Food or Money?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by rechcel, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Jaylaw

    Jaylaw New Member

    Money is important
    because it means less financial worries. ... Money is important because it enables you to give back to your community, to pick the charities and causes you believe in and support them. Money is important because having money means that life is not a constant effort at keeping your head above the water. I can buy a lot of food with money. Money is important because it enables you to have more control over your life, more freedom to carve out your own path and less constraints on your choices.
  2. Jeedae

    Jeedae New Member

    Money would be the best option for me obviously since with money I can buy whatever I want, even more than foods.
  3. badette20

    badette20 New Member

    For me is the same because do you have a money you can buy some foods .
  4. Ivy07

    Ivy07 New Member

    I better choose money because you cannot have food if you don't have money. You cannot buy your favorite food if you don't have money.
  5. Marleo

    Marleo New Member

    For me money , because as of today money is everything especially we have inflation happening here in the Philippines. If you don’t have money how you can eat food ? Food is what really need as humans . Money will provide what we need as humans I’m just practically speaking . So in order to have money first you have to work hard and by that you can get food .
  6. Yoj

    Yoj New Member

  7. Yoj

    Yoj New Member

    Il just go for food because most of the readers choose money., food because it is easier to ask from other people.
  8. Natsirt06

    Natsirt06 New Member

    If I choose if Food or Money, definitely I choose the money. Because if you have a lot of money, you can also buy a lot of food. Not only food, but also you can buy a house, a dream car, and also you can also help a lot of your relatives if you have a lot of money. This time we need to work very hard to have a money, to eat food for our body. To get strong and not to get sick.
  9. estrasen

    estrasen New Member

    Though I have never gone hungry before I have made the decision to chose between if I am going to eat healthy more expensive food or save the money and eat less healthy food. Food can become expensive, especially healthy fresh vegetables so when money is tight the question of "Food or Money?" can become a serious one. I personally tend to pick eating healthy because I assume that the long-term health benefits of eating healthy will pay off in the long run.
  10. Humbledqueen20

    Humbledqueen20 New Member

    I feel money is more important because without it you won't be able to buy the things you need as far as food and anything else goes.
  11. Yanke73

    Yanke73 New Member

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  12. Jedo

    Jedo New Member

    I would go to Costco and retrieve a cart. I would then drift around the store for a while, placing objects I find interesting (or random) on the cart. At certain intervals I would taste test some of the stuff they are giving samples of. Once someone questions my activities I would probably just abandon the cart and leave. This is an interesting thought experiment, so I'll try another.Panhandling (commonly known as begging) is something I would really try to avoid but in this situation it might be minimally required. Assuming I panhandle for a while and accumulate roughly 50 dollars I would head to a thrift store. I would purchase the most formal wear I could for 50 dollars, and I would travel to a nearby fast food joint. At this point I can guess around 5 hours went by, so I might be starting to feel the hunger. Let's say it's around three o'clock. In the store I would request to talk to a manager, or their highest ranking employee. I would explain a lie to the manager, something along the lines of I just moved here, running from an abusive person, no phone or access to most things. Hopefully we would be able to schedule an interview for the next day. It's about 8 PM now. I would walk around for a bit until I found an empty dumpster, I'd stash my fancy clothes in a tree, and I'd sleep under the dumpster. Waking up early, around 5, I'd walk back to the store in my fancy clothes, eagerly awaiting the manager. When he got there I can assume he'd be impressed by my enthusiasm for such a low paying job, and if all goes well I'd get a job which could sustain me temporarily.
  13. ens04

    ens04 New Member

    i choose money, how can you buy foods if you dont have money, if you have a lot of money you can eat whatever you want to eat. you can go all restaurant you want to eat if you have a lot of money.
  14. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    both are important money and food
  15. miinhiz

    miinhiz New Member

    I go for money. If you have money, you can buy food. Not just food, but all your needs and your wants. You can buy clothes, house and invest. It's simple as that.
  16. Gabriellove

    Gabriellove New Member

    I would have chosen money, but what will happen when everybody has money but no food to buy? They will all die with their money. I can live without money, but I can't do without food. This alone is a good reason why people should aim at producing more food, not printing more money. We should all be wise when it comes to the production of food and money. So in all, More food not more printing of money. Thank you.
  17. wale-4gNw

    wale-4gNw New Member

    Obviously, money is main key to either purchase items, dating, travelling, investment, nice looking, provision of best and good delicacy. When you having money you can buy food of your choice and suit you, not limited to that, you can use money to do most everything in life, but food is limited.
  18. anjs

    anjs New Member

    Money brings food at the table, you are working because you want to have food. The thing is you have to use your money in a right way.
  19. jamesbaya

    jamesbaya New Member

    It's apparent that money is the best alternative of the two. With money, you can purchase food, clothing, houses, and money other things. Whereas, it's very difficult to trade for goods and/or services using food.
  20. bencherik

    bencherik New Member

    The two are important in our days, because no money, no food, so we must work to provide all what we need!
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  21. reubensausal

    reubensausal New Member

    basically we work daily to have a food on our table, so for me food hehe to eat at least 3 times a day is called simplicity and contented, Eat delicious food is a "WANTS" but to eat 3times A day is "Necessity" to me hehe
  22. marvin4400

    marvin4400 New Member

    money because money is what we need for our daily living, without money how are we going to buy foods? so definitely money :thumbsup:
  23. drsushil3300

    drsushil3300 New Member

    Food for the body and money for the food.
    Both are needed and both for the good...
  24. reubensausal

    reubensausal New Member

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  25. immisspatg

    immisspatg New Member

    I love food you guys but I can't buy food when I don't have money so I would really choose money for sure.
  26. stormbreaker10

    stormbreaker10 New Member

    If the question is wants and needs, the answer is food. The real only way to survive in life in the long run is had a food. Then if the question if you are giving money or food? The answer is money because if you give money, I can buy the food that will long last a week or a next few days even the medicine I need. Only giving a food to anyone in need will long last a minute or an hour.
  27. Choose money because money can buy food aside from that money can last longer more than food because all foods has it's expiration, you can also buy goods like food products which you can sell to people and make your money grow so that you can buy more foods or goods.

    But always consider the situation, if there is a situation like you are stranded in an island and your going to choose between money or food better to choose which will benefit you the most so you should choose food because you cannot use money in an island.
  28. reubensausal

    reubensausal New Member

    it is not that hard to pick which one of it you are going to pick. just simply pick food instead of money imagine yourself on an island with a billion dollar on your side but no food available to buy or spend that money with you he he. We work in order to eat but we also eat in order to work. I didn't get it ha ha
  29. edmarie09

    edmarie09 New Member

    Money is the most important because it is my biggest problem.Honestly,without money you are nothing.You cannot buy food or anything you needed daily.If you don't have money no one will make friends at you or no one will approach towards you.I think I would die if I don't have money and others may think money will make you as unpleasant person.Well,for me,it depends on the situations and it depends how you manage yourself.If you let money rule over you then that will surely makes you icky.
  30. ThankyouGod

    ThankyouGod New Member

    Well, if you think of it. If you have money and yet there is no food available. How can you use your money? Can you eat the money? You can use your money only if there is food. Yes, preferably if you want expensive foods you probably need money. But if food is everywhere, you will never be hungry especially if you are in rural areas, you can even ask for it. Like the other said, you can ask food easier than money. Therefore I conclude, food is more important than money. So I choose, food.

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