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  1. vanz

    vanz New Member

    Does it make a big difference being a freelance vs employed?? For me it's a big yes, base on my experienced I was employed in a bank for 16 years and most of the time my life was in a box with my boss and colleagues. Weekdays were just an ordinary days for me, waking up early and staying up late in the office with much responsibilities. But now I'm totally happy being a freelance, more time with my family , focusing with my small business and doing a home base job is totally awesome.
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  2. saifsayed

    saifsayed Member

    The main difference between being freelance or self-employed is how you want to see yourself, and your business. Here are some questions that can help you determine how you explain what you do
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  3. micohatienza

    micohatienza New Member

    Freelance. I was employed for 4 years in a BPO industry. At first I like it but eventually I see disadvantages. I only slept 6 hours because of the travel time. There is overtime and metrics that you need to hit even though it's impossible. Traffic is the biggest problem. That why I decided to be a freelancer. I can work at home see my family everyday 24 hours. No hassle in travel time and there is no traffic. I also have a lot of time for my family. Yes, the income is slight lower but I see higher opportunity at my work and quality time for my family.
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  4. Bern188

    Bern188 Member

    Both of these jobs have their own pros and cons. For one thing being employed gives you the benefits the company offers. If you work for the government, you get a wonderful retirement pension if you get old. You got to travel if the company sends you to conferences locally or internationally. You work with different types of people and most of all you get to have bonuses. However, freelancing offers this in some ways. You can work at home, see you family, work at your convenience and they pay you for the work that you did. You get to work out or exercise, you can avoid the stress of travelling from house to work place. More importantly, you don't have to deal with difficult people in the workplace. I am currently employed full time and I also do freelancing during my free time. I guess it does not matter to me because I can juggle them both and earn money along the sides.
  5. Roseville279

    Roseville279 New Member

    I've worked full time for the last couple of years and now I'm starting to work as a freelancer online. Transition from being a full-time working to a freelancer was really a challenging part. It takes time to gain jobs/clients but what's important is that you now own your time. You can work whenever or wherever you like. Spending more time with your family and kids now becomes more often. It do have pros and cons but it's up to you how you take it and how you can use it to achieve your life goals.
  6. teri84

    teri84 New Member

    I've been working in an office before for quite a long time and all I can say is that compared to "Freelance" it is more tiring and not really good for mother's especially if you're a single mother. I will choose "Freelance" because you will be working on your own time and schedule and you don't have to go outside or commute just to go to work. It's very convenient especially for me, as a freelancer because right now I'm not in the City but thank God that I have an internet in my home so that I can work. One that I like working as a "Freelance" is that I don't have to wear corporate attire and do make-up just to do my job. I'm currently do online jobs freelancer and I really love it.
  7. kristinekish

    kristinekish New Member

    If you are a freelancer, you always got some time on your clock to watch your favorite shows and movies.
    Well, applying for jobs require you to stay top-notch during the interview. If you are pitching an idea, you need to convince the management which is always inclined to bring out the flaws in your methodologies. It can really put you down.
    As a freelancer, you don’t have to worry about that. You connect with client and assist them in running the project just the way you want.
    So freelancing, indeed have a lot of perks
  8. joshuadeveyra

    joshuadeveyra New Member

    Salaried employees typically get employer-sponsored health and dental insurance, as well as retirement plans. Freelancers are on their own. And if they go without insurance, it could wipe them out financially. Fortunately, organizations like the Freelancers Union offer health, dental, disability, and life insurance to its members, but these plans may be more expensive than one you’d get through your employer. But in freelancers you can set your own hours of work.
  9. maryssmaricar

    maryssmaricar Member

    Freelance. You get to have a grasp of your time working. Having a flexible schedule can guarantee you of a leisure. time with your loved ones. There is also freedom on your capacity to work because you own your craft and your time. Though your salary is not fixed, you can still enjoy the perks of being employed in the corners of your own home.
  10. Victorike

