Food or Money?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by rechcel, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. rechcel

    rechcel New Member

    What is more important now ? Food or Money?
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  2. Jepoyrains

    Jepoyrains Member

    If your asking what is more important now, money or food? The answer is money. In my province we don't care about money because we have a plenty of food. But now days you need shelter, clothes and many more. That is why the more important is money. If you have money you can buy food or everything you want. People now days rely on money, they live without money. The lifestyle of every person depends on how much money he or she has. Same of how he or she lives. If we return back on old days, maybe money is just nothing but now money is very important.
  3. Romel Apatan

    Romel Apatan New Member

    Straight answer is money in a stable status of economy, but sometimes food is the one we need when calamity strike on our country for what money can do when we are trap in the midst of calamity. but for the sake of fair answer i would love to choose BOTH.
  4. Avia H

    Avia H New Member

    Without a shadow of a doubt, money. Unless we farm livestock and ground provision, we will need money in order to eat. Food can't buy money, but money can most definitely buy food, and a lot of it too. We need money for just about anything we want, goods or services. Money plays a very integral part in our everyday life, so does food; but with enough money, food will not be an issue.
  5. laizamae05

    laizamae05 Member

    Money or Food? this is a hard one I think it depends upon the situation so when a normal life I would choose money because money can buy everything most specially food. And food can make money too if you're going to sell your foods but that would take long so in normal life I would choose money. But when it times of calamity I will choose food because your money will be useless in times of calamity the most important thing is food food food.
  6. ezeey06

    ezeey06 New Member

    The most important thing today is money you can't do anything or buy foods without money. Specially when you are in a urban place like cities. In this areas money is essential for the people who are living there life. Without money for sure you will die today.

    NIGHTF1RE New Member

    The answer to this question depends on what you have or how exactly it is meant. If you can have either food or money but not both, than you clearly want food. However, having enough money realistically means that you will be able to purchase food, along with a number of other things that make you life easier or more comfortable. So unless I am really misinterpretting the question, the answer is definitely food.
  8. avergreen21

    avergreen21 New Member

    The exact answer of that is money. In this time, money is the most valuable thing in this world because it helps to fulfill our desired things. It is not about how materialistic we are, but it is all about we need to cover our basic expenses like food, shelter, important things. Some people don't value money because it is not really necessary to have an exchange with other people or like trading some things, they have said that you should be sharing all the blessings and not like a trading system. From the generation before, food is the most important thing in order to survive life but this present generation values money in order to survive the insecurities and the worst characteristics of the people (like be rich to have a good background).
  9. ran522

    ran522 New Member

    food or money? for me is MONEY :) because if have money you can buy some foods :) and everthing that you need in this life. And now a day money is very important to people to survive from daily life in this world. If you dont have money now a day you i cant live in this world. That is the reason why much better money for me.
  10. chris110193

    chris110193 New Member

    Food ofcourse, There is big difference about need and wants. Need is very important in your life you can't live without it. Wants is just like second option in your life. But for my own opinion, I'll go for food. FOOOOOOODDD!!!! Who else here go for food? click like if you chose food over money.
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  11. Yukiteru

    Yukiteru New Member

    Ofcourse money you cant buy food without money these days money rules everything
  12. jusumortal

    jusumortal New Member

    Many people answered money. I don't disagree. Because money can buy everything including food. Money and the currencies are the reason why we still have food production today. Money is what motivates most of the people in this world to work hard and earn rewards. Money is what motivates farmers to plant crops and raise livestock so we all have something to buy and consume. I'm not saying that money is everything because obviously, one can't eat money or drink money. But the thing here is the production of food and what motivates the producers.
  13. Giselle

    Giselle New Member

    I will choose money because you can’t buy food if you don’t have money. For me, money is the most important thing that we need to have not because we want to be known by other people but because it’s a source of income. Money can turn as to be greedy, but we should always remember that we can live with it in a good way on spending it.
  14. daggy24

    daggy24 New Member

    Like a few other posters, I would definitely say money, because I live in a society where money is necessary to purchase food. Obviously in terms of human biology food is "more" important, but I'm not entirely sure how I would afford to eat without the funds to purchase it. Even if I grow/raise some of my own, I need money to maintain my garden and animals. Like most people, I'm happier when I can afford quality ingredients and not worry about my grocery budget as much. Also, as someone who has experienced both financial security and destitution during my adult life, I can safely say the additional stress that comes about when someone is financially struggling can cause ones health to decline pretty rapidly, which usually adds to the economic burden.
  15. mohamed20022

    mohamed20022 New Member

    No money for food? If you're in this situation you can try to get free food at the food bank or through appropriating food waste. On we have quite a few tips to get food without money. There's no reason to starve if you don't have money. On the contrary. You can ask for food and you can search for food. If you follow some of these tips you might even eat tastier food than if you had bought your food. We'll discuss food banks, dumpster diving, finding food in the wild and even growing food yourself.
  16. chalom

    chalom New Member

    I think money is an essential part of our life. Poverty has been going on for most of the countries and a lot of people are struggling to earn money to support their family or to buy their needs and wants. Nevertheless, with the help of money they could purchase every food they desire.
  17. miki.delrey

    miki.delrey New Member

    For now, money is very important because in today's world everything revolves around money. It's almost nothing is free now. Money is in control...if you have lots of money you have more control over the world around you and if you haven't got one then you are doomed. food is important to keep us alive but food is not free...unless you grow your own food but still it costs money. With money, you can buy food. You can buy shelter, you can buy all the basic needs for survival. That's what makes money much more important than food...
  18. Sherwindelarosa

