Food or Money?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by rechcel, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Taguro

    Taguro New Member

    Logically, we need to eat first to get our energy back before we can make money or we have to buy some food first and eat before we can work for money so it all depends on the situation.
  2. gerrynepo

    gerrynepo New Member

    Food Vs Money? My Answer is Money. Why?
    Money can buy foods :laugh: and money can easily rule this world why? Because all of us need money. We work for money. We Sacrifice for money so, People Who have tons of money will grab this opportunity to abuse us and buy our whole self with money so People wake up. Don't let your self to be one of them. Build your future now don't waste your time in just sleeping in bed do your job do more hard work and someday you will be the one that you dreamed for:love: GOOD DAY EVERYONE:thumbsup:
  3. ynel03

    ynel03 Member

    Practically, I choose money. You can buy all food that you want if you have a lot of money.
  4. angelquintal

    angelquintal New Member

    Food is one of our Basic needs to survive. But Money can buy all our needs to be able to survive and live in this world. So for me, Money this days is the most important thing. Since, Money can buy all our basic needs such as foods, shelters, clothes, and also our medicines when we get sick and all. Theres a lot of important needs that we can buy if we have Money in this world. Food is important but in reality we can’t live if we have only food in our life.
  5. MsClaverhouse

    MsClaverhouse New Member

    Right now, I'd say its money that my family needs, not food. We have plenty of food, enough that we're able to share with our neighbors. However, rent is high in our area and our bills are all coming due. Since my health has been in decline, my husband is the only one bringing home a paycheck. Having food to eat is quite important but we can't pay the light bill with beans and rice. They want cash. Therefore, we need the ability to provide them with cash.
  6. DenzelLyleB

    DenzelLyleB New Member

    SIMPLE------------> MONEY so that I can use 'em to buy a lot of FOODS :D
  7. sheenabrnl

    sheenabrnl New Member

    Let's be practical for this question. I will definitely go for MONEY. You cannot buy food without money. It can buy almost all basic needs (foods, clothes, house, and others) except for Love and True Happiness. We need to have more money to survive especially in this modern era.
  8. 1jayem6

    1jayem6 New Member

    For me money, you can buy all the food you want using money. Nowadays, money is the most precious and important in this world if you don't have money you will die because money is always used for everyday lives.
  9. takutufo09

    takutufo09 New Member

    For me the most important is money. Why? Because if you don't have money you cannot buy food and any other important things. But if the food is free I would choose food, but now there is no free in this world so you have to pay anything with money before you get the things you want.
  10. Money is more important than food. I have had my share of hard times when money was tight. If I was having hard times I did not eat as much. Maybe you cut coupons or buy off brands. Unless you are a farmer the food comes from the money. Money makes it possible to be able to create food. Even a farmer needs land to supply food. Land is not free.
  11. CaptainDee

    CaptainDee Member

    Todays life, money is more important than food. We can't deny that fact. Life now is revolving around practicality. Some people even treat money as gods. If you don't have money, your nothing. That's the truth in this painful world of ours. Money is growing evil. Money is killing our faith. Money is eating us alive.
  12. Victorolamide

    Victorolamide New Member

    I prefer food mush more, because without food there is no way you can earn money without eaten,or energy inside you.
  13. Alfred28

    Alfred28 New Member

    For me money, because if you have money you can buy food,clothes, and you can built your own house and you can help poor people....because if dont have money in this word you are die...
  14. markedizon

    markedizon New Member

    all people grab now for money money for they today is more important unlike in the past years on pretend of having food is enough okay for them to live but now money is more them important to buy to their all wants
  15. GuestHu

    GuestHu New Member

    Money is a piece of colored paper invented by humans with a purpose of exchanging it to a valuable item we want to have or stuffs we need to continue living. So I will and always choose food because it is a human basic need and comforts me whenever I experienced a melancholic moment.
  16. anavic

    anavic New Member

    Nowadays MONEY is very important factor in everday life.. This is where it should start Money ..You should earn money to buy food, to buy clothes ,education etc .Without money life is nothing .
  17. Lana89

    Lana89 New Member

    Money of course :).
    Money can gives you happiness, food and you will not worry about anything especially when it’s fixed by money.
  18. Momamba

    Momamba New Member

    Both because without money you can't buy food, But if i just had to choose i'd pick food quite frankly it's all we need for survival
  19. acewelloy29

    acewelloy29 New Member

    Both are important but I would say, money should be prioritize.Practically speaking, if you don't have money, you won't be able to buy the food that you want.
  20. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    Money can't buy happiness but it can buy food and that is basically the same thing.
  21. kjbotona23

    kjbotona23 New Member

    For me it’s money because you can’t buy food and your needs if you don’t have money. Food makes you live buy how can you live if you don’t have money to buy food, right? You can’t buy/rent your own shelter to sleep, car, medicine, food and clothes if you don’t have money. You can’t survive in this world if you don’t have your basic needs. Money will make you healthier and comfortable in your daily living. That’s why in today’s society, money is the key to live.
  22. zette22

    zette22 New Member

    Money, cause seriously I can't buy food if I don't have it. But in our body food is more important. But for me money is 'cause I can't take care of my body well if I don't have money. I can't buy fruits vegetables meat and other things if I don't have money.
  23. rm1006

    rm1006 New Member

    Money. You'll need money to live a comfortable life. You'll need it to buy a house or pay for your apartment, to buy clothes, shoes to walk on, to buy some healthy food etc. If you have the right amount of money you can buy anything you'll need in your life. Nothing is free in today's world. We need to work hard in order for us to have the money we need.
  24. apjaromamay

    apjaromamay New Member

    Well, money can always pay for everything now, from injecting vitamins to injecting food. But I don't want to end up wasting my money on my health just because.. having good food and making them for myself or my loved ones is much more fun, and will build relationships. Eating together in a table enjoying home cooked meals together, having conversations can be very healthy not only to our health but also mentally and emotionally.
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  25. Floris564

    Floris564 New Member

    Depends on the situation. If there is almost no food, I would rather have food than money. If there is a lot of food, I would rather have food.
  26. nanjb12

    nanjb12 Member

    Food. Because food is life. And if we eat good food, our health is protected. This is the basic need as human beings we need.
  27. Aprillapid

    Aprillapid Member

    Food or Money?

    For me money. Why?
    How can you buy food if you don't have money.
    Money can provide not only food but also shelter and other things that can help you to stay alive.
  28. cula

    cula New Member

    Food is one of the basic needs of people to live. Money is a thing to buy anything what you need or want but money is useless without food. When money is gone, we could still live but when food is gone we could die. Food is created by the Almighty God but money is only invented by man.

    From the beginning money does not exist but a barter system, a system that we can also use any time when money is obsolete. There is a substitute for money but none for food.
  29. joshy404

    joshy404 New Member

    The question is incomplete. However, I will give an answer the way I understand it. You can get both just by having one. When you choose money you can go buy any foods you want. And when you choose food then you can go sell it and make money from it. Point is, why do we have to choose between two things when there's a way to get both?
  30. jasonhipolito

    jasonhipolito New Member

    Money is more important because it can buy mostly anything including food and experiences. With money people have more choices in life like buying organic food that can contribute to longevity and good health. Therefore money if used wisely can bring everyone an extraordinary life.

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