Freelance life or regular job ?

Discussion in 'The Freelance Life' started by Jejo Fabila, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Jenny Parot

    Jenny Parot New Member

    I prefer freelance life because we can control our time and we just stay at home and earn money and can bond with our kids. We get also a bigger salary but it's not easy to find a job online that's we need to invest a computer and put a internet at home. But the disadvantage of it is we don't know if our client will stop the contract that's why if we got a bigger client we should spent our money wisely, because in our time now it's hard to get a job easily.
  2. molecheek2

    molecheek2 New Member

    It took a lot of courage for me to finally quit my regular job and do freelance work. The main reason is to be able to take care of my son who is in his formative years. I think he really is benefitting from a mom working from home. I could say that I am doing a great job raising him. He is disciplined and is more focused on the most important things in life. Another reason why freelancing is better is because it surely is an escape from the horrendous traffic in the city. It sure is a waste of time to be commuting to and fro work. Traffic is stressful. Lastly, when freelancing, you can manage your time more effectively. You can leave your work to do errands and chores then get back to it anytime. You can also have more time to breathe and recharge, so when you go back to work, you have better output. For the following reasons, I think freelancing has more benefits than having a regular job.
  3. LegPress023

    LegPress023 New Member

    For me freelance. You can become your own boss and choose the jobs you like to do. In the office, you are stuck with what your boss has told you to do. With freelance, you get to choose who you want to work for, what time you want to start working, how long you want to work in a day and the most important thing of all is you can do your job anywhere and be with your family.
  4. Liezel Gatmaitan

    Liezel Gatmaitan New Member

    We always have choices and options in every situation in our lives. When it comes in choosing our career, whether we want to become an employee on a regular basis of a certain company or make the best out of our time as freelancers. Both choices will always result in earning an income and both choices have advantages and disadvantages respectively. It will still depend on our skills, abilities and capabilities in doing a certain job. Freelancers tend to have not just one job but more as long as they can manage their time in every job and as long as they meet the quality of their every job. The advantages of being a freelancer are that they always have time on how and when they will finish a job before its deadline; they do not have to report personally to their employers everyday; they can always be with their families and do household chores, etc.. But one of the disadvantages of being a freelancer specially for those who are home-based, they may not interact with other people outside more often which results to miss some events or activities outdoors such as doing physical exercises, participating at community programs and others alike. On the other hand, working as a regular employee will develop interpersonal skills by interacting to other people personally more often, there is a bigger room for self-growth and self-actualization. I think the only disadvantage of being a regular employee is that you have to travel all the way from your home to your work place and deal with traffic everyday. In my opinion, I would choose to be a freelancer rather than working as a regular employee for it best suits my skills and time in earning income.
  5. Aya Adajet

    Aya Adajet New Member

    Freelancing these days isn’t just about cutting your commute time from an hour to zero minutes. With the increasing connectivity of our everyday world, freelancers these days have the option not only of working from home, but also out and about in their home cities—in the library, at the local Starbucks, in a park on a beautiful spring day. If you’re more adventurous and don’t require a consistency in your work places, you might find yourself joining the small but growing number of freelancers who choose to work from all around the world
  6. drewmoreprayer

    drewmoreprayer New Member

    As of now I'm still in the part where I am still seriously considering whether I could actually do full-time freelance and give up my work. You see, it does not mean that I do not believe your so called testimonies, it is just I rather follow the idea of "To see is to believe" considering the stakes which will greatly affect my way of life. Based on my research, having a good regular job gives you some financial and emotional security while freelancing provide you a unstable income but more family time.

    The biggest problem in regular jobs especially those desk type jobs is that you would eventually reach a point where you will get bored and emotionally frustrated at the very idea of rank and file. Mathematically speaking, the continues cash flow is inversely proportional to your happiness, you managed to earn good money but it does not necessarily make you feel fulfillment. While in freelancing, although cash flow is not constant, freelancers tends to be more happy due to time well-spent with their family due to having a flexible time unlike regular jobs. But still, for now I would still choose regular jobs despite the setbacks until I get the assurance that I could make a living out of freelancing.
  7. badetreyes

    badetreyes New Member

    I am currently on a freelance nowadays and I must say that I enjoy the time that I'm having for myself, for family and friends, for the things that I wanted to do. It isn't bad on having a regular day jobs however I feel you get tied to it and rely on vacation leave only when you wanted to have a vacation. Sometimes, it depends if the person has a family to support and so he/she should have regular salary. For me, if you wanted that freedom then try freelancing.
  8. uberjessicalopez

