First game you ever finished?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by EasyDeasy, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. EasyDeasy

    EasyDeasy New Member

    I finished my first game when I was 10. That, I think, was back in 2004 when I was still in grade school.

    It was a role-playing game -- Suikoden II -- and it was a masterpiece. I remember finishing it just right after lunch (I had to delay fighting the final boss because mom called me over to eat at the kitchen table). Looking back, I find it strange that of all the games I played, the first one I would finish was an RPG. Like, why not a fighting game? That would have been relatively easier to play through.

    But thinking about it, maybe it had to be an RPG. I wouldn't have had the willingness and dedication to finish a game I wasn't invested in, and an RPG was just the right type of game to immerse me in a world where I could lose myself and just play all day. This I can't say the same to a fighting game like Tekken or Street Fighter, where battles happen in quick rounds and stories are presented to you on the get-go. RPGs demanded to be experienced, and that I think was why I ended up finishing one.

    How about you? I'm curious about other people's experiences.
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  2. warpjay

    warpjay New Member

    The first game I truly finished was the first game of the Monster Hunter franchise. It was epic I had to battle the last boss for almost an hour and finishing the game took me almost a year but it was satisfying at the end of it. I remember that I played it on the original ps2 and it was fun. Although there are new games being released today and new iterations of the monster hunter franchise I would never forget the first game that I completed was monster hunter
  3. keen2write

    keen2write New Member

    I completed the Mario and Sonic games on the NES and MegaDrive. I use to be a wizz at gaming these days just far to busy to play games. I may actually start playing the odd game or 2.
  4. KenjiSanglay04

    KenjiSanglay04 New Member

    I belive it was SUPER MARIO in gameboy color advance. It is just a console game wayback I think 2007? almost 11 years from now and I still remember that crazy game you need to get power ups (some crazy mushrooms ,stars, and flowers) that will help to boost you in to end the stage.
  5. jets008

    jets008 New Member

    The first game that I have finished was pokemon red version. I also got all the first 151 pokemons. The feeling that I got was so fulfilling. I made trades with my friends just to have them all and it was awesome as a kid back then.
  6. jkim1494

    jkim1494 New Member

    Does anyone of you here knows Contra? The game with 2 men wearing blue and red pants then they're bringing their guns with them. I played that game with my cousins way back 2002-2005, I think. And we really cannot finish that game because it was difficult and long. Before we reach the boss, we already run out of life. Haha

    Then last year, I tried searching for this game on Playstore, hoping that they made an Android version of this like what they did to other classic games. Fortunately, I found it! I was so happy but while I was playing it, I realized that even if my character was hit with a bullet or fall from a cliff, it's still alive! Alright! My character was immortal! LOL. So was able to finish the game within a couple of hours.
  7. Khsas

    Khsas New Member

    It was Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes from the Play Station Portable. It is a fighting game which includes most of the characters from the Naruto franchise. It has 6 stages and when you beat that stage, you unlock the boss character in that stage that you are in. It's a pretty fun game.
  8. Pearl000

    Pearl000 New Member

    I finished my first game when i was 7 yrs. old and it was super mario game with luigi. this game is very familiar to children. It is very addictive and time consuming game ever. It teach you have to deal challenges and teach you to be strong and to be more potential in dealing challenges.
  9. yeeshin11

    yeeshin11 Member

    Super Mario. I am proud that I finish this game because it is not that easy. All levels are challenging that's why I cant explain the feeling the moment that I finish this game.
  10. mbgd1010

    mbgd1010 New Member

    First game I finished took me 4 years! And what game you ask? Pokemon Red and yea i suck that bad.
  11. ps007

    ps007 New Member

    Hahaha! This is really nostalgic. The 1st game I ever finished is the Uncanny X-Men from the 80's that I first tried back in the early 90's. This is a group adventure game where you could play as either Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Dazzler, or Nightcrawler in a mission to bring down Magneto. I definitely love playing as Colossus because of his power's parameter that clears all surrounding opponents. Though its downside is you have to be near your target to hit it. I still play it up to this date in my lappie! Hahaha!
  12. Jesaiah23

