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Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by Dabb, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Dabb

    Dabb New Member

    Do you guys have any suggestions for freelance writing websites?

    I know there's iWriter, but there rates are a little too low. Textbroker has been my go to for years, 2011 to be exact. Their rates are fair, but the writing ratings/guidelines are very strict.
  2. gc79

    gc79 New Member

    I've just started on ContentGather. So far I like the functionality, and because it's a smaller site there isn't much competition in most of the categories. The lack of custom orders from clients (as opposed to pre-written content awaiting sale) is a little worrying, though.
  3. Val Chakri Hinoguin

    Val Chakri Hinoguin New Member

    For beginner like me I'am contented with freelance website even they give you a small amount of money in your skills if you are in the long run if your skill got improve and you are excellent in your skills so you can find other job that give you a high salary. You need to be patient if you are in the freelance website. There are many freelance website that give a high payment but you need also excellent talent or skills in order to finish all the deadline if the freelance website need. Other people who don't understand what is freelance website but you need to research first the freelance website is legitimate or scam and other pay first then you can navigate their freelance website. Just always remember that freelance website is good for people who are always at home and do not want a boss always.
  4. yhan0124

    yhan0124 New Member

    I really want to do freelance job but I get so intimidated on my grammar. I think I have a long way to go but I am really trying. I hope this site will help me increase my writing skills through answering forums and comments from the other side of the world. And I am planning to take some serious classes to improve my grammar and vocabulary. Thank God that there are no cyber bullies on forum like this because in our country I am being intimidated with my fellow countrymen especially when you are working on highly multi national corporation where English is the primary language.

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