For animal lovers, what pets do you have?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Linds, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. bloggerman86

    bloggerman86 Member

    I have 2 precious dogs. One is a German Spitz breed which we have had since october of 2000 and my other one is a mixed breed of Poodle/Pikingnese which we have had since march of 2007. They are still very fiesty and very youthful dogs even for their age.
  2. coloryourworldgreen

    coloryourworldgreen New Member

    When I first met my husband he had 2 rats for pets. They came along with us to our new house, but did not live very long. We found the one dead the one day and I think the bigger one killed it. Not sure why, they were always together in a cage. We also have a male Golden Retriever and he is the nicest, calmest dog.
  3. kristy0

    kristy0 New Member

    Currently we have a 10 year old Yellow Lab/Golden mix named Kristy. She is such a good girl and a very important part of our family. Last April, my two daughters became the proud owners of their own bunnies. This is our first experience with rabbits and they are so fun. Their names are Pancake and JoJo and they have such different personalities that match our daughters' personalities totally by coincidence.
  4. Norikasonei

    Norikasonei New Member

    I really want a mantis! A friend of my sister's has a mantis that just had babies and I get to have two of them! I am really excited because the last one I had liked to dance to music and used to climb all over me. I hear they can eat goldfish which would be very interesting to watch.
  5. soulhacker

    soulhacker New Member

    It is quite obvious that keeping pets create new attitudes towards life for people, particularly for those who consider themselves 'introverts'. By keeping pets and interacting with them, there is every chance they may become more sociable, open minded and approachable. Numerous studies have undoubtedly confirmed this fact. i have a pet dog, a Labrador named "Dony". I like cats as pets too.
  6. soulhacker

    soulhacker New Member

  7. Christy

    Christy New Member

    I'm a massive animal lover - I have 3 cats, a bengal and two burmese, all rescues, and a german shepherd. The german shepherd is four years old and a big part of my life - I even take her to work with me. The cats I got from rescues, the two burmese (sisters) were only three weeks old (dumped in the winter!) and I bottle-fed them myself, was only meant to be fostering them but I ended up keeping them! I'm also really passionate about exotic pets and I've got quite a few snakes and lizards.
  8. emerald11

    emerald11 New Member

    I am a cat lover. I had my first cat when I was 10 years old. A beautiful Siamese girl called Puddy - she lived until she was 24 years old and I loved her. After Puddy came Clio another Siamese cross breed who lived until she was 18 and Portia a silver miniature Chinchilla who I brought with me when I emigrated. Portia qas 14 and a half when she made the big trek on an aeroplane to Turkey - she lived for another 2 years and I miss her terribly now she has gone. Most recently I adopted a beautiful Van cat - my husband is from Ercis in the Van region of Eastern Turkey - at the moment more famous for the large earthquake that hit the area in October than it's cats.

    The Van cat is native to the area - they are large cats and very muscular and unusually for cats love to swim. My boy is about 2 years old and measures 87 cm from his nose to the tip of his tail. He weighs in at 5kgs! Van boys can be up to 8kgs so mine is small for the breed - he is pure white with one green eye and blue eye. At the moment there are very few Van cats left so there are special breeding programmes in Van and Ankara. At the moment it is illegal to export a Van cat from Turkey so based on the length of time my cats usually live I shall probably be here for the next 15 years minimum.
  9. SuperOdjo

    SuperOdjo New Member

    I have a cat that I saved from the street and I am very proud I did that. Now she can live a normal life, be loved and be fed every day. She must be the luckiest cat in the world.
  10. dubc312

    dubc312 New Member

    I have always had cats and dogs growing up, and right now we have one family pet, which is a 3 year old Golden Retriever named Jett. He has been a handful since the first night we brought him home when he learned how to climb and jump over the baby gate and sneak into our room at night. Since seeing the movie "Marley & Me" he reminds my husband and I very much of Marley and his behavior, but we love him very much all the same.
  11. MrPips

    MrPips New Member

    I have a 15 week old Golden Retriever puppy. He is the cutest little dog, but can be quite the handful sometimes. I am lucky enough to work from home so I am with him all day. He loves going to the park to play and taking walks. The little guy puts a smile on my face everyday. I can't imagine not having him at this point.
  12. nwmedia

    nwmedia New Member

    I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrorist - and no that isn't a typo! He is a one dog demolition team, who has so far destroyed two sofas, one christmas tree, several pairs of shoes, numerous dog toys and his personal best - a heavy leather collar which he swallowed almost in one piece resulting in a panicked trip to the vets. I also have 5 cats who hate the new arrival with a passion, and spend their days perched on the top of the kitchen cupboards plotting ways to get rid of him.
  13. footiefan

    footiefan New Member

    Lol ok In my house right now are :