    Victorike New Member

    I would choose freelancer any day.. When you an employee you spend your life trying to make other people dreams come true and not having time for yourself and family. And employers don't care all they want is to suck you dry and then pay you .
  11. nitzy

    nitzy New Member

    Being employed is good if you have a good employer and high salary, you need to follow all the things that your employer asking you to do, you have no right to say no, you are not allowed to get some rest especially in working hours, you have fixed income.
    Being a freelancer has advantages than being employed, because as a freelancer, you are the boss, you can manages your time, no one dictate you what you should do or what you should not do, if you are lucky for one business your earning is unlimited. Both employed and freelancer need hard work, determination, and patience.
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  12. jlynjanz

    jlynjanz Member

    freelance because u can manage your time to do more things you want to. Through freelance your time is your choice.
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  13. Erimo

    Erimo Member

    Most of my life, I'm a freelancer. No boss but yourself.
  14. yssachwan

    yssachwan Member

    My main work experience is an employed worker. Maybe it's just how I acquire my job, but I don't think I was able to utilize my skills properly. Unlike in freelancing, your main goal is to sell your skills to your client. I find the idea very ideal for skill based worker, but for those who prefers the comfort of passive income and work then there's the normal employment.

    I guess it's the matter of going out of your comfort zone. Either you hunt your dream job/company or create one through freelance.
  15. Chruzie

    Chruzie Member

    For me is both,because employee is to have a work,freelancing is also good to earn extra income at home.
  16. Len27

    Len27 New Member

    It's better to be a freelancer for those who has children not only because they can manage their time but also they can have more time to spent with their kids and family. Being an employed is that you will have to face traffic, you have boss, you have to be on time going to work it's more stressful and it's hassle.
  17. ctabat0419

    ctabat0419 New Member

    Freelance is better because you can control what time you can do work. You also do not have a boss when you are freelancing. The con of being a freelancer is not being consistent on how much you earn. So if you can find a job that gives high pay and a good type of work, you can consider being employed.
  18. Being employed for me. you have benefits and bonuses. you earn everyday, you will supply your financial needs, there will be a chance you will get promoted.
  19. jonahclarus1994

    jonahclarus1994 New Member


    It's like YIN AND YANG, or black and white, up and down, etc. It's two different words, with two different meanings, and deeply with two different journey to walk through.

    I first had an experienced to be employed with an institution after a graduated college. It's like a norm you have to follow --if you're in the lower or middle class, u NEED TO GET A JOB in order to suffice your needs and to build a foundation for your dreams. It was a great experience being able to work and learn from a lot of people in different walks of life. But the uncomfortable feeling of being controlled and being obliged to follow strict rules to the point of sometimes even if it's not the right thing to do, you still have to do it because you are being payed to do so. That forced me to leave my job.

    On the other hand, doing freelance job while doing the same passion is the greatest feeling i have ever felt. I set my own time, pacing, responsibilities with no pressure, and doing it the right way and still at the same time feel genuinely happy in doing my work.

    Indeed it may be different things FREELANCE and EMPLOYED but it still has the same things such as LEARNING THE PROCESS and using the learning to GROW WITH LIFE.
  20. ranerii10

    ranerii10 Member

    I'd prefer employed. you have your vacation and sick leave. you have bonuses and benefits, fund your own retirement plans, and paying taxes. you will meet other people and have new friends. as long as you earn money go for it.
  21. gabrielapostu

    gabrielapostu Member

    Freelance after you pay your dues early to learn niche skills .
  22. jessaann23

    jessaann23 New Member

    Both jobs have advantages and disadvantages. When you are employed, you are covered with company benefits and health insurances which is rarely offered in freelance jobs. At work, you also meet other people and have new friends that you can go out with during company events or team outings.
    But the cons to being employed is of course your time flexibility, you have to be on time and follow schedules within your shift unlike with freelance where you can manage your own time and even spend it more with your family because you can just stay at home while working.
  23. vanessadespe

    vanessadespe New Member

    No matter what the people says about being freelancer will never stop people to do it because being freelancer was one of non stress jobs in the word. The only disadvantage of this job is you don't have any security after you work for a long perion of time. You can't have benifits like pensions and other insurance accounts, that can be gain only when you are employed by the company or government. Also you don't have social life in your working place because you are in the front of your computer in a whole day. Even being freelance is a bit easy and not stressful because you are not required to travel and suffer with traffic, employed by one company is best by securing your future and your family.
  24. kroark95