    uberjessicalopez New Member

    If I will choose between regular job or freelance job? I would rather choose to be a freelancer. It's a free world, we could choose to live the way we wanted. Being in the freelance area, there could always be advantages and disadvantages. Isn't it great to work on the comfort of your home, managing your time the way you wanted to spend? Maybe being a freelancer there will be no assurance of specific amount of money you are going to earn. There might be times, you wanted to give up and think twice if it could just be better if you had a regular job since you consider your family and your daily needs. Whatever it might be, it could be freelance or regular job, hard work is always a must. There is no such thing as easy money. Even you work at home or office there is no difference of easy or hard. Both need to work best to be paid. Whatever your choice it will always be your choice and it's just a matter of respect.
  9. petec33

    petec33 New Member

    When it comes down to making a choice between freelance and a regular 9-5 job. The choice is clear I would much rather work for my self than somebody else every time. I can see that online businesses are going to be the way of the future. You see, So the choice is simple you get on board now and learn an online set of skills that can feed you and your family well into the future.
  10. shenamae

    shenamae New Member

    As of now I have a regular work in my country and I also want to try doing freelancing. I already applied on some online jobs and hoping that I can lead to a nice work. Everyday commuting and spending 8 hours in an office makes me thinks about my son. Using computer and internet is a similarity in this two kinds of work only in freelancing you will stay in house. Well, there is nothing wrong with my current work but I really want to go freelancing so that I can work at home and be with son.
  11. norica

    norica New Member

    i ones in a freelance to suport my baby while im on bressfeding,,, now im in to regular work... freelance has no good to me
  12. Timothy Pangilinan

    Timothy Pangilinan New Member

    Having a freelance or a regular job, both have favorable and unfavorable factors. Whatever choice you are making depends on how you've figured out which one best works out for you. You have to pay attention to your current situations and priorities.
    Let's consider the stability or permanence of a regular job. An employment contract is something that ensures the security of the employees. It may not be an assurance that they won't lose their job yet it provides them with strong legitimate security against unjust matters like unequal pay and unreasonable termination. Employees also enjoy the real benefits of payment rights like maternity leave, sick leave and redundancy payment. Other benefits also such as pension,bonuses and promotion is real in a regular job.
    Employees also have fixed schedule and foreseeable income which give them the ability to plan for the future and estimate the upcoming expenses.

    However, in a freelance job, there is an ultimate freedom. Freelance workers most likely to work in their preferable and desirable time and place. You don't have to be anxious also about unethical workplace standards, unprofessional colleagues and rude managers. You used to be your own boss and manager. Home-based workers apparently save both time and penny, given the perks of no need to go to a distant designated work areas.
  13. renan1217

    renan1217 New Member

    For me both freelance and regular job because if you have this two job, it gives you the opportunity to increase your income .You should have a regular job to have some regular benefits like health card and other benefits which regular employees can have. freelance job also helps you to increase your income like selling goods in online or other online job.
    Disadvantage of two jobs are you don't have time in yourself and also to your family. but its up to you, whether you go to regular job or choose to be a freelancer.
  14. Pradhan

    Pradhan New Member

    The internet has turned the whole world into a country.For the benefit of the world,the whole world is at hand.People have got the freelancer's life for this internet.People who have to work in the office for a specific time.For the benefit of the internet,people have been released from captivity.Now people can independently work according to their own skills.May give time to my family.Considering all that Freelance's life is a lot better than working in a prison in office.
  15. deejay

    deejay New Member

    Full-time employees have the security of an employment contract, a predictable working schedule, and a predictable income, that helps them to plan for the future by budgeting.
    Freelancers will not get paid for a single day that they don’t work and often there will be no guarantee of next week’s or next day’s work. Their income keeps fluctuating unpredictably. But they do have the freedom to work whenever and wherever they like at their comfort – at night, in bed or a cafe. They determine the hours they work. They can also offer services to multiple businesses simultaneously and earn more if they can meet the agreed deadlines.
    Here come a few of the big advantages of full-time employees. They can access benefits like health insurance, paid vacations, sick leaves, parental leave, PF and a retirement scheme. Companies also often organize training that helps you to develop your skills for free.
    Freelancers are on their own. They arrange their own health insurance, do not get any kind of paid leaves while taking time off, and must plan for their retirement themselves. Training also is their own responsibility. So i will choose to be on a regular job.
  16. ShanMichael57

