First book you ever read?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Invictus01, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Invictus01

    Invictus01 New Member

    They say your first book read from cover to cover pours massive ingredients to you mental factory. whats yours
  2. Nazroth

    Nazroth Member

    The first book I have ever read is entitled "The Alchemist". It definitely kicked started my love for novels and books. It was after this book that I realized that words in a pages can touch your heart directly.
  3. Adrienne Lessie

    Adrienne Lessie New Member

    I believe the first book I read was, Tailypo. I was in Kindergarten when I read this tale, gave me nightmares for weeks. It definitely brought about my love to read and write horror stories/books. The thrillers and chills are what gets my heart pumping. Which led me to Goosebumps, those stories were the true fuel to my wild imagination and where my love of reading picked up.
  4. GanduraChururut

    GanduraChururut New Member

    "The Fault In Our Stars" is the first book that I read and it definitely inspired me. The novel is all about a cancer patient who fell in love with another cancer patient. At first, I didn't like the novel because I was used to having cliche love stories but after reading the book, it made me realize that love comes in all forms. It also made me aware that not all stories end in happy endings. I actually cried when I read the last line of the novel.
    "The world is not a wish-granting factory." was the quote that deeply touches my heart because it change my way of thinking. I guess one of the things that made this novel a page turner is that the author, John Green, knows how to tap the emotions of his readers. After reading the novel, I learned to respect each person since everyone of us has different problems that we face everyday. The world is not a perfect happy place but there are some people who try to make it a better one.
  5. yhan0124

    yhan0124 New Member

    My very first book that I read was Goldilock and the three bears. It brings good memories to my childhood every time I see this story or the book. I really adored the bear house and goldilocks back then. I am wishing also back then to have a home near in the forest so that I can be lost on it to find a bear house same as goldilocks did.
  6. SandraKim

    SandraKim New Member

    The first book that I personally bought and read is the SECRET GARDEN by Frances Hodgson Burnett. What is fascinating about that book is the mystery of the secret garden and the key that was buried 10 years ago. The main characters brought me back to my childhood years.
  7. Jreshard91

    Jreshard91 New Member

    The first book I ever read was a little engine that could, if I could honestly remember correctly.
  8. Richorific

    Richorific New Member

    The first books that I read are the school books which are science book down to the mathematics book and other educational purposes. Those books are very good in reading when you are starting to explore the world. But the first sci-fiction book that I read was the "Inferno" by Dan Brown. It is the first ever book that I read where there is no picture in it. Before I only read when there is pictures in the book which would be comic books. This book entitled "Inferno", I'm having a struggle when reading it for the first time. I don't have inkling about those profound words. So I keep having my mini-dictionary and not knowing one word that struck me was the word the is a name of place and you can find plenty of it when you go over the book. The worst part is that I keep on searching it to many dictionaries in our library. And in the end I couldn't find it so my last option was the Internet. And there I have been justified by the word. This was my greatest struggle in reading a book for the first time where there are no pictures to portray the contents. But what I have discovered is the great imagination that we have as a human being. We were gifted by this talent which is we can view in our minds on what the words are telling us. All of our senses can be use when we start reading those words in the book. In the book which is "Inferno", it is about how we can shape the world around us although there are some contents that are quite disturbing and I've search it. And it was the greatest fascination I have in the places and the happenings of the book's content. I perceive it as a complimentary of the greatest artwork which are books most especially the sci-fictional ones, that no matter what the content are unfolding there is always a lesson behind it. And for me the non-illustrational book which I first ever read is telling me that no matter how hard we see the world in the future. We can make a difference behind it and when we do and we fail. The great thing is that we can learn is at least we've try our very best to achieve it. So try and fail but don't fail to try.
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  9. migsmats

    migsmats New Member

    I remember the first book I ever read was from Wattpad. It's called "Secret Admirer" and I was so addicted to it. I wake up early in the morning in hopes of an update from the author. I even printed all of it so I can read it over and over again. Now grown up, the story now seemed immature and ridiculous, I can't even read a couple of chapters from it. It must be because I've read so many great stories already and it just doesn't compare to any of those. But I started reading because of it. I went from Wattpad stories to Harry Potter books, Rick Riordan books, and so on. I became addicted to the fantasy genre and I was consumed by it. Reading is the best thing that ever happened to me.
  10. jayceegasa

    jayceegasa New Member

    Harry Potter. These books really got me hooked up on reading. I am really not fund of reading though I am good at school. Back then, we don't have computers at school. We were really relying on reference books for information. But when my classmate introduce me to the very first Harry Potter book, the sorcerer stone, I never stop reading it.

