For you what are the best way to do to have a good country?

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  1. Michjoy

    Michjoy New Member

    All of us want is a great leader and a great country to live in. but the beliefs and opinions of the people are not the same so they fight for what they know even its good or bad.

    Always think the right way vote the best for you and cooperate too.

    Because if you have a great leader and you not cooperating with his or her plan then it will not work.

    people need the discipline to have a great country.

    just vote wisely.
  2. Rosamistika

    Rosamistika New Member

    The best way of having a good country has to start from ourselves. Even if we have a good leader I still believe that we should go hand in hand for a better country and a better world. And the best thing to make things possible is by praying for the Lord's guidance.
  3. bmz719salgado

    bmz719salgado New Member

    For me, there are so many "BEST" ways to do to have a good country. We don’t need a few good men or leaders to change our country for a better. All we need is every country men to contribute good valuable things to their respective community. For example, by becoming a law-abiding citizen by throwing trash to designated area or giving health services to local government. If all of us give the BEST to our fellow countrymen, not only GOOD but BEST things will happen to our country.

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