for men experiencing erectile brokenness

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  1. Thic 1939

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    primal xl for men experiencing erectile brokenness. It renews your body with a greater amount of nitric oxide; which bolsters cardiovascular exercises and aides in the development of veins of the balls in this way promoting sound blood course. It additionally empowers you to work-out additional in the rec center and in this way bolsters muscle development fundamentally. The Apt Dosage! With each container
  2. noaha

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    I'm just going to hop in here and say a couple things:

    1) It's called erectile dysfunction
    2) There is no known, effective treatment for this as far as supplements or pills go
    3) Why are you advertising this here?
  3. noaha

    noaha New Member

    I'll make another comment just for fun:

    4) When you say developed, do you mean 'created' or 'strengthened'?
    5) The amount of blood flowing in and out of your testicles has no merit when it comes to exercising harder or longer (pun intended).
    6) Nitric Oxide acts as a muscle relaxer, aiding in the bloodflow to surrounding muscles, effectively defeating the purpose of its use in direct correlation to exercise. It can be localized but the purpose is to create artery/vein dilation, decreasing blood pressure and displacing oxygen.

    I could be incorrect though.

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