First thing you do after waking up?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by ivan_17, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. CarrotBunny

    CarrotBunny New Member

    First thing I do is check to see if I have notifications on my phone, just to see if I have any, but I usually just check the app icons, and not actually read them?
    So next I'll go back to sleep for about 30 minutes.
    Then I wake up, take my dogs to the bathroom, and when I get back inside I actually look closer at the notifications on my phone and open the ones I'm interested in.
    Then I eat breakfast while I watch a show or youtube.~ :3
  2. alphaandromeda

    alphaandromeda New Member

    i go pray and then sleep again if there's enough time to take a rest before going to campus
  3. encrzjvnl

    encrzjvnl New Member

    First thing I do when I wake up is to open my eyes and look around, then pray to God and look at my phone to check if there are important messages or calls
  4. oussbr07

    oussbr07 New Member

    i look at my phone first
  5. mdharyf

    mdharyf New Member

    Since I am a fashion blogger , The first thing I do once I wake up is checking my blog to see if my post gained new likes and who started following me .
  6. charmean

    charmean New Member

    First thing I do when I wake up? Get back to sleep! I could sacrifice not eating breakfast before going to school so that I could sleep some more. It is really hard for me to leave my bed and my day was always dragging. My day to day agenda is boring and we have a lot of school works so I always sleep late. Also, I have insomnia so it was really difficult for me to sleep at night. Frankly, I am more active at night than during the day. I tried changing my body clock but it was no avail. Who can relate?
  7. dylanfaust

    dylanfaust Member

    first thing you need to do when you wake up is to pray with God, because you are alive again and you breath., but nowadays people wake up in the morning to check if there is a message in their phone.
  8. Ojuksfrank

    Ojuksfrank New Member

    after waking up I take my phone to use my morning devotion guide which after reading through it and praying I them gro straight to get my toothbrush cos I hate smelling mouth then I boil hot water for a bath at the same time I clean up the house but work
  9. teri84

    teri84 New Member

    First thing I do after waking up is I immediately open my laptop to check for my notification to my e-mail's and notification of some online books that I currently reading. I also checked my FB account if there's chat or reply of the messages that I've sent the day before.
  10. alemrac0017

    alemrac0017 New Member

    I pray first to thank God for giving me another chance and another day of My life.
  11. mohdakbar4682

    mohdakbar4682 New Member

    I always hit the snooze button.
  12. jevis665

    jevis665 New Member

    I do the cross sign then after that, i'll go find my cellphone connect on wifi then open facebook , scroll-scroll till i get bored, then get up on the bed, cook sunny side up egg put it on the bread with coffee then boom, back to scroll-scroll no need to take a bath because Im still fresh and clean. After that go out in the house then start walking. That's what i do daily routine
  13. Roseville279

    Roseville279 New Member

    The first thing I do after waking up is to check my emails using my cellphone, to check if I got new task to do
  14. Is to empty my bladder
  15. angeloflight

    angeloflight Member

    First thing I do is to check the time because I do not have an alarm(well because I hate waking up scared) then I cook breakfast and wake my daughter to go to school. Feed her and and send her off to school. After an hour I can finally look at myself and start my day.
  16. konerious

    konerious New Member

    I wake and stay in my bed a little bit pondering what's going to be happening that day, and the next thing is to go on my bended knees and thank God for guiding and protecting me through the night and to give me a brighter day today.
  17. Ivan23

    Ivan23 New Member

    First thing that I do when I get up, I turn off alarm on my phone. Than I get up from bed, and go straight for coffee.
  18. gobbledygook

    gobbledygook Member

    I would love to start my day by thanking God for another chance at life but that's not always the case. I do it before I sleep though. The first thing I do when I wake up is to check my phone to see if there are new messages.
  19. Rejoyce

    Rejoyce Member

    I pray first thing I do in the morning is to pray. I thank God that I'm still alive. When we sleep, there's always no guarantee that we'll still wake up. So, before anything else, pray.
  20. Hanna08

    Hanna08 New Member

    When I wake up, I'll eat breakfast and then bruh my teeth. After that I will go to the bathroom to have a shower. Thats all that I do and then I will go outside to jog.
  21. prexv

    prexv Member

    Seriously, the first thing I do after waking up is to pick up my phone next to me and check the time just to make sure I didnt overslept and to check any email or messages that is important. Next, tidying up my bed then using the bathroom quick, and head downstairs to eat breakfast while already talking on the phone with my boyfriend before he goes off for work. That's pretty much my usual morning routine.
  22. pceug17

    pceug17 Member

    Check my phone for important notificatomions or email. If it's important, open it. If not, swipe left. After that, i check my money generating apps, I also open my daily log in for bitcoin. If I still have time to spare, I open my games for their own respective daily chest to claim.

    I get up. Fix my bed. Go downstairs. Wash my face. Eat breakfast. That's it!
  23. Jonasaguilar

    Jonasaguilar Member

    There's no one morning routine that works for everyone.

    Maybe yours involves reading the news, or guzzling water, or dancing to pop music in your underwear. No judgment.

    That said, there are certain morning mistakes that can set the stage for an unproductive rest of the day.

    We checked out what scientists and other experts had to say about making the most (and the least) of the first few minutes after you wake up.

    Below, we've rounded up seven common wake-up behaviors that you'll want to avoid.
  24. vricsihun

    vricsihun New Member

    Watch my phone and if anybody messaged me then reply.
  25. maryssmaricar

    maryssmaricar Member

    First thing to do when I wake up is to when I wake up is I check my pulse, pray and be thankful for waking up for another day.
  26. ghabrielle097

    ghabrielle097 New Member

    There are a lot of things we might do when we wake up. Me, i always check my phone of there's notifications or messages from my family and friends.
  27. Mafi

    Mafi New Member

    As embarrassing as it may seem, I always tend to check on my phone despite of knowing that no one chats, texts or calls with me :laugh: It just gives me comfort to have my phone next to me and check what's new on YouTube and Facebook. In some other days wherein I woke up late, I would rush to the kitchen and eat breakfast swiftly.
  28. Len27

    Len27 New Member

    First thing i do after waking up is checking my phone. Checking messages,phone calls and chats.
  29. Jeahan08

    Jeahan08 Member

    I just stay in my for a while for 2 minutes and thanking god for another day. The check my phone , go to comfort room to have mouth wash then go to dining area to eat breakfast with my family.
  30. lilshasha

    lilshasha New Member

    I pray and thank God for waking me up and giving me another day to live. We should pray first before anything else. We should be thankful that God gives us another day to live. It's a blessing that we are still alive despite of everything. A simple "thank you, Lord for waking me up today" is enough to express how much you are thankful to the Lord. After that, you can check your mobile phone, cook food, make coffee, excercise, take a bath and etc. If you start your day talking to God, everything follows. You will have a good day ahead. Make this a habbit.

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