    I really saved up my allowance so I can buy the remaining books that my classmate don't have yet. I only borrowed the first 4 books at her but as I get to the fifth book, we were not classmates anymore. And she said she does not have the fifth book yet.

    Since then, I establish my likings on reading books. Harry Potter set the tone on me and made me see the wonders of reading. How it can take you to places you don't even know possible. Not that it really exist, but reading something that has a good narrative, the imagination is endless.
  11. rubylyndivi

    rubylyndivi New Member

    The first book that I read is an english book where there are many short stories for young kids. One of those stories tells about the life of Daniel while a young lad when he was brought in as a captive.
    During his days in the king's court, he never forgot the lessons that his mother and father had taught him..
  12. inaramid

    inaramid New Member

    It was a book of bible stories. That was the closest thing to a storybook that we had in the house when I was growing up. (My dad wasn't a great believer in the utility of books.) To this day, I remember the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah and the ark, and Solomon and the baby debacle solely through that book.

    The first book that I read by choice was "Appointment with Death" by Agatha Christie. I still remember the first line: "You do see, don't you? That she's got to be killed?" From that point onward, I was hooked.
  13. Kiko123

    Kiko123 New Member

    The first book that I read was Moby Dick by Herman Merville. The book itself taught me how to cope up in the challenges in our life. The Whale itself symbolizes how the thing we will encounter in our life. Daily struggles and anything you will need. The story is great and it may change your perspective to life :)

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  14. Saba Khan

    Saba Khan New Member

    The first book I ever read was Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens.... I don't really remember the story but yes I do remember that I was so enchanted and infatuated by it that I finally found the part that was missing from my life..... Books..... They completed me in a way nothing else could... And this began a life long relationship with books....
  15. Noli Pangda

    Noli Pangda New Member

    Hannibal. Hannibal is my first and one of my most favorite books. In my manifestation of this obsession, I've read all the books, not once or twice, but three times, and I am planning to reread this series again. Not only that, I've all the films, including the series. Hannibal brings out the thinker in you, and even some darker sides that you thought could not exist or even contemplate of reenacting, he is also an artist, so it really just speaks to my biases like God does to His people. I find the plot darkly magical. Dark, because he is a sociopath that murders and eats his victims, and magical because you get to see that even in his most monstrous state, only a woman brings out his most human, and vulnerable self. I am mesmerized by this, I am still captivated by the story's premise. The intellectual conversations will keep you on your toes, and the scenes would lead us to believe that a human being like Hannibal, his humor, most especially, Hannibal, his humor, most especially, his most twisted thoughts present an individual that children should not model, but learn and to study from. Just maintain caution as this book may lead you to a perspective not worth taking if your disposition is not strong enough. You have warned.
  16. jojolan

    jojolan New Member

    My first book was Clifford the Big Red Dog, because six year old me wasn't about to read Wuthering Heights. We had a reading log in first grade; everyone was required to read 15 minutes everyday. So that's how my reading experience began. Later, I got into the Baby-Sitters Club. Then I found Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, and I'm still reading..
  17. ImHereToHelp

    ImHereToHelp New Member

    I have read a lot of books in my life,but "Looking for Alaska" made me feel like I was reading for the first time.John Green did a very good job with this book,it's a book I recommend to everyone.
    I hope I helped you,have a good day!
  18. Bitrate

    Bitrate New Member

    Harry Potter... I used to hate books and fall asleep once I saw a large text. This series of books literally grabbed my hand and didn't want to leave me for a whole month.
    Since then I have read many other books but Harry Potter will be forever in my heart.
  19. Raymund

