Freelance life or regular job ?

Discussion in 'The Freelance Life' started by Jejo Fabila, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. hyptia

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    As a student I choose freelancing job. It helps me finance miscellaneous expenses for school so that I don't have to always ask from my mom. But when I graduate I would definitely settle for a regular job because I want to have a stable work and income in the near future. However I think you can do both. A regular job on the weekdays and freelancing jobs on the weekends or when you have a free time.
  2. Toni

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    I admire mommies who prefer looking after their kids thus choosing freelance jobs. But, I do not have anything against moms who work outside the house. A regular job is a blessing! My only point is that, some moms feel so left out considering that they do not witness their babies' first talk, walk and giggle. Some even feel guilty that they do not personally take care of their children's need because they have to work for their employer. Either way, salute to all moms!
  3. Redfisher3

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    I am looking to make a transition from a regular 8-5 office job to a more flexible freelance option. The ability to make my own schedule and not be confined by the daily minutia of office work has been calling out to me for about a year now!
  4. roastalmond

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    After so many years of doing corporate job, I now decided to go freelance. Truly, it is hard and it is not a walk in the park. You need to have a lot of patience and tons of research. You also need to determine your passion and what is your skill to even start on working as a freelancer. And especially your reason why you have chosen to work outside the corporate world. As for me, I want to be with my family while I also earn money doing work at home. I will now have enough time to spend with them. Also I am tired of the traffic, the overtime work that lets me sleep only a few hours when I come home, and the long wait for transportation just to make it at work on time. Now I am certain that I made the right decision. Stock up on patience, determination, motivation and the willingness to succeed in the world of freelancing.
  5. yehia abouseif

    yehia abouseif New Member

    I think freelancing is better because, nowadays, it’s becoming more and more rewarding and you can choose what fits you. Especially freelancing fits the millennial lifestyle. What is really good for us, right?
    The Millennials are going against the norm, particularly when it comes to career choices. Instead of opting for more traditional career choices, they opt for more conventional choices. They are the main proponent and driving force behind the career shift the world is witnessing today.
    Millennials are creating a new trend in the workforce. They are more likely to be freelancers to make a living. According to Lindsey Pollak, a millennial workplace expert, at least 47% of the millennial generation are leading the freelance pathway.
    According to new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S Census Bureau data, the Millennials make up the largest population of the workforce in America. More specifically, the makeup at least 34% of the American workforce and is expected to increase over time.
    Besides now being the biggest percent of the workforce, Millennials are also the biggest population in the United States. And they are starting a new trend of leaving tradition 9-5 jobs. According to millennial Branding, 60% of Millennials quit their traditional job within 3 years and over 87% of companies report a cost of $15,000-$25,000 to replace a Millennial worker. This makes Millennials sound like they are spoiled employees, but that is very far from the truth. They have really good reasons to quit a traditional job. Here are only a few reasons why:
    Flexibility and Freedom
    According to the Millennial Branding report, at least 48% of Millennials prefer flexibility when it comes to work, over the amount of pay. Freelance jobs offer this aspect of flexibility that the Millennials seek. Traditional careers and jobs take away their freedom and flexibility to a Millennial.
    Millennials prefer to work on their own time and love their freedom.
    Tech Savvy
    The Millennials grew up in a generation where technology was booming. The technology was changing at such a fast pace in their lifetime. The 8 track became a cassette tape to a CD to mp3. Hence, they were more exposed to technology and everything that pertains to it while growing up. They became the generation who is the most knowledgeable about technology and can adapt to the 21
    century world a lot better than all the generations before. They are also more keen towards changes that take place in the tech world.
    That said, freelancing jobs are often online, and they include jobs such as graphic design, writing, blogging, photography, and e-commerce just to name a few. All these job opportunities require some amount of knowledge towards technology and the online world.
    Moreover, such jobs require a great understanding of networks and online hubs. Being able to understand such aspects increases the chances of making connections, as well as chances of success.
    Purposeful Labor
    Millennials are driven by their desire to make an impact from their work. In other words, Millennials not only wish to experience personal fulfillment but make a difference in their workplace, as well as the society. If they lack this, they tend to defect from whatever company or organization they work in.
    However, freelancing gives them personal fulfillment as it allows them to do work that they are passionate about as it is more often creative tasks. The online world also allows them to make meaningful connections that could increase their potential and success.
    Financial Security
    The Millennials entered the job market at the beginning of an economic depression. Hence, finding jobs proved to be difficult, and that possibly pushed Millennials to explore new avenues. Whatever the case, freelancing offers variety in terms of work projects. Also, it challenges individuals in different ways.
    This tends to draw the Millennials, who not only love variety and change but love a good challenge. The variety also allows them to have different avenues of income. One can earn money from their online shop while writing and engaging in photography work at the same time.
  6. joshua123

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    It does not depend on you; rather it depends on your priorities. If you love spending time with yourself then freelancing is for you; as you will get to work as per your convenience. You need not have to take the crowded bus or metro to office every day, rather you can travel in off hours to your desired places after finishing work in your convenience. If you already have a full time job, I suggest not leaving it. First, taste freelancing and see if it suits you. Work as a freelancer during weekend and see how you feel about it. There are many people, who do both, if they are able to manage time. So, gradually establish yourself as a freelancer without leaving your job.

    One good thing that has happened is that, one can now find creative service market place, which acts as a platform between clients and freelancers. Moreover, you can work for different clients at the same time and gain enormous experience. There are many people who are unable to work from home as they require the office atmosphere to concentrate. For them, freelancing will not be a cup of coffee. So, you need to prioritize your needs first and then take a decision. All the best!
  7. JackOAT

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    I prefer working freelance because of its ultimate freedom and flexibility. I can choose to work whenever and wherever I want, as long as I have an internet connection. I don’t have to deal with everyday traffic and toxic people at the office. I can enjoy the convenience of my home while working and also be able to maximize my time and work during my most productive hours. And most of all, I can keep all the profits from my large and small projects and clients. And I’ll become more responsible because I have all the control.

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