Freelance Writing Jobs is a good job for beginner

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by AB Bapi, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. AB Bapi

    AB Bapi New Member

    If any one has basic knowledge about computer and inter net , they can start their freelancer through writing job . It's a very simple job fro freelancer . If anyone has some about Microsoft office , then can start this writing job . Tanks
  2. Maliaca22

    Maliaca22 New Member

    I agree with that. Freelance writing jobs is a good job for beginners especially students and stay at home mothers because it gives you the space and time you need, work at your own time without anyone bossing you around, work hard to get paid doing it, freelance writing jobs have some disadvantage but a good skilled writer with good knowledge can easily overcome it.
  3. sirfreelancealot

    sirfreelancealot New Member

    It depends on what type of freelance job you are referring to. Some freelance jobs are not a fit for some beginners. It all depends on the person's skill level and previous experience. A magazine writing job would not be compatible for an article writer who writes for the web.
  4. maileen6582

    maileen6582 New Member

    Yes I agree with that because it makes you express your thoughts and opinions in every little thing you like. I am able to share what I learned and what I believe based on my life experiences and education. Being able to share and help to other people is a very rewarding job for me and it's as if I am not working at all.
  5. harry_hawkeye

    harry_hawkeye New Member

    Yes writing job is one of the easiest freelance job for people to start because, people will have learned the main skill needed to be able to do this job while attending basic school.

    Writing essays, articles and reports are among the basic things everyone learn in basic or primary school. And the other two necessary skills - using microsoft word and browsing the internet - are part of the basic knowledge of using the computer.

    So all a person need to be able to do freelance writing job are basic knowledge, and this makes it one of the simplest job to do.
  6. hanglam

    hanglam New Member

    Yeah, because it is actually quite easy and requires you nothing but basic English skills, 3rd world workers (like me) jump into it very fast. However, that is the very reason why I have been sticking here for longer than needed. I'm looking for a way out, by making enough money for me to invest in a proper supply chain for my physical vendor. I enjoy working locally.
  7. HishaamARB

    HishaamARB New Member

    If the beginner you refer to is one who is already a writer but is starting out online, great it is a good job. In this case they already know how produce various forms of literary art and creative writing and they have the required skill set to make their writing engaging and entertaining. With such a background it would be easier meeting the standards of the various online publications. On the other hand starting out as a novice freelance writer is challenging as there are standards to keep to, house styles to follow and dead lines to meet. Generally speaking it is a good job for beginners most definitely however consistency and creativity is key..
  8. JVasquez

    JVasquez New Member

    My issue is, I am not a beginning writer. I have been writing for many, many years in one medium or another. Somehow I still find it very difficult to be hired for freelance writing jobs. I have applied to quite a few over the years and have never even been considered. I would love to bring in a steady income for myself, writing for different clients, but in my case it doesn't work out that way.
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  9. skylabrielle

    skylabrielle New Member

    Freelance writing job its a usefull job for the beginner specially for those who stay at home individuals, it practice your writing skill and its great to express your own opinion and belief.
  10. April797Star

    April797Star New Member

    I work for Upwork for a year now, and freelance writing was my first work and it did give me a reasonable salary for a starter. Don't be afraid to try freelance writing, just be diligent in researching about the your topic and make sure to check and edit your work before considering it done.
  11. joy123

    joy123 New Member

    Part of my job as private tutor is to assist my students in writing articles of different topics. Would this be enough experience to be a freelance writer? I really want to join freelancing but this keeps me holding back as first timer.

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