    Raymund New Member

    The first book I read was written by Sir Napoleon Hill in titled Think and Grow Rich. That book help me a lot especially the maturity of my decision making. I highly recommend this book to you guys if want to be a successful businessman or want be inspired read it as your guide. This book is a masterpiece!
  20. RewriteFiction

    RewriteFiction New Member

    A book called Cliff Hanger, an adventure story of a group of kids going to camp. I can say now that I'm an avid rock climber and a camp worker, so clearly the book has had some impact!
  21. jenteo

    jenteo New Member

    In my childhood years, I've remembered reading Tarzan as one of my first books. It is a story of a human being who was being orphaned in a jungle in Africa and was raised by a family or a clan of apes. He was loved and taught a lot of things, basically on how to live in a jungle as their kind. His peaceful world was turned upside down by an arrival of a human expedition, and the revelation that he is one of their kind.
  22. twiggz247

    twiggz247 New Member

    The Phantom Tollbooth. I was required to read it in an honors English class in 3rd grade. I loved it and preceded to read it another 3 times. It really helped build my love of reading. The whole store was about a boy named Milo who was bored out of his mind with all the things he owned, and then the Tollbooth appears in his room (he assumes it was a new toy), and it takes him to a world of words and math with a snarky clock-dog named Tock. The story made words fun since they were considered food, currency and commodities in this fantasy world. Thinking about the right words would literally get Milo out of sticky situations and eventually save the world.
  23. Vince Jaren

    Vince Jaren New Member

    The first book that I read was written by Robert Ludlum. He is a good author. He introduces and describes every scene in story the way that you will be thrilled and enticed to finish the book. For me, he is one of the good fiction writer. I like his styles of writing fiction stories.
  24. mjoseph

    mjoseph New Member

    The first book that I actually read was Sun Tzu's Art of War in english. It is actually an ancient chinese military book made made a couple of millenniums ago. It described actual strategic warfare and military tactics that is useful in combat, especially if you are conquering a country or empire. Though it may be draining to read such book, it is, nonetheless, enlightening and profound such that each quotes and instructions can be applied in everyday rumble of today's modern society.
  25. geethu16

    geethu16 New Member

    The first book or books I read was Rumplestiltskin and Sleeping Beauty.Both books were gifted to me by my uncle for my birthday when I was 7 or 8 years old.I liked Sleeping Beauty better as the fairytale ending always made me smile when I read them.The books opened a new world of reading to me as I never read books before as a hobby and these stories will always have a special place in my heart.:)
  26. Soraya Bowie

    Soraya Bowie New Member

    The first book I ever read on my own from start to finish was 'Welcome To Dead House' by R.L Stine. From then on I fell in love with the Goosebump books and I read all of them throughout my childhood. The Goosebump books are what made me fall in love with all things horror.
  27. shieya28

    shieya28 New Member

    The very first book that I read is 'Nancy Drew Mystery Stories: The Hidden Staircase' by Carolyn Keene. Nancy Drew is a teenage, amateur detective that solves mysteries. I was fascinated with her skills in solving cases and you might not want to put the book down once you started reading it.
  28. barbaracorotanhome

    barbaracorotanhome New Member

    this was "The Little Prince". The best fiction story i had encountered. It started with just some imaginations and dreams. but after a decayed. I realized that those where facts that will guide you into growing up. How you want to be and how it can be.
  29. missmacashuung

    missmacashuung New Member

    Although I read voraciously as a young child, most of what I read I simply remember as part of a series - all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, the Bobsey Twins, Nancy Drew and a series of books on historical events and figures that we checked out at school. But the first specific book I remember receiving and reading was a book titled "Bright April" , about a black girl named April. In our elementary school we had no black children, and I was so delighted to have a storybook friend who was black. As I look back on it now (and this book dates from the 1940s), the author of this book depicted April as a girl just like me. I do not recollect the story line at all, but I have always been grateful that I had this exposure to something other than the Uncle Remus type of fictional characters.
  30. josielmld

    josielmld New Member

    " Jane Eyre " As far as I remember it is the first book I read although I do not exactly understand it because I was 8 or 9 years old who born on Asian country but I that book for me is valuable for me. A book which I kept and reading and reading again. Another thing is That book was a gift for me by a friend whose a missionary thanks for her she let my childhood meaningful!

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