    3 Dogs
    2 Cats
    1 Hamster
    4 Goldfish
    6 Rabbits
    3 Stick Insects
    26 Guinea Pigs

  14. nwmedia

    nwmedia New Member

    wow - 26 guinea pigs! Do you breed them?
  15. smyth

    smyth New Member

    I have a cute, black, sweet looking puppy, I call him blacky, he a part of my family and I don’t know what I do without him here. Blacky is a very sensitive dog , I have never seen a dog that is as smart as my blacky.. Sometime, when am not around, he becomes restless and disturbs everybody in the house until my return, that kind of make me feel special and connected to him. No other pet can take him place and space...
  16. ericanicole234

    ericanicole234 New Member

    We have a Pit Bull/Greyhound mix named Loki, and a Rottweiler mix named Oz. They are great, loving dogs!
  17. orcim

    orcim New Member

    I have had all kinds of pets. I've had hamsters, birds, cats, dogs and even a snake. Most of all, I am a dog person and now have a senior border collie that me and my mate are giving a nice, warm retirement to after spending her life outdoors on a ranch. She now has a nice cushy bed in the corner of our bedroom, two meals a day, and all of the attention is focused on her, not having to share it with other dogs. Her favorite thing of all is to ride in our truck and "herd" cars as they go by.
  18. clairey

    clairey New Member

    Boxer dog, not know because she became sick. But if you want fun all day, a great companion, and one thats safe with the kids they are great.
  19. Jackie10

    Jackie10 New Member

    I have two pittbull/american bulldog mixes. One is a year and a half old and the other one is only 6 months. The oldest one weighs 100 pounds, and I'm pretty sure the puppy is going to be bigger than him. This dogs are my family! :)
  20. Mommy25

    Mommy25 New Member

    I had rats growing up and loved them! Currently, we have 5 kids, so we have limited the number of pets. We have a dog, a hamster, a rabbit,and a chinchilla and then we have a small garden pond with 2 fish in it.
  21. Mabelz

    Mabelz New Member

    I have a beautiful white cat, called Topi. I always used to have cats. They are adorable !
  22. smallpotatoes

    smallpotatoes New Member

    I only have 1 cat right now named Rocky. He's a brown tabby with white that we rescued this past October. It's very unusual for me to only have 1 pet. My Malamute died of old age a little over a year ago & my Cockatoo had died not long before him. In the past I had many other dogs & cats, parakeets, lots of snakes, a lizard, a horse & tons of fish. My last job before becoming a stay at home mom was working at an animal shelter. I also spent 8 years as the reptile manager of a pet store & before that volunteered at a zoo. I love animals!
  23. Mintdee

    Mintdee New Member

    I have a muted Calico named Gypsy and a White German Shepherd named Duke. Duke is technically my husbands dog, we got Duke from a breeder but Gypsy was a rescue. We got her from the local humane shelter after the city found three different "cat houses" in a week. She was moved around to multiple locations before we got her, hence the name. :)
  24. ecclecticc

    ecclecticc New Member

    I'm presently owned by two male cats: Master Beauregard Duke (Beau), and Sir Champagne Alexander (mostly just Kitty). Both were rescued from the local shelter as kittens; Beau will be 11 this year, and Champagne turns 5, I think. I'm happy with just the two of them at present, as we've had a bit of a wild kingdom in the past, including three other cats and a dog all at once. Talk about hairy! I and my daughter love all kinds of critters, so we have also kept, at various points, mice, hamsters, some little frogs, an African black millipede, a praying mantis, and even a bat! My daughter has two snakes who live at her dad's house. One is a Colombian rainbow boa, about 5.5 feet long, and the other is a Dumeril's boa, nearly 5 feet long. They fascinate me, and once in awhile, I even get to visit them. =)
  25. mycreativemuse

    mycreativemuse New Member

    Our newest pet is a Puddin' Jack Russell Terrier. She is about 9 months old. We got her when she was 4 months old. She was the runt of the litter and only weighed 3 lbs. at the time. The poor little thing, her ribs stuck out and she was scared to death. She was part of a litter of 8, and was not well taken care of. Now she is healthy, happy and treated like a princess. Even my husband loves her, and treats her just like a baby.
  26. Flutura

    Flutura New Member

    I have two beautiful cats. One is orange, named Ares, and the other is Loki, who is black and white. Loki tends to terrorize poor Ares, so Ares does not often enjoy his company.
  27. Mimij

    Mimij New Member

    We have two spoiled min pins. The oldest we rescued before she went to the pound and the youngest was a Mother's Day gift from my oldest grand daughter about 6 yrs. ago. These girls have been cross country in our Freightliner and I must admit they love the cool brisk weather! I think they are happy we parked the truck recently and decided to plant roots in a neighboorhood near my daughter.
  28. SuzyQ

    SuzyQ New Member

    I grew up with dogs in my home and I love them. Then when I became an adult, I got my first cat. I fell in love with cats after that! Both of them brought so much joy into my life.
  29. atgilb

    atgilb New Member

    I have dogs and cats, the youngest being 2 little female black labs. Our house is always so full of life. I couldn't imagine not having all or our animals.
  30. mitzypisi

    mitzypisi New Member

    I have a kitty! He is 3.3 ft tall/ long and weights 20 pounds!:D
    My family loves animals too and we always had a cat or a dog or even both. I live by myself and Mitzy is mine alone! He loves to go by car and he has a leash so we can go for walks in my neighborhood, like a dog.
    The strange thing is he doesn't eat meat of any kind, or drink milk. He only loves dry cat food.
    Mitzy is the cutest roommate I have ever had!

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