Food or Money?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by rechcel, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Erika08

    Erika08 New Member

    When I am bored, I eat.
    When I am happy, I eat.
    When I am sad, I eat.
    But without money, I can't buy food to eat.
  2. Pineapple112233

    Pineapple112233 New Member

    Truthfully saying, it's money since money can buy your necessary things like shelter, education which also includes food. Also, you can help many if you have money. That's why, in our today's world situation, money is important.
  3. vebselpo

    vebselpo Member

    If I were surrounded by many fruit bearing trees, with vegetables, root crops, herbs- any kind of plants that are edible then I think I will no longer need money. I can live a very simple life with just the basic kind of living as long as I have these mentioned kinds of foods around.
  4. Lilytr

    Lilytr New Member

    ... Those aren't mutually exclusive?
    You need money for food. You need food to live. And as far as I know, you need to be alive to make money.
    So I guess money is more important, because it also allows you to have shelter and other necessities?
  5. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    I choose money over food simply because if I have money, I can buy food. I can no longer eat food if I don't have enough money to spend to buy it. Unless I have all the food that I need and want in my garden, then that's the only time I can say that I choose food over money.
  6. kumarsunil123

    kumarsunil123 Member

    Food is very necessary to everyone. Without food we can't live long but money is more importance than food. We purchase every types of by money. We eat food daily and food give us energy to work. When we work hard we need to food not money. So that food is the most importance to everyone's life.
  7. Money is more important than food because how can you provide food and more for yourself and your family if you don't have a penny to spend. You need money to buy food clothing shelter. You need it to pay for the education of your children. You need it to pay for medicines and hospital to ensure the well being of yourself and your family as well. You need money to spend for relaxation for quality time to unwind after a long hard days work.
  8. I want money. Because money can buy anything you like. You can use money in many ways like buying foods, gadgets, clothes, jewelry, vehicle, house and many more. Money also can be use in investing for business. That is the reason why i choose money.
  9. dindodc8888

    dindodc8888 New Member

    Money is important because it means less financial worries. Sure, the wealthy worry too – they worry about losing their fortune, for example. But this is not the same as worrying about being able to put food on the table.
  10. jeda30

    jeda30 Member

    I would choose both because in everyday of our lives, whatever may our situation is, we need food and money. Food gives us energy and nutrients to grow and develop, be healthy and active, to think, learn, work, and move. Money pays everything we need, food, services and things.
  11. AngKool27

    AngKool27 Member

    both, without money you cant buy food and without food you cant work for money to buy food,..
  12. zedph123

    zedph123 New Member

    Who want food instead of money nowadays ? no one. Money is the main source of everything now. you can buy everything including food . money is the most important thing right now, you cant buy food without money , everything now has a cost
  13. Jefferytasos

    Jefferytasos New Member

    Can you buy food without money? Lol
  14. Weszleyyyyy5

    Weszleyyyyy5 New Member

    Food is very essential to us, but the thing is that money is more likely the choice. Money is so diverse when we talk about its benefits. Though, food is also important, money can buy most of our physical needs to proceed with our daily life. Even if you have plenty of food, you cannot have other necessities to keep up with daily life without money.
  15. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    I choose money, haha. How can I buy food if I don't have enough money? In this world where everything's goes around on money, I really had to work a lot in order for me to earn money to sustain my daily daily basic needs most especially the foods. I'm a food lover, but I know I can't have food if I don't have money, so sad. There is no such thing called free launch so work hard and earn money so you can buy foods and enjoy the rest of your days.
  16. iwisting

    iwisting Member

    Definitely, I'll have the money. Why? Well if I have money with me, I can buy food. I'm not saying here that food is not a necessity but hey I have other thing that I need in order to survive especially nowadays.
  17. Robsky

