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    If there's one word that can describe what I through as a first-time mom, is this: overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed with love for my little bundle of joy. I wonder how it's possible that something so small can occupy a big space in my heart.
    Motherhood is overwhelming. Especially with my duties as the breadwinner, mother, and wife, all at the same time, I end up neglecting my health, wellness, sanity and happiness in the process.
    I am constantly anxious.
    I feel guilt. I had returned to work right after my maternity leave and every time I leave my baby, whether he's sleeping or awake, my heart breaks. It makes me not want to go to work.
    As a new mom, there are so many responsibilities. I can't be selfish and only think of myself. Every decision I make now includes her and her well-being. Even me-time is compromised by her time table.
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    Cherish and love your child. He or she is a gift from God. Teach him or her what is right and what is wrong . Make them strong so that they can face the world and make their own decisions. Be good to them always.
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    We have to take care our children as well as our health or better to take care our health as much as how we protect our kids. How are we able to protect them if we are unhealthy? If we are sick? Our babies needs us- us mothers, they are our little ducklings that gets wild when we're not around. I urge the mothers to make their health as their top priority as well. That's my realization when I had my baby. I have to be healthy for my son because he needs me more than anybody else- I'm single, lucky for those who have partners. I understand how crazy it gets when you are a mother alongside with different problems in your family or work but through prayers everything will be alright.
  4. Being a first time mother is my harderst part of my life. From being pregnant to being a whole life motherhood is very challenging. It brought me tears and happiness. At first its scary knowing that Im at young age. But Im very thankful to God, He guide me to the right path. Im always praying to Him to overcome the hardship I entered in my life.
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    If mother become first time mom is very trouble in borning the child. There are so many problems created in pregnancy time. Mom should be care to child eating healthy food for good health. The life is very challenging and different types of problems creating that time. We protect to my mother and feed healthy food and fruits. Family work out for mom day and night.
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    Always be grateful to have him or her, she or he is the greatest gift you can ever have. Be a responsible mom and make every moment with him or her special.
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    I agree...

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