    ShanMichael57 New Member

    I prefer both. having a regular job and having an extra income when freelancing is great, yes it can be difficult but not as difficult as having no job at all. every opportunity is relevant for me. I mean if someone offer me a full time job. i'll take it. And not stop being a freelance. in freelance you can choose what job you want what task you have to do. and top of that freelancing is more enjoyable than a regulas boring low paying job. I'm telling you if you want to succeed in life first do the effort to accept every opportunity. no matter how small or big it is. It still an opportunity. many smaller opportunities tend to lead you for a bigger one. so why not accept it right? but if you are too lazy to work then freelancing may not be your great chance of succeeding in life. i hope this motivates other freelancers out there who has not yet have a regular job and still hunting for a good one. never give up and never lose the will to hold on to your dreams because someday i swear it will come true. not as good as you want it but as good as you like it. Godbless freelancers!
  17. vet_cabaya

    vet_cabaya New Member

    For me and from what I see being a freelancer or having a regular job is the same. These two have their own pros and con's that can be good or bad depending on how the worker excel on their works. Being a freelancer means you have to excel on finding profitable and available job which can pay them as they do work. Even though it can be hard for them to find job simultaneously while working. The good side of this is they have their freedom to choose and they also have more work-life balance than employees. While in employees they obviously have more stable income. They also receive benefits as they do longtime works. And their employers also take care of their withholding taxes.
  18. kwwrites

    kwwrites New Member

    That's a difficult one as it really depends on what you want out of life: a steady income or a degree of freedom. Some people might hit on the perfect job that ticks both boxes, but for most of us I think it's a choice. I worked in an office for ten years before I decided that freelancing was the way to go, and who knows, maybe I'll go back some day. In the meanwhile, I'm enjoying being able to live where I like and the flexibility it gives me.
  19. bmz719salgado

    bmz719salgado New Member

    I work as an Overseas Worker for the past 10 years now. I realized that I missed most of that 10 years of my life away from my kids and wife and just spend 1-2 mos. a year for a vacation. Building up a career as a Freelancer or a Virtual Professional give me hope to earn dollars and same time spend time with my family and hug them more!
  20. Amiel

    Amiel New Member

    Have built a career as freelancer and it's the best life so far!!! It depends on every person and situation too. For my part, since I want to be with my family most of the time, I opted to be a freelancer. It totally paid off and I was able to built my online freelancing portfolio since I started in 2011. Plus, the greatest perk of it is managing time easily. :)
  21. Maricris Dechavez

    Maricris Dechavez New Member

    As for a single mom like me I could say that freelancer is much better than a regular job because practically I don't need to go at work anymore; no need for me to travel for so long and worst is meet the traffic. As a mom, I already have a kid who always goes to school so I have to wake up and prepare him feed him of course, clean him up and also check his things. Aside from that, I also have a months old baby so if I will be going to work truly I will be lacking in time and because of that possible I will be getting late at work. But, if only I am working here at home there's no need for me to be in a rush and still I will be able to be with my kids. I am also the one who handles my own time in working at the same time I am also earning money.
  22. charles2reality

    charles2reality New Member

    I used to try to answer the question, but after 6+ years of freelancing an close to 10 years of "regular work", I realize now that it doesn't matter. Choose freelance, get a "regular job", or get both. Get what works for you!
  23. I read many posts in this forum and I liked them so much. Many writers have very similar views like I do. Their words seemed to be very inspiring for me.
    I am a medical doctor, practising in Pediatrics, working in an NGO. It has already been 6 years for me working as a physician. But honestly speaking, I am quite bored of this profession. I know, it may sound weird or strange to many, but I am trying to state the exact truth inside my very own human mind. I see patients, manage them, prescribe the treatment and follow up. This same routine goes on and on everyday. Of course there are opportunities to learn new things but the longer you practise, the fewer you get the chance to encounter a new case. The amount of labour I give, make me stressed, overworked, monotonous and financially dissatisfied.
    But after I started searching for ways to earn money online, I have watched so many videos of earning money online. The more I am searching, the more I am being amazed. It seems to be a very enjoying, interesting and more or less relaxing job to do for which I can earn money. If I can earn around 1,500 USD every month online right now, I will definitely quit my current job. I am hunting for ways which can help me do that.
    I completely agree to many of the writers who posted here, about the benefit of saving time and freedom to choose the working duration in freelancing. And I believe, a world is going to appear in future, where every living human, has to work through internet no matter for how long or which field it is about.
    So, my opinion is, in simple words, if freelancing can make me a joyful and wealthy enough life, then 'WHY NOT??"
    I won't go for a regular job. I would definitely choose freelancing.
  24. eolvr52