    Sherwindelarosa New Member

    Food is important for us to leave however, MONEY will buy to all the needs of the people to leave.. so people like us work hard to buy our leaving...
  19. yellowthegreat

    yellowthegreat New Member

    Money of course. You can buy food as long as you have money. But it also depends on the situation, who needs money when you are hungry and stuck in an island?
  20. Aironskie

    Aironskie New Member

    The answer is money ofcourse. Because when you have money you can buy all the food you want. You can satisfy your cravings when you have money. But as a one comment says what if ? You are stuck in an island you cannot buy food there so you will choose food to be able to survive .
  21. joferaileensasuke

    joferaileensasuke New Member

    What is the importance of money in one's life? Can money solve most, if not all, problems in life?Still have a question? Ask your own!What is your question?57 ANSWERSAwdhesh Singh, Director, Author, IITian, Ex-IRS OfficerAnswered May 4 2016 · Author has 3.3k answers and83.3m answer viewsThe importance of money in human life is similar to the importance of food for the body. Just like you can’t live even for a few days without food, you can’t survive for long without money.You can definitely solve most of your problems of life if you have unlimited supply of money. If you have lots of money:-,You won’t be facing basic problems of life like food, water,shelter or clothing. You can buy all items for your comfort like house, Air-conditioners,TV and other household goods to live comfortably.You can engage many servants to take care of you and live like a kingThe only problem is that money does not come just like that to any person by any amount of wishing, praying or wanting. You have to work hard and compete with fellow human beings to earn money as the supply of money is limited in this world but the demand of money is unlimited.Hence, money which is a solution of all problems actually becomes the root of all problems for most people.Most people fail to strike a balance between earning and enjoying money. They believe that more money means more joy. Hence they workday and night; make all sorts of compromises and suffer all types of pain in order to earn money in the hope that they would use this money to enjoy happiness soon. However, for most people, such time never comes and they die unhappy and dissatisfied.
  22. melnun

    melnun Member

    Money is more important than food. Because without money you cant buy food :) But if you mean it from a philisophical point of view then yes... food is more important.
  23. haram

    haram New Member

    According to my personal opinion, it is FOOD.
    I am a foodie kind of person and really like to eat good quality yummy food.
    But as a matter of fact, money can buy you food so money is more important than food in this aspect.
  24. ElGuapo123

    ElGuapo123 New Member

    Unfortunately, the answer is money. Money runs the world these days, nothing is possible without. Even though food is our fuel and depending on how we eat, our mood changes, our body changes, our energy levels change. Somehow people still push that to the side and focus on materialistic things rather than on their own body, the temple which they live in...
  25. Caramel_Queen20

    Caramel_Queen20 New Member

    Food or money? Answer.....FOOD! You need food to survive. Supplying your nutritional needs is more important than the amount of money you have in your bank account. If you are not careful, then you will just use your money to pay doctor bills for getting sick too often or having something that requires an arm and an leg to treat.
  26. HLC522

    HLC522 New Member

    In order to survive we need food, that's just a fact of life. However, in today's society in order to get food, we need money. So the answer to the question on which is more important now, it would be money. Unfortunately the world we live in is not kind to those of us who do not have a lot money and not only can money get you food, but it can get you shelter and clothes as well. Money can also help you buy better quality food, which can improve your health and life, over all. So yes, food is important of course, but money is more important in today's economy because it is the tool we need in order to get food.
  27. Ruth Treveles

    Ruth Treveles New Member

    I choose money. Money can buy food. Practically speaking, money can buy what we need as humans.
  28. eric reyes

    eric reyes New Member

    Money. Money can buy anything except happiness.That's my own opinion. And you can't make money if your stomach is empty. So it always work both ways. But either way, both is very important and can't compare these two. Because we need them to survive.
  29. jamprayer

    jamprayer New Member

    Food is not the only necessity we need in order to live a comfortable life. We need a good shelter to live in, clothes to protect us from the weather, medicine to cure our sickness, etc. and we can only acquire these necessities if we have money to puchase them. In addition, considering today's era almost all transactions are settled through money.
    I am not devaluing the essence of food. It is one of the most vital factors in order for us to live. If you have money in your pocket, especially if its alot of money, you can have the luxury to choose better food, shelter, clothings, etc. So in my opinion, money is more important than food.
  30. For someone who loves to eat, how can I eat all the food that I want if I don't have the money, right? Food is life and money can help you live your life. Nothing's free anymore. We have to work in order for us to have the money to buy the food that we like.
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