Freelance life or regular job ?

Discussion in 'The Freelance Life' started by Jejo Fabila, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. It's hard to do a meaningful comparison, because most freelancers create their own definition of success. It's one of the great things about freelancing!

    Success might include learning extra skills, launching new business ideas, developing personal projects, improving mental health or spending more time with family. None of which are part of a 'conventional' career path within a business.

    As a freelancer, I'm often tempted to compare myself with my peers who are working inside a company structure - particularly if times are tough - but I've never found it very useful.

    Freelancing is much more about finding your own way and your own definition of success.
  2. Shaynako

    Shaynako Member

    Well this one is interesting!

    If you ask me I would say freelancing but if you ask a fulltime employee he say fulltime Job. But the fact is its only dependent on once condition and skills.
  3. 4TheBestWriter4

    4TheBestWriter4 New Member

    If you are very good and can generate the income you need to live comfortable then freelance is the way to go. If you are average and need a more safe approach then a regular job is the best option.

    This choice is affected by your mental paradigms. If you want to be your own boss, work your time and manage yourself then you will go the freelance route. If you prefer that someone else organise the work and you do what it is told to you then a job is the best choice.
  4. Marcporms

    Marcporms New Member

    I prepared freelance life, that's why I am starting searching for some online jobs that I can earn enough money for me to enable to stay to my family, it's hard to be away from your family, specially in terms to your kids, my time for them is just limited, I am overseas Filipino Worker, and I spend almost 1 decade already here in abroad. I know the feelings when you are away from your love ones. So if I have a chance to find good income via freelance online worker I will do, freelance online job now is in demand and we can't say that maybe after few years this kind of setup will rise, so better start now, as long as you are hard working and do not stop looking/searching for another freelance online job, it will not be hard for you looking for another open jobs.
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  5. Sjfelipealejandro

    Sjfelipealejandro New Member

    Choosing your job is a big decision on our life.
    It holds our future. So we need to enjoy every moment of it. Freelance life and Regular job are both good. It contains both positive and negative side depending on how will you look for it.
    They say that people left their job not because of the work but the boss.Love your work not the company. Im not saying its literal meaning because you can find more company but the work you do can still contribute to your new company.
    I can confidently say that i love to be a regular employee on a food manufacturing company for about a year. I love all the work, benifits and also the boss who is turn to be a leader.
    Remember this saying from me
    ''You always have a CHANCE but its your CHOICE''
  6. hitek06

    hitek06 New Member

    Freelance life is better for me because you are the boss of your OWN self. Working with hours you wish to work and finding solutions to a problem alone will create you as a better person. Money comparison? you can earn as much as what you are earning in a job if you are focus to your freelancing carer.
  7. MrBakisha

    MrBakisha New Member

    I am currently employed on both fronts. I have a regular 08.00-16.00 job and in addition, I manage to squeeze in some freelancing as well. In my opinion, a regular job has a much bigger "society" benefits. You are registered in the system, paying regular taxes, banks have better offers when you have a regular job, etc. On the other hand, freelancing allows me to create my own working hours. I don't feel that with freelancing I am "my own boss" considering I do not own my own company but I still work for someone, nevertheless the feeling of working at home at my own pace surely has benefits.

    I believe everybody should try both before deciding which way they should take.
  8. CharlieBuba

    CharlieBuba New Member

    A regular job affords one security and the opportunity to build a consistent financial profile.This translates to financial institutions' willingness to offer credit for assets such as a house or a car.Freelance work can be a challenge in that it doesn't yield consistent income and is not secure in terms of how long a single project might last for.I like the comfort of having a stable salary on a month-to-month basis but I am not very keen on the idea of having to work fixed hours and the tedium of doing the same kind of work every day.Being a freelance affords me the opportunity to choose what kind of work I do,the flexibility of my time so I can be with my family and work according to my own terms.
  9. Surjeet Biswas