    Robsky New Member

    Money is more important than food. I have three reasons. First, money can buy all of your needs including food. You cannot buy a house or shelter, or even pay for the rent without money. You cannot buy clothes and provide gadgets for yourself to have a better life if you do not have money. Lastly, money is also important in securing our future especially in terms of preparing for college education and post graduate degree. Because of those reasons, I believe that money is more important than food.
  18. mahleen

    mahleen New Member

    Food is better than money in a point of view of a person writing right now when she just had a chicken soup all day and it is almost dinner time. I'm at the point that I'd eat any food delivered at the doorstep. Maybe I'm hungry from the diet I'm in. But food is the actual goods you can get from money. If you had food now, you just eat and satisfy yourself. If you had money now, may it be cash or virtual, you still have to order food wait, pay and then eat. That's like three processes.

    In a wider/general perspective, I'd pick food because why would anyone be saving up money. Humans are created to eat. Money is just another step to achieve the human cycle of eating, shitting, etc.. Food is life they say.
  19. cjmanuel22

    cjmanuel22 New Member

    Waking up one day and realizing that you are broke and have no money for food is a horrible gut-wrenching feeling that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. It stinks not being able to meet the most basic of human needs, to eat.

    First, I’d like to point out the 3 different levels of broke.

    1.) You feel broke after paying bills, but you still have money to make life work. This is a normal feeling that many of us get after a paycheck arrives and leaves just as quickly. Just be mindful of your budget so you don’t rely on credit cards and taking on debt. You may need to stop eating at a restaurant

    2.) You have little money and are cutting costs everywhere you can to squeeze more cash into another budgeted expense like food. This happens to everyone at some point or another. An unexpected expense pops up or something costs more than you originally thought, leaving you tight on cash for a few weeks.

    It’s not a huge deal, you’ll learn from it and can still manage to find something to help your situation if you’re resourceful. Having a so spend chanllengeor doing a pantry challenge can help you to save moneyon groceries and spend elsewhere in your budgets to cover the difference.

    You will be able to find frugal family meals or struggle meals to help stretch the limited funds you have.

    3.) You have absolutely no money what so ever and are to the point of grabbing a piece of cardboard and a marker because you can’t squeeze any money out from between the couch cushions and car console.
  20. Ana81

    Ana81 New Member

    What is the use of money if you live in the jungle of Amazon and you are one of the tribes? They prefer food because they cannot eat paper. If a person lives in the city people will see the importance of money since they can buy food with that piece of paper called money.
  21. ItsMazohra

    ItsMazohra Member

    Id choose money, then i'll buy any food that i like.
  22. sar

    sar New Member

    It is true, that the existence of this intention is impossible without food. But balance in food is called life.
  23. sar

    sar New Member

    Money is the best thing to get living comfortable in any place of the world, but you can't buy the truly relationship with this.
  24. sar

    sar New Member

    Food is the power for body and money is the power for world.
  25. sar

    sar New Member

    Food is weakness for body to living healthy, but the money is weakness for living in world with comfort.
  26. sar

    sar New Member

    Health is a Wealth, this means that well health can possible with money and good food.
  27. mimi93aly

    mimi93aly New Member

    The answer to this question is IT DEPENDS. Why? I will choose money if they can give me like millions. I will use that money to buy more food and stuff. But if they will give me like $10 i will choose the food.
  28. ilanthirayan

    ilanthirayan New Member

    Money or food.obviously money.but the truth is money can buy you food, even car.but definitely not good and loyal people.people will be with you if you have money or social status.they'll vanish if you don't have.

    and also in my view.which food.? I will definitely not choose potatoes or sugary means health or life without diseases.we have seen millionaires or billionaires.they can't even eat a sugar cake.

    a healthy body(food) or loving people(money) both are important.
  29. SaimaElas

    SaimaElas Member

    Money so i can buy food
  30. myckmyck

    myckmyck New Member

    This is a tough one, because we need food to live and have results, but we buy food with money so I think that money is a priority because the more money we have more food we can buy.

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