Favourite Genre

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Favourite Genre

  1. Action

  2. Adventure

  3. Comedy

  4. Crime

  5. Drama

  6. Fantasy-Sci Fi

  7. Horror

  8. Thriller

  9. Mystery

  10. Romance

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  1. ZeniusS

    ZeniusS New Member

    What's your favourite movie genre?
  2. Kakazulfian

    Kakazulfian New Member

    I love action movies. I like it because I like fight scenes, when I watch action films the genre always makes me tense. I am always amazed when I see the actions of the actors. When there is a murder scene it always looks real.
  3. ftmabalot

    ftmabalot Member

    I enjoy watching everything but my favorite is the thriller movies. Suspense movies that will take you at the edge of your seats. Suspense thriller movies that will make you think and guess what will happen next. My favorite so far are korean thrillers and also the movie Split.
  4. nirih

    nirih New Member

    I like to watch movies of different genres. It depends on the mood
  5. JSP1109

    JSP1109 New Member

    I love watching thriller movies. Especially with my siblings. We would shout in every scene that is scary. While watching, we would talk and talk and tell the actors they should have done it this way or something. Which makes us feel we know better. Haha.
  6. Rissaduhaylungsod

    Rissaduhaylungsod New Member

    I love to watch comedy movie genre with my friends, family or even I`m alone because it is so funny and dramatic as well. There are three things why i love comedy movie genre. First, it gives you a happy moment and a stress reliever for me. Second, so much laugh trip and cannot control yourself to laugh widely. And the third one is the story behind all the laughs and drama of the movie especially to the writer of the story.
  7. JoelCasia

    JoelCasia New Member

    The movie genre that I highly prefer is comedy. One of the reasons why I like comedy movies is because they bring me and my family closer. Every other night, we lend a bit of our time, we sit on the couch, we watch a funny movie, we laugh and then have a conversation afterward. Our family doesn't talk much because my mother is always busy. Watching comedy movies relieve our stress and are the perfect bonding for our family
  8. zsaramaribianca

    zsaramaribianca New Member

    I don't really like watching movies because I have the attention span of a gold fish but when I do, I tend to watch Comedy. The rare times that I watch movies are the times that I'm also sad or feeling some extreme emotions, that is why I tend to choose movies that can make me laugh and make my mood better :)

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