Filipinos are Depressed

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    Mental health issues are like myths here in the Philippines; it's like Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus, the difference is Mr. Claus is more important than a bipolar person. When someone a Filipino is suffering from ANY kind of mental illness, he/she will be branded as "crazy" or in tagalog, 'baliw' . I'm telling you the truth. There are instances when a mentally challenged patients are put in a make-shift wooden prison, sometimes they were labeled as cursed. Why? Because Filipinos does not have enough education on mental health awareness.

    A Filipino priest said in his homily that people who are committing suicides are being lured or being affected by demon. To think that he can actually affect other people's decision on a daily basis is just plain STUPID. I really can't understand how an opinion leader can say those words without gathering information or knowing the real cause of the suicides happening around here.

    A lot of Filipinos deny their illness because of the fear of isolation and the fear of not being understood. The word "psychologist" can be compared to the name of 'Hitler", as for why? Simply because if you are diagnosed by psychologist as mentally ill, half of your friends will disappear like a bubble. Others will treat you differently. Others will look at you differently, like you were the first victim of the plague.

    So how are the people of the Philippines? All I can say is Filipinos are depressed. Listening to someone would help a lot. It would give them hope and would give them at least second thoughts on being isolated or worst, ending their life.

    A bill was recently passed regarding mental health awareness, I was very relieved. I can somehow breathe... The next step would be reaching out to the people who doesn't understand a thing about mental health.

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