    Surjeet Biswas New Member

    When I was searching to work online the easiest way I heard is freelancing. Freelancer is very flexible but the bad part is newbie need to get an amount of rating to their profile to get a gig that was the hardest part. But if you do regular work that is more simple and systematic.but have their advantage and disadvantage it's up to you what suits you the best.
  10. lyz07

    lyz07 Member

    i prefer regular job, freelancer is not for everyone but if you have family and you want them on your side you can do but for me i cannot do a freelance job.
  11. Johnnydoe

    Johnnydoe New Member

    I believe steady income beats being something comparable to being a starving artist. Freelancing seems like something you do in between unemployment rather than doing as a permanent job. Though working for someone isn't for everyone, generally, as a freelancer, you'll be doing this in one way or another anyway just will a shorter commitment period. That's not to say that you can't be successful as a freelancer as you can, but it is a very competitive market and you have to fight for every customer or employer and convince them why they should pick you instead of all the other freelancers time after time. In contrast, having a normal job, you only have to avidly prove it once (That's in your interview). TL;DR I prefer a steady job, but either can work in the right situation.
  12. casnik28

    casnik28 New Member

    As a mother being a freelancer have a big advantage. As of the moment I have a baby and she needs my time so I cannot really have a regular job. I just want to share that being a freelancer I can do both things. I can earn without sacrificing the time with my family. Freelance job really gives me the time to be a mother to my kid. I am very thankful, though having a regular job can guarantee the income monthly thou this time I cannot really work straight 8hrs , thanks GOD that I can still work . It is important to have a wise decision in life so either way it is blessing so we should not take it for granted.
  13. dennyserbia

    dennyserbia New Member

    Freelance. I used to work on a regular job for some time, but doing freelance at the same time. Bosses and managers can be really hard to talk to, payment can be delayed, job can be far away from your home. When I started freelance, my first thought was like oh my God, i can work from home. And what's more, I can work how much I can and when i want. My time is way better organised and I have social life.
  14. joyness23

    joyness23 New Member

    I've been in a corporate world for about 15 years since I graduated from school, so far I haven't been in a company which would recognize your hard work and get paid for it. You are getting the same salary as others in a company who are not performing well, or as not as dedicated as you.

    So if you are one of the hard-working individuals who think who could do more in a day, freelancing is for you-you will surely benefit from your hard work.
  15. Trvl420

    Trvl420 Member

    I'm actually both, I have a regular job and I do freelance stuffs online. Life is really hard you have to work hard play hard, honey. I have a lot of plans in life and includes a lot of money having a regular job won't pay it. I have to work as a freelancer which I have tons online and all I need is internet connection and laptop. I would say doing jobs online is pretty fun than having a regular job, drive a car or commute. If you do some work online you can save since your just at home not tempted to buy stuffs and just keep working. You can of course work the regular normal work but it takes a lot of effort to do it. Do whatever makes you happy.
  16. Cheskajem

    Cheskajem New Member

    I do not know I never try to be a freelancer because I don't have wifi connection and loptap I only use mobile data and my phone.
  17. mastodont

    mastodont New Member

    I think that in this modern age freelancing is the way to go. Of course, freelancing has it's disadvantages but compared to a regular job i'd say there are many more advantages, especially for people living in poor countries. Now, if they have access to the internet and their english skill is good enough they can earn the same money as someone living in the richer areas.
  18. veb

    veb New Member

    freelance job or regular job? Its best if we have both worlds, since in a regular job we spend 4-8 hours a day and if we need more funds or we just love to share our knowledge, talent, expertise or something that we love to do that our regular jobs didnt permit us to do, we can spend little to ourself and earn from it. Advantage of regular job, we have fixed salary every single month while freelance will depend on the opportunity that will come your way. So I think if you want that both you will not be tag as greedy, it depends on your personal reason and your willingness to do the task that assigned to you with all your effort
  19. JesusdazaR

