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Discussion in 'Magazine Article Writing' started by ladyleony, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. ladyleony

    ladyleony New Member

    Do like reading Food magazine ?
  2. Abraham Ungria

    Abraham Ungria New Member

    Yes, as long as the Food magazine is not filled too much with advertising but more with relevant articles, tips, stories around the world and of course tons of quality pictures of the food, food preparation, the cook, etc. Also, it would be nice to have the magazine publish relevant material submitted by the readers.
  3. boxxyA22

    boxxyA22 New Member

    I am always attracted to food magazines .. because i love to cook for my family and friends.. Good recipes are given and beautiful pictures captivates my passion of cooking. Food recipes are tested and good to try . Guest chefs and writers are well known and reputable in the food industries. Food magazine is a good source of good food,culture,lifestyle and latest food trending in town.
  4. Rieis

    Rieis New Member

    I love reading food magazines! If I am in a store getting ready to check out and there is a choice between a gossip magazine, or a cooking magazine on the rack, I will pick up the cooking magazine every time. I find thumbing through a food magazine relaxing as I look for new recipes to try. (Not that the kids I foster EVER appreciate it!) The reality is if it isn't hotdogs, hamburgers, or pizza they will make a TRY at passing on dinner. One of my little guys has to have barbecue on everything. :confused: I am constantly looking for new barbecue recipes to make his little face light up.

    I don't stick to just cooking/food magazines though. I also love to sit and watch cooking shows. I'm a big fan of the cooking channel much to the kids dismay. :p I like to watch them all. Rachel Ray, Paula Deen, Top Chef, and so on, and so on. My all time favorite is ... Top Chef Junior. I love watching all those kids, with all their different personalities cook their little hearts out. It blesses me and always makes me smile.
  5. Flordeliza Elloremo

    Flordeliza Elloremo New Member

    Yes, I like reading food magazines, and I love to cook for my family especially every weekend. I'm looking for food recipes for easy cooking and especially dessert. And I really enjoy using food magazines, you see the full ingredients and tips for how to prepare the food you want to cook. And every weekend you see the new recipes. And reading food magazines helps me a lot.

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