Favourite comfort food?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Angelique93, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Angelique93

    Angelique93 New Member

    Recently I feel like I might be getting sick and I was wondering whether you guys had some sort of favorite comfort food that you always get back to when feeling under the weather. My go-to comfort meal is usually chicken soup - preferably made by my mum, but storebought chicken ramen noodles will do in times of desperation, haha. Or, you know, any kind of warm soup. Do you guys have some dishes or recipes you'd like to recommend?
    (Forgive me if this isn't the right thread, but I don't think there is a separate subforum for food-related content?)
  2. bikay1

    bikay1 New Member

    My favorite comfort food is a dish made with pasta and a sauce of hot italian sausage, peppers, onions, and tomatoes, and usually topped with some parmesan cheese. I never learned the name of the recipe but it was given to my mother by a friends Italian grandmother.
    It tastes delicious and reminds me of my mom and home :)
  3. MaggieBee

    MaggieBee New Member

    I'm just getting over a cold, and I have to admit, chocolate ice cream was my go-to comfort food every day. It's easy to eat, soothing to a sore throat, and of course, most importantly, it's delicious. Not the healthiest option, but when you're sick and you can barely get up off the couch, sometimes it's okay to have a treat!
  4. Caramel_Queen20

    Caramel_Queen20 New Member

    My favorite comfort food is ice cream. I love it because it has high sugar content, which makes me sleepy when I consume too much of it. It good for when you just want to eat and sleep lol.
  5. MmClavel1890

    MmClavel1890 New Member

    My favorite comfort food are desserts! Any kind of desserts will do, because it release my stressed, it makes me happy and energetic again. But I still make sure that I don't eat too much because it is not also healthy and we do have a history of diabetes so I really need to control my sweet tooth all the time. But still Food is LIFE!
  6. latinashaila

    latinashaila New Member

    My favorite comfort food are chcolate, burgers and Ice cream. This is also my happy food. Everytime I'm stress I always look for this to make me happy.
  7. Miski345

    Miski345 New Member

    When I'm sick, I want "Milky Toast" (heat up milk with some salt, butter, and pepper, toss in an egg and let it cook for a few, pour it into a bowl over a piece of toast). My mother made it for my when I was a child and it still brings me great comfort to this day. When I'm sad or sorrowful or anything else, my go to comfort food is homemade cheesecake. My family refers to me as the Cheesecake Queen. I actually ended up with three sets of springform pans a few christmases ago.
  8. IWriteTheStuff

    IWriteTheStuff New Member

    My favorite is definitely a Hot Fudge Cake from Shoney's Restaurant. For those of you not familiar with it, the Shoney's Hot Fudge Cake is made up of two square chocolate cake patties with square slab of vanilla ice cream in the middle. It's topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Oh, and it's smothered with glorious hot fudge. One bite, and your eyes roll to the back of your head!
  9. Yanivosso

    Yanivosso New Member

    My favorite comfort food is definitely a massive hamburger with tons of cheese and bacon , with a side of sweet potato curly fries with blue cheese souce on top and some barbecue pork ribs for the starter and for dessert I would like fried banana in a crape with Nutella and fried ice cream
  10. elaeva66

    elaeva66 New Member

    Tacos or nachos any day. Absolutely love them and would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could. Also, a really spicy curry...nothing beats it!
  11. I_L_M

    I_L_M New Member

    I love all kinds of sweet & sour fruits. :)
  12. strangefuzz

    strangefuzz New Member

    My favorite comfort food would be a burger. you can buy it on any fastfood and it has that taste of satisfaction. the patty and bun. whatever special sauce they put into it, a burger is really good. i grew up eating on fast casually and i always bought burgers. along with fries and a softdrink, you can be satisfied already. there are lots of burger selling establishments nowadays. it's good for business. i can anywhere i want because a burger will always be burger for me. give me a burger, i'm simple man and i'll eat it.
  13. MommaDill

    MommaDill New Member

    That is an easy one for me. I love homemade chocolate chip cookies made with real butter and no nuts. I have baked more dozens than I can count. My daughter is a freshman in college this year and I just sent a care package full of homemade chocolate chip and M&M cookies to her. She shared them with her friends. She said one girl just sat there and cried and said I really needed this today. So I think there is no better way to say I love you than with a good old cholate chip cookie.

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