    JesusdazaR New Member

    I have to admit that I am kind of new in this freelance professional career but it definitely has its pros and cons, I will say that while you're working inside a company and you're part of its staff with a monthly salary, social and private benefits, retirement plan etc, offers you a feeling of security and stability. On the other hand, you will be supervised directly by your boss it doesn't matter what position you have, you could be a manager or even director but there will be always a person above of you who will demand and give to you direct orders, you will have to follow corporate rules, dress codes, and schedule. On the contrary, if you work as a freelance professional you're your own boss nobody will give you orders or make you follow determinate rules, you decide whether you want or not want to work during the week or which days are better for you to offer your services. Also, you'll have more free time to invest in whatever you decide its more convenient for you. In terms of incomes, I think the internet gives you a variety of options and opportunities through websites, blogs, and channels in which you can apply, advertising your profile and services with the key goal to start earning money.
  20. Oh, definitely freelancing. I enjoy being in charge of my own time, as well as which jobs I want to choose to complete. I don't mind working for other people, as long as I am not working for one totalitarian boss! I worked for small-business owners for a long time and have had bad experiences with all of them. I'm stepping into freelance territory for the first time and I am so excited because it will give me the time I need to complete my studies, pay for my bills, and make art all at once!
  21. deadlyknightshade

    deadlyknightshade New Member

    If you love being inside your house everytime, then you will choose freelance jobs, but if you want to work at a physical office then you will choose regular job. For me, I prefer regular job because aside from having a title for your position and experiences, you also have a chance to use your free time for doing freelance jobs as your sideline.
  22. Kaizakisspect

    Kaizakisspect New Member

    Some people want instant money. Having a regular job can make you rich but part time job can't. If I we're to choose I'd rather to choose regular job that I can use the course that I take in college.
  23. pmac17

    pmac17 New Member

    I prefer a freelance life over a regular job. After working as an employee for over 6 years, I can say that time for myself, for my family and for the things I love to do are what matter. Doing a freelance makes me realize what life-work balance really means.
    One more advantage of being a freelancer is that I am able to fit my schedule in any day whenever there is an event to go to. I am now able to focus more in every task I get at the same time I am now able to value my earnings.
  24. HereToHelp!

    HereToHelp! New Member

    For me freelancing I love having the ability of working any hours I want but i don't have the steady income that I do with a salary.
  25. kiskidee23

    kiskidee23 New Member

    A regular job is mainly for job security and a sure pay. However, as a freelancer you can do what you like and have fun with it. You can work your own hours and not be hounded by employers or supervisors. You are continuously working on yourself to get better so that you can reach your peak. Freelancing is much more preferable if you want to see growth within yourself.
  26. CarPineda

    CarPineda New Member

    This might depend on the lifestyle or current status. If you have a family, providing their needs is your priority in which you can get assurance from a regular job with additional privileges. If you are single and doesn't have so much responsibility, you can choose to have a freelance job and do the rest of what you want to do or achieve in your life. On the other hand, we can do both at the same time, just a matter of time management.
  27. TSM

    TSM New Member

    I have been a freelancer for the last 4 years. I left a cushy full-time job to pursue a life where I worked for myself, on my own schedule. While it sounds like I'm "living the dream," it isn't without it's own hardships, both past and future. Being a freelancer take dedication, hard-work, motivation, and sacrifice. The uneasiness of starting out without a steady income is difficult to get accustomed to. Changes in life and routine are a must until one is established; and even then, nothing is guaranteed.

    I love my life as a freelancer -- it has its rewards and appeal, but this life isn't for everyone.
  28. michelle agapay

    michelle agapay New Member

    i prefer freelance because i want to spend more time to my kids and take care of them without leaving and i want to help my family.
  29. Bumbolbee

    Bumbolbee New Member

    Thanks for your post. I'm inspired to continue my goal to become a freelancer. I have been praying for quite a while now that I will finally be a member of freelancers. How I love to be in my comfy pyjamas while enjoying my work surrounded by the warm presence of my family. Please pray for me that I will be like you soon. Thanks
  30. Materu 1

    Materu 1 Member

    Freelance life has more advantages than regular job.You can work from home at your pace and even dictate your pay if using certain sites.In freelance writing,it can be seasonal.Sometimes there is a lot of work to choose from and there are times when there is none at all.During these famine periods,freelancers sometimes wish they had regular jobs.Also working from home you don't have to answer to anyone.Freelancing is lots of fun and with all the researching and writing it is also educating.For me i would choose freelance life over regular job.

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