise's best so far.
  9. jvhlxi

    jvhlxi Member

    Train to Busan
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  10. denver26

    denver26 New Member

    Ive got two zombie movies that is very awesome to watch 1st is the "Zombieland". Zombieland movie is very funny and thrilled to watch. The 2nd movie is the "World War Z" im sure you know about that movie, one of the best movie right? So thats it thats my favorite one. #SPREADLOVE
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  11. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    Well i know what a Zombie is but i haven't watched any Zombie movie in my life till now and i would request someone to suggest me a good zombie movie to watch.
  12. mayimayi

    mayimayi Member

    Train to Busan is an epic zombie movie! It was unexpected and the ending broke my heart.
  13. Xamdoso

    Xamdoso New Member

    Honestly my knowledge about zombie movies is not the greatest but in every way I decided to give my opinion because the WWZ (World War Z) film for both cinematography, production and even the actors is one of my favorite movies.
  14. eddilee28

    eddilee28 New Member

    As far as I remember I can recommend the best zombie movie so far is Train to Busan a Korean movie. A little bit scary but in the end a heartwarming lesson for us. The movie tells that even you become a zombie later, always remember your loved ones their safety and even your a zombie you're protecting them no matter what happens.
    Train to Busan directed by Yeon Sang-ho, The release date of Train to Busan was on July 20, 2016. Did you know: "Train to Busan" is the night- highest- grossing domestic film of all time in South Korea. So for those who didn't watch yet, this is the perfect zombie movie for you.
  15. chamielita

    chamielita New Member

    Resident Evil is my favorite zombie movie. I do love action movies and since this was originated from a game, the movie was a whole package for me. The fighting scenes were really cool and I would love to watch it again.
  16. veronica lucob

    veronica lucob New Member

    :):):):):)I watched Train to Busan when i was still into K-Dramas and stuff. Still, my one time zombie movie was Resident Evil. The female lead role was really sexy very well in fighting. It makes me anxious watching it. It's just sad, haven't watched any after it.
  17. Iprosper383

    Iprosper383 New Member

    The best zombie movie I have watched is RESIDENT EVIL. it is so real and the action in it is captivating and the terror in it is so real.like wow
  18. andrewspasov27

    andrewspasov27 New Member

    I would have to say World War Z, because of its simplicity and suspense. Great build-up and a well composed story. Great turn of events, despite going through uncertain and hard paths for the main character. A lot of new substance and novelty for a movie of this genre in my opinion. Movies such as Resident Evil are a type specifically to feed the box office, a movie where the franchise loses its value and its sense at the same time.
  19. Mia09

    Mia09 Member

    How about series?
    Walking dead.
  20. Fernandorom890

    Fernandorom890 New Member

    My favorite zombie movie has to be World War Z i liked it all the special effects and the history.
  21. arleau35

    arleau35 New Member

    I guess I am an old dude now and this may prove it.My favorite zombie movie is The Return of the Living Dead from 1985.It's got The Cramps Surfin' Dead on the soundtrack and it fits the movie perfectly(GREAT SONG).I think this movie still holds up today.
  22. lynsana

    lynsana New Member

    i love TRAIN TO BUSAN. korean movies is way better that english movie.
  23. Wolfiend

    Wolfiend Member

    3 movies come to mind. In no particular order of course.
    1. World War Z
    2. Zombieland
    3. Train to Busan
  24. mibridina2001

    mibridina2001 Member

    W O R L D W A R Z ! ! ! ! !
  25. raffff

    raffff New Member

    World War Z is my favorite, although the ending is not that good.
  26. kianezoe

    kianezoe New Member

    I love The Walking Dead
    Their looks like real zombies
  27. Lasheen123

    Lasheen123 Member

    My favourite is World War Z
  28. clairebalubal

    clairebalubal Member

    I love Train to Busan and Resident evil. What I love about train to busan is the love of the father for his child. A father can do everything to protect his child even if it means dying. In Resident Evil, I was amazed how bad ass Alice was. She is not the typical girl who will run away from freaking things but rather face them bravely.
  29. ItsMazohra

    ItsMazohra Member

    The Girl with all the Gifts 2019
  30. BettyLaFea

    BettyLaFea New Member

    Way back i really admire The walking dead. It's a soap opera/drama that is a able to bring in male and female viewers. It's not too serious and is fun to watch. But viewership thereafter started slipping, others said that this is due to the story is no longer about walking dead anymore. But still a good zombie movie for me.

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