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Discussion in 'Website Management & Blogging' started by Rex-Merged, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Rex-Merged

    Rex-Merged Forum & Blog Owners

    I noticed in another thread that someone mentioned using PL to foster a forum to put for sale. While I'm not quite sure where I stand on that it is intriguing. With that said I'm just curious, not even sure I can post this, but at what point do you think people sell their forums. (I've sold quite a few in my day). And are there those here looking to sell?

    Just a thought.
  2. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    You won't be able to list your forum for sale here at Postloop. These are just support forums, so there is no "Marketplace".

    As for using Postloop to give the impression of more activity in your forums while selling, I personally do not support that idea. That's coming from the owner of Postloop itself - me telling you not to use Postloop. I think that artificially inflating your activity during a sale is dishonest. As somebody who regularly peruses website listings, I am always struggling with sorting through the BS in website listings to find the true traffic and revenue figures. They are oftentimes inflated, exaggerated, or sometimes even faked by sellers. When selling a forum, you should present its true value, and that is going to be organic traffic and revenue. You should fully disclose all expenses, and this includes advertising and paid posts. We all know that paid posts are only temporary. They can jump start or revive a forum and they can generate valuable content, but as soon as what is fueling them goes away, the paid posts will likely go away as well.

    Now, if you use paid posts while selling a forum and fully disclose that you are doing so, I don't see anything wrong with it...but if you're going to disclose it, what is the point? You are likely throwing money away on those paid posts, because you will not receive any benefit from them if you're about to turn around and sell the forums.
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  3. Rex-Merged

    Rex-Merged Forum & Blog Owners

    I agree.
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  4. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    Okay :laugh:
  5. Mikey

    Mikey Active Member

    I believe I was the one who used Postloop to sell a forum, although 'used' isn't the term I'd use (at least not in a derogatory sense).

    The forum was an Admin one. I'd gotten the forum bug again and started three brand new communities, running MyBB, all different subjects and everything. I figured that I would put Postloop to the test, and listed all three on here, although that was never part of the original plan either, Postloop was more an accident.

    The original plan was to buy three domains and develop them into forums. I wanted to build a forum network as it were, I already had a thriving Off Topic community, and a Technology resource, so the logical choices for me to extend my 'forum network' as it were was to expand into other topics (Forum Administration, Gaming and Graphics). I didn't have forum licenses so I figured that I'd do the $9 each site initial domain investment and used MyBB as the software, I'm a pretty proficient coder so I modified MyBB to my needs (especially on the biggest one I sold), and the plan later on was to buy IPB licenses and link them all up as a network with IP.Converge.

    Well on the day of set up, I had 3 forums set up, three sets of boards, three different skins, all MyBB, everything was great. Then came the time to drum up some content, do some promotion and get the ball rolling. At this point I had 2 forums already, so adding 3 more as a one man operation; Well I figured it out myself. It wasn't doable. I'm good but not that good.

    I was also posting on Postloop to get points at the time and that's when it struck me, use Postloop for the content, members will come and stay, and then when it comes to promotion, we have content to make the site 'sticky'. Anyway, it all worked out well until I recieved a rather large bill for something (i forget now). Of course, the sites were pretty much disposable and weren't linked to me too closely, so I sold them off to friends (who knew about the source of some of the posts et al), and they got merged into different sites.

    I'm not looking to sell any more of my sites just yet, though, but Postloop is a great way to help give any site (active or otherwise) a boost.
  6. Petert

    Petert Forum & Blog Owners

    I wouldn't mind buying a forum that used Postloop, the real problem IMO is the forums that do well in Postloop aren't the forums I'd want to buy. There's not much of a market for small gaming and general forums. I'd say that less than 5% of the forums in Postloop have topics that interest me enough that I'd buy them in a small, start-up stage. As far as selling, I'm not actively selling anything in my portfolio and would only sell if I received an unsolicited offer for more than its worth.
  7. AzH

    AzH Forum & Blog Owners

    I used postloop on It recieved about 150 ish posts. I sold the forum a couple of weeks ago for some good money. Those 150 posts where lost in the 20,000+ it was sold with. I don't think that was dishonest.
  8. kprojects

    kprojects New Member

    I'd buy a forum that used postloop to pad the posts a little bit - but i'd want to know up front that it was used, then i'd probably continue to use it on there. IMO though, the big reason for purchasing one padded w/ postloop would be an incredible domain name and search engine placement..
  9. Vrexill

    Vrexill New Member

    I agree if that was allowed here this would just be like a ad site, not a forum site and thats what I like about it.

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