    eolvr52 New Member

    I suppose it really depends on your own personal preference as far as lifestyle goes. Some people prefer to have the freedom of choosing when and where they want to work, however some people prefer to work a regular 9-5 job or rotational shifts. When you choose to freelance full-time, it requires an enormous amount of self-motivation and it can be very difficult as well, mainly because self-employment comes with risk of no guarantee of income. However, a 9-5 job does. Freelancing full-time also comes with quarterly taxes, self-employment taxes, and annual taxes on top of it all. When you work a 9-5 job, taxes are withheld from your paychecks and you necessarily do not have to worry about self-employment taxes as well, because your employer takes on that responsibility. At the end of the year, there's quite the possibility that you will receive a tax refund depending on your circumstances. If you are debating between freelancing and having a regular job, you should consider sitting down and thinking about whether or not the pros outweigh the cons. You also need to consider your lifestyle. If you would like to become a stay-at-home mom, freelancing would make more sense for you since you can work around your children and home life, doing your work when it works for you. If not, consider if working a 9-5 job would cause any inconvenience within your own personal lifestyle. Whatever you choose, you have to consider your own personal circumstances to make the right choice.
  25. dannypost

    dannypost New Member

    The question is, as a freelancer or a regular job. It depends, an air traffic controller cannot do the job as a freelancer online, even defending your client in the courtroom, or monitoring the vessel at sea with your laptop and other things. It is wrong to say that everything can be done online. It is a big lie. Whoever says it, he/she do not what the are saying.
  26. Knoelle

    Knoelle New Member

    On my own opinion, they are both important. Everybody needs a job it doesnt matter either regular job or freelance. However there are some situation or circumstances in life we cant predict. What i mean is we dont know what will happen in the future and like in my case ive been working on a regular job since 1998 but this 2016 i need to stop to take care of my mom's health she's now 74 years old and shes not getting any younger. I dont have any choice but to look for any available freelance job that would fit for me. Although were being supported by my sister financially I still need to look for other option for me to earn even at home only. So for me that would depends on the needs of the person itself either regular or freelance job are they going to take.
  27. knowledgetank

    knowledgetank New Member

    Having both definitely is a great advantage but also tiring. For me freelance life is much better. You control your time and also the money you earn. But preparing your life for freelancing requires a lot of dedication, time management (yes even freelance must have time management) and definitely honing your skills or acquiring new skills. Having a lot of skills will earn you lot of money in freelancing.
  28. gnothis100

    gnothis100 New Member

    I've been freelancing for over five years. I would never go back to a regular 9-5 job again. The amount of freedom you have, and personal growth that results in making a living for yourself is not something I will ever give up. I worked for a software company before making my transition to the freelance world, and I wasn't happy. It sure was a more comfortable life having the security that every Friday you'd have a paycheck, but it definitely wasn't worth it for me.

    Five years later, and I'm still learning new things and life has become a lot more enjoyable for me. So to answer your question, OP, the freelance life all the way!
  29. Bords64

    Bords64 New Member

    I have a regular job with a BPO but after years of working there, I think it's about time to shift to free lancing. Free lancing offers a lot of advantages. Freedom from being tied up to fix working hours/schedules. Freedom from traffic which is fast becoming worse each day as well as getting rid of transportation expenses. Freedom to manage your time and enjoy activities such as travel and vacation anytime you want. Having the opportunity to spend ample time with your love ones, especially your kids who are often left to a maid which could be disadvantageous or worse case dangerous. Freelancing also offers a less stressful life which is very beneficial for one's health. These are just among the benefits of freelancing which I'm on the way to venture in it.
  30. MikS

    MikS New Member

    At the moment, I am trying to freelance as compared to having someone above me. Personally, I prefer it because I can control my work hours and pay. Having a 'freelance life' I would be able to choose which jobs I do and when. My ultimate goal is to be able to work 100% from home, which would save a lot on transportation.

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