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Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by Etukudo Douglas, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Etukudo Douglas

    Etukudo Douglas New Member

    How can I get good freelance writing jobs?
  2. Desmond101

    Desmond101 New Member

    There are many good freelance writing jobs available online.Apart from the regular ones I believe you are conversant with like opening creating content writing gigs on freelance sites, you can equally register with the following sites: Writersbay,, Hubpages, Contena among many others.However, some of these sites restrict access to some countries,so ensure you your country is on the list before registering with any of them.But beyond freelance sites,you can equally start up a content and creative writing website.All it takes is a simple wordpress,hosting and promotion through social media,paid adverts or word of mouth.As you keep updating the site with unique,well researched and plagarism-free content,it would begin to generate traffic and attract clients.
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  3. raki trinidad

    raki trinidad New Member

    Thanks for this. I will definately start freelancing
  4. emma.regalado1

    emma.regalado1 New Member

    There are alot of websites that offer freelance job all you have to do is look for it online by typing in google search it will give you numerous website that offers freelance jobs.
  5. MD047

    MD047 New Member

    Maybe start off with upwork , read its really good..all the best :)
  6. potentialwriter

    potentialwriter New Member

    Once you have access to the internet, you can get hundreds of genuine and paying freelance writing jobs. You may choose jobs based on rates of pay or other considerations. You can earn a lot from freelance writing sites if you have the passion. It requires a lot of hours of work to earn a reasonable income. So, it isn't a job that can get you rich quickly. Working with passion grows income naturally and steadily. You can start a journey to financial freedom someday if you are so passionate about writing and ready to work hard. A great way to make the most out of freelance writing jobs is to set a daily target for your work. That keeps you on track and guarantees stable earnings on a daily basis.

    You have hundreds of reputable freelance writing companies at your disposal, although some of them have restrictions for writers from certain parts of the world. These restrictions are placed on writers to ensure quality posts are made and great services are rendered to advertisers. Google can be used as a powerful tool to search for highly paying freelance writing Sites. Most of these sites pay through PayPal and usually ask you to fill up PayPal details while registering.
  7. muhammadfaisal86

    muhammadfaisal86 New Member

    Freelance jobs are available in multiple websites, where you earn and learn. But while doing these jobs make sure that your online banking is activated or not, first active your Paypal account. On the other end you should know your specialty or skill because if you do simple data entry and copy pasting jobs, you will receive high ratio of competitors.
  8. zefriel27

    zefriel27 New Member

    How i wish i could be qualified on a freelance job. Homebase job is the job that fits to me because i still have a toddler baby.

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