Flowers or Chocolate?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by alanamc25, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. alanamc25

    alanamc25 New Member

  2. Marleo

    Marleo New Member

    Flowers i missed my husband giving me flowers when we are just new in our relationship how i wish it would happen again .
  3. tuannguyen96

    tuannguyen96 New Member

    I am a realistic guy and I also look for a realistic girl. On a date, I would definitely choose to give my counterpart chocolate. Flowers, sure, can boost the romance of a date but their spiritual effect will eventually disappear as the flowers can die shortly. Chocolate, on the other, can have both spiritual and material effect on the date. You can still feel the love in the air with a wonderful taste of chocolate.
  4. whatisawig

    whatisawig New Member

    Honestly speaking I will go for chocolate. I don't know but I am not a fan of flowers. I feel like they will just waste the money if they will buy flowers for me since I don't appreciate it. I can give flowers but I don't like to receive it.
  5. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    As a woman I don't need a foot massage or chocolates at all, what I would prefer is a man I go to bed with each night knowing he loves me, not bc he reminds me in fancy gifts or special deeds, but bc I feel it in the way he looks at me, each moment he takes to lean in and kiss me, the little things, like stopping every ten minutes while walking so I can capture a picture of an insect or a flower, I would rather a man involve himself in my interests than surface scratch his way through a relationship
  6. Kinlove17

    Kinlove17 New Member

    Chocolate, in my opinion, is way better than flowers. I love chocolate much more.
  7. tintvmint

    tintvmint New Member

    I prefer flowers rather than chocolates because i do not want to get fat. It also makes it very special when it comes to the one you loved.
  8. ZSDayag

    ZSDayag Member

    Well, I'm not really into sweets so I'll go for flowers rather than chocolates. And I love gardening so when someone gives me flowers, I regrow it sometimes.
  9. blueflowers

    blueflowers New Member

    I prefer flowers. I can buy my own chocolate (and do haha), but I don't buy myself flowers so it feels extra special when someone buys them for me. It also can be really sweet when a partner does it for you or when your family gets it for your birthday. Also, flowers can be expensive! So it's like getting a gift. Someone once surpised me with flowers for no reason, there was no event or anything to celebrate, and it was so sweet I still remember it.
  10. dwill277

    dwill277 New Member

    Flowers are a sweet gesture and I would feel honored if anyone were to give them to me. I truly do not believe you can go wrong with flowers unless the person receiving it is allergic. My favorite flower is the sunflower and if someone were to give me a bouquet of them, I would feel very special. Finding out a person's favorite flower and going out of your way to get them is much more sentimental than going with the typical dozen roses in my opinion.

    However, if I had to chose I would prefer chocolate! I consider myself a foodie, and I can't eat flowers. If someone were to bring me my favorite chocolate brand unprompted on any random day, I would feel so touched and important in their lives. It really shows how much you care when you take into account a person's interests and preferences with gifts, even the smallest ones.
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  11. postermichelle

    postermichelle New Member

    I prefer flowers to chocolate, but I assume you're asking because you're trying to decide which to give to somebody. If that's the case, I'd consider the recipient. Are they a fan of sweets? Are they trying to lose weight? Do they have a garden or plants around the house? The best gifts are those that are thoughtful and considerate.
  12. chrisjjf24

    chrisjjf24 New Member

    On a date, I would definitely choose to give my counterpart chocolate. You can still feel the love in the air with a wonderful taste of chocolate.
  13. senshin19

    senshin19 New Member

    Flower is beautiful but chocolate is delicious. I prefer chocolates, aside from I love eating chocolates, I'm not really into flowers. It's not that I dont like flowers, I just preferred to receive food and I'm just being practical. Flowers and chocolate almost the same in price, chocolates could get you full and can share it to your siblings or friends while flowers can just be displayed .
  14. elirose7890

    elirose7890 Member

    Flowers represent the beauty and chocolate is satisfying to the human body. One of my favorite is eating chocolates, any kind of chocolates. I feel like girls like chocolate more than they like flowers, right girls? Flowers are beautiful, they smell nice, they look pretty, someone has picked them out for you and they brighten up your house. On the downside they can be expensive, they are a really personal thing, so if you get them wrong it can be a disaster and lastly, it’s always sad to throw out dead flowers. Chocolates are tasty, decadent, colorfully wrapped happy foods with more joy than you could shake a stick at and they feel like such a treat. Obviously, it only lasts as long as you can stop the temptation, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
  15. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    both Flowers and Chocolate more sweetness more beauty that's how colorful love is
  16. Audhie

    Audhie New Member

    I'm laughing when I read this thread. I remember my conversation with my girlfriend a couple years ago.
    I gave her flowers on her birthday, she put it on her desk near the couch. the first day in the morning I came to her house surprisingly I see the flower are in the trash can:cry:. Fast forward, in the next year on her birthday, I gave her a small box of chocolate and she put it on the same desk, after a couple hour I drive her home. Surprisingly..(again) all I see is a small empty box of chocolate:eek:
    from that experience, I realize... never give a flower to a girl especially when she's in her house:rolling::D
  17. greenwood88

    greenwood88 New Member

    I would love to give my date chocolates than flowers because first taste last. Flowers will die and decay but chocolates make someone happy and it's easy to buy and no hassles at all.

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