    kroark95 New Member

    There was one time where I would've said that I'd prefer to be employed over freelance work, if only because of benefits and the fact that taxes are hard when you've got to do them on your own (which is the case when you freelance), but my circumstances have changed since them. I'm disabled and can't get out like I used to, and certainly couldn't work for eight hours straight even if it's just some office job. I wouldn't be able to cope. Freelancing gives me the opportunity to make money on my own time and when I'm physically and mentally able to do the work.
  25. vanessadv

    vanessadv New Member

    Being employed for 6 years, I already find it comfortable than freelancing. I am currently on maternity leave right now and trying to find home-based jobs online for the meantime yet I'm having a hard time.
  26. AngKool27

    AngKool27 Member

    for now employed, later freelancer,...i will finish my contract first then go home to become a freelancer...
  27. yayanaz13

    yayanaz13 New Member

    Both have its own benefit but freelancer have a lot of free time but it is not flexible since it is depend on the availability of the work and the earning might be high or low rather the employed is more flexible and have fixed earnings.
  28. jhemjeff

    jhemjeff New Member

    both of them have pros and cons. it is just up to you on how you see things. since i am a freelancer it gave me more freedom on my time. i can choose on what time i will finish a task. it gave me more earning since i do have a full time client and it allows me to grow professionally since in freelancing there is a tons of possibilities. i suggest know your strength and know what you love to do. then start from there
  29. cjmanuel22

    cjmanuel22 New Member

    Which is better: freelancing or working in-house?

    The answer is not simple. They each have their pros and cons, and which one is right for you depends on your personality and how you want to work.

    So to help you make the decision, I’m going to look at how freelancing compares with salaried employment in a range of different areas, such as flexibility, control over your work, job security, and more.

    Whether you’re sitting in a cubicle dreaming of freedom, or getting tired of freelancing and hankering after a full-time job, this tutorial will help you make the call. It will also be useful if you’re just starting your career and want to know which path to take.

    First, here’s a quick note on definitions. The roles of freelancer and salaried employee are blurring to some extent these days, but for the purposes of this article, I’m assuming that “salaried employees” are working full-time for a single company with a contract and a regular paycheck, while “freelancers” are people who are self-employed and work for a variety of different clients
  30. YayiLilet

    YayiLilet New Member

    Freelancing versus being employed. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and it really depends on the person, what you want to achieve in the long-term and also if your personality is better suited to being a freelancer or an employee.

    As an employee, the money comes in consistently through your job. You also would have holiday pay, bonuses, paid leaves, etc. The downside would be that you're stuck in the office for about five to six days a week doing the same things over and over, and for some people the routine just kills them. It's way too boring and they want to be somewhere else doing something else. I suppose if you're going to have an office job, make sure you choose a job and an environment that you're really happy in and you don't feel stuck and miserable in.

    Also, to be successful in the office setting, you not only have to prove your worth but there is also the ass-kissing and politics in play. Sometimes when you attract too much attention for excelling in your job, that can actually be a bad thing instead of a good thing. Office politics is definitely real.

    To be successful as a freelancer or a business owner, you have to be very clear on your goals and be willing to work your ass off. You have to hardworking, knowledgeable, and definitely tough. The stress of building your online business or any other kind of business is not for the fainthearted and for those who want it easy and stress-free. You are the boss. You are responsible for the business succeeding or going down the drain.

    When you freelance or build your own business, money will not be consistently coming in, especially at the beginning. But one thing I have proven in my journey is that with freelancing or with business, I can actually earn more than in an office job. In fact, a lot more. Nothing comes easily, of course, and you have to have the right skills and knowledge.

    You also have a lot more flexibility when it comes to where you want to spend your time working, how much time you want to work, and how much you really want to earn. You can work while traveling. That's one thing that online work has been able to revolutionize. Imagine traveling and earning at the same time. It's an amazing time to be alive and to be working this way.

    At the same time, freelancing can be isolating for some people. Some people are more suited to the office environment where they are always surrounded by a lot of people. When you work online, you could spend the majority of your day alone. It is not for everyone.

    There are many more pros and cons and they would depend on the particular person and the particular situation, but these are some of the major differences in having an office job versus freelancing.

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