    Jesaiah23 Member

    The first game i ever finish is Duke Nukem 3D. This game is a complete package because of its adventure, horror and action, you will be addicted once you play this game. it has many secret place and new weapon to use to defeat the aliens. Many are still waiting for the sequel of the game. I hope that they will release a new game.
  13. pamz-IZg3

    pamz-IZg3 New Member

    the first ever game i finished would be NES Zelda.. the adventure of link trying to save princes zelda.. all in pixel graphic.. i remember I used to beg my mother so that she would let me play my console.. and I'd sit on it and played it for hours and hours daily. thinking about it make me remember how satisfied I am playing a 2D pixelized games.. and e stuck on it for hours and hours.. while this days, my nephew and niece have androids and ipads and still not contented with what they have.. i can't even remember when they become contented and actually finish a game they own.. kids now once they get bored they throw away.. once they saw something new, they beg so that you'd buy them the new one..

    recently I tried to install most of the retro games I owned to my android.. amazingly it works perfectly same as the old days with less hassle of the console and the television..
  14. The first game ive been finished is a Yu Gi Oh in gameboy nitendo. Its so enjoying playing it even thought some opponent you compete is hard to win. I have lots of Yu Gi Oh cards in that games the more you win and beat the opponent the more strong cards you use. I just one thing i never tried in that game is to use the legendary card because i dont know how to use it. If ever i will played it again i wish i will use the legendary card.
  15. New Member

    Mhh, come to think of it, I think the first game I ever finished must have been Maniac Mansion by Lucasfilm games. A popular game from the Nintendo console dealing with a bunch of high schoolers. I don't really remember which character I used to pick, but I remember the emotion of solving the puzzles and the beauty and atmosphere of each setting. Really a great game that inspired me to continue playing RPG's eventually.
  16. aaronmagahis

    aaronmagahis New Member

    As far as I can remember, the first game I ever finished playing was Final Fantasy X. This game have the best, if not the best, storyline ever. The character development is fascinating, the computer generated imagery scenes, the plot is very fascinating. I remember that I cried at the end of the game because I got really attached to it. The characters in-game builds a relationship to the players. I hope that everyone have played this game, if not, then I recommend you playing this game.
  17. Jeg-m3tq

    Jeg-m3tq New Member

    Probably this is a boring answer, but my first finished game is Mario Kart 64. Back when I was young, for some reason I was really afraid to play games where your character could "die". Since I could only lose by getting the last place in Mario Kart 64, I was not afraid to play this game.
  18. Arslanxdsd

    Arslanxdsd New Member

    The first game I ever finished was the Little Big Planet Game for the PS Vita. Little Big Planet is a plat-former adventure game developed by Santa Monica studios features your own custom sack character on a great adventure and creativity a must play games. The game doesn't really have that much of story but the interesting game play and a lot of good feature makes up for it. It has a very optimize controls that is very good for the play station vita. It has a very good theme and fun.

    The game doesn't take too long to accomplish but it had a decent amount of hours to play into. The characters that you'll encounter are very unique with their story and character design that feature unique story elements. The game is not that hard to finish but the hard mode levels might be a little challenging considering its game play. The bosses are also unique per level and you will have a good time figuring out ways on how to beat the bosses of the game and even at hard mode.

    After finishing the games it is still not over since you can play the multiplayer parts and make your own mini game. The after game elements is nicely done that will keep you back playing random maps. Making your own map is also part of the must do activity here because experimenting on terrain, traps and enemies is really fun. Overall I would recommend people trying out this game and finish it till the end game because it is really fun to play on all day. End game is also fun so you will not stop playing it even after the main story is done.
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  19. Aleksaaa998

    Aleksaaa998 New Member

    Grand theft auto Vice City was my first game that i finished. When i got my first computer(it was terrible) i immediately installed grand theft auto Vice City and Counter Strike 1.6. I was playing that game for over a year. Back then the game was a masterpiece, i enjoyed playing it with my friends. The storyline was great and the graphics back then was amazing so it was best game ever! When i finally finished the game i was sad, but not for long i started again and again... Even now just by seeing something about that game, it makes me so happy and i feel like a child again.
  20. ramelr

    ramelr New Member

    First game i finished was crash bandicot it was when i was way younger and played on the playstation 1.
  21. hunterbdean

    hunterbdean New Member

    Oh, man. I really can't even remember. I guess technically, it would have been one of those, like, single-game handheld deals that used to be a lot more common haha. In terms of real games, though, I think it was Resident Evil: Survivor. Great game, btw, if you're into the RE games!
  22. Onoda

    Onoda New Member

    Oh man, I love this. I started playing the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) when I was about three y/o. I don't really remember it, but my mother told me so many stories of me jumping with Mario as I made my way through the levels. Mind you, I didn't finish the original Mario bros game at three, but that's probably the first game I played and eventually leading to being the first game I actually finished. I was fortunate to have a stay at home Mom that was all about video games. Love you, Mom <3

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