Freelance life or regular job ?

Discussion in 'The Freelance Life' started by Jejo Fabila, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. whifflet

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    I think it can be lonely and isolating to work as a freelancer, but it also gives you the opportunity to live life in your own way. If you enjoy traveling a lot, it's ideal.
  2. Toroba21

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    Regular job is what i am aiming to have a stable work, salary and monthly income. Freelance job is also helpful if you want to have an extra income and you can work on it at anytime you want.
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  3. xdarwinx

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    For me freelance
    • As a freelancer, you generally have a lot more flexibility. You can set your own hours, pick and choose your assignments, increase or decrease your hours, and work around family life and social commitments. As long as you meet your agreed deadlines, you can take the whole day off and work at night if you want.
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  4. JenniferHasty

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    I recently started freelancing and sometimes I love it and other times I hate it. I don't know that there is much job security in any job, but with freelancing, there seems to be even less. You have to be really active in going out and finding jobs. However, you are your own boss and choose your own projects. Like all things in life, it varies from person to person, and you really have to look in your own life to see if it is right for you.
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  5. thegreatgamer36

    thegreatgamer36 New Member

    maybe a regular job because you know it really pays you but you dont know in the internet might scam you i know regular job is waste of time going to work but just to make sure that it really pay you but im not sure for internet scammers.
  6. Marc Blazer

    Marc Blazer New Member

    Freelance life or regular job? For me freelance job is more comfortable job compare to a regular job. Because When you choose freelance job there so many job opportunities you just need to have either a laptop or desktop PC and you also need to have an internet connection. The other things needed are your skills, your knowledge and you must have time to do the jobs that you can avail online.
    Being a freelancer is an amazing job because you can work without the need to go out and go to any company because you can work home. Also in so many jobs online you can work in the time that you are comfortable of working and any time that you wanted to take a break you can take it without telling anybody or asking anybody’s approval. You can manage your time wisely when you work online. You can choose to work on night shift if you are comfortable to it because it is more quiet at your house.
    Also like me I decided to work 8 hours a day. Four hours in the morning and four hours in the evening.
    The advantages of being a freelancer is that you can work many jobs as long as you can manage your time right.
    Compared to regular job, first you need to apply first at the company you will process more requirements and it is not sure if your that qualified to that company. So its more Hussle and more time is wasted. If you choose regular job you must follow a designated time that you will duty.
    In conclusion I recommend that you would choose freelance life.
  7. Ange

    Ange New Member

    Freelancer or a regular job? I'm a kind of person who likes security. Having a regular job gives you a lot of perks, your health is secured as most of stable companies provides health card for their employees. Your pay is secured, you know every month you'll receive your salary. Also you know that you're not violating the government law when it comes to paying your taxes and mandatory government fees. Though having regular job will require 9-10 hours of your time, but you know that you're stable. For me if you want to earn more, more than your regular job then you can do freelancing so you can make extra money. As freelancing will not require most of your time and its more flexible. So to answer the question, I will choose a regular job.
  8. Lilly03

    Lilly03 New Member

    The life of a freelancer can at times be likened to a rollercoaster ride, exhilarating and fearful at the same time. The freedom that it offers, is for me a much greater payoff than any amount of money that may be gotten from a regular job. The world is changing fast, robots are taking up ordinary job, so there is need for change in mindset. This however is just my opinion.
  9. Janine2199

    Janine2199 New Member

    If i myself is there to choose between freelance or regular job? I choose regular job because regular jobs has a monthly salary and has a place to go when we work. Actually, it's good also to be a freelancer for having an chosen time whenever time you want to work or not. Regular job works 8 hrs a day, 5 days in a week and 4 weeks in a month while a freelancer works depend on your valuable time and place and it also need a valuable like internet connections and pc like laptops etc.Freelancer has also a good advantage but has a disadvantage also, same as a regular job. But since if i to choose between the two of them on what job will i prefer to work it for lifetime i prefer regular job. But we also know that every person has a different perspectives and opinion each so its a person choice also.
  10. Joco

    Joco New Member

    Definitely a regular job!

    A regular or permanent job is when the employees work for an employer and are paid directly by that employer. Regular employees do not have a fixed end date of employment. As a regular employee, I can say that I also received benefits like subsidized health care, paid vacation and sick leaves and contributions to a retirement plan. I think that fully relying on a freelance job is a risky thing especially if you are the breadwinner of my family. As the breadwinner of my family, I think that it is a very wise decision to choose regular/permanent work instead of a freelance work.
  11. renilisan2

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    A freelancer or a regular worker, I used to be a regular worker works from 7 to 5 sometimes more than that. Regular job you expect regular salary, although it is different everyday it is still a monotony. Now at my age when lost my regular job I tried freelancing, not only that I have the control of my own time, I can rest any time, I can have time with my family. Freelance does not give regular income, no guarantee or insurance that you will have same income everyday, in my situation when I already have the difficulty getting a regular job that leaves me no choices but to stick to freelancing.
  12. ammabee

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    In my opinion, I prefer a regular job, why? because it will make you use your body physically. Let's be honest here, in a regular job you need to travel and use your all body parts when working in a office. Using this setup it will make your body improve and perspire. It will improve your immune system. But of course for me having a regular job and freelance job makes you more wise about money. The most important thing is to balance those two jobs.
  13. jhengb

    jhengb New Member

    I would still choose regular job for now. Regular job have the assurance that at the end of each month, I have fixed salary to receive. But I have to deal with same work everyday. I'm new to freelancing so I am not that sure enough to choose over a regular job. Who knows, maybe few months from now I'll gain experience and job enough to make myself gave my regular job up.
  14. Lorang

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    I just resigned from a 9-5 job to become a freelancer. I wouldn't say 100% freelancer because it would still be nice to work with one client full time. I just want to provide service without location dependence. More of like a digital nomad. What made me decide to become one is the fact that I am working at my own pace. I know there would be a supervision but minimal. Also, I can decide who to work with. It is just so fulfilling to work for a company who you share your values and aspirations